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True Blue Barn Find: 1967 Jaguar E-Type

There’s no denying that this Jaguar is a real deal barn find, it’s still in the barn! First series E-Types are in serious demand these days, even rough ones can fetch big money. Given the condition of this one though, I’m not sure it’s worth seller’s starting bid price of $60,000! Restoring this car is going to be costly, even if it was rust free, it would cost a fair amount of money just to make it a driver. That being said, if you have your heart set on finding an E-Type barn find to restore, you can find this one here on eBay in Bayonne, New Jersey.

Besides having some rust in the floors, this Jag lacks it’s original engine and was originally painted gold. With any luck the current engine turns and is complete. I’m going to guess the original was severally damaged at some point and a replacement was sourced and installed. Hopefully that means it’s a low mileage engine and will be free of any major issues, but that’s doubtful given all the surface rust I see. As much as I love these cars, and think this one has a really cool look, I don’t see how it could be worth $60k. But I’d love to hear your opinion on what it might be worth as it sits!


  1. kevin


  2. Gene

    Northern car, swiss cheese metal, non-matching numbers. However, somebody who got rich without working for their money will probably lay down the cabbage.

  3. 8banger Dave Member

    Our friend Dee used to buzz us kids around in one of these back in the day – who knew?

  4. Richard

    If the Porsche 911’s will bring stupid money for what I consider a less car than this 67 XKE this car is a bargain at 60K

  5. John D

    No reserve, short auction. If it gets a bid, I believe there will only be one. So he has skipped having the bids run the price up and has told us where he hopes to sell it. If the engine turns, I would consider this car, but I would email him after he has had to list it several times and find out if he would consider a different number. When I got out of college, I bought a 61 roadster that enjoyed and drove hard. Eh, it was just another 15 year old used car despite being an early production model. It did end up at the Beauty and Motion auction in December 2015. The auction was held by those brothers from Antique Road Show

  6. SSteve

    He is bloody crazy st $60k. Max $20k

    These rust buckets need a ton of money to restore and highly qualified welders and body guys. I am sure he picked it up for less than 10k

  7. Mark

    Rusty E-Types going for $60K remind me of the Beanie Babies craze in the late 1990’s. These are nice cars, but I wouldn’t gamble my 401-K on it unless I was born with a welding torch growing out of my right hand. I think the trick is to find the cars selling for $5-15K today that have the best upside potential. I have a few suggestions:
    1) Early 90’s Miatas with no rust; ditto early RX-7 and RX-7 Convertible
    2) 1983-85 Toyota Supra and same era MR-2
    3) Late 90- early 00’s Mini Sportpack
    4) Dodge Neon SRT-4
    5) Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 Turbo
    6) Your suggestions?

    • Jeff V

      Porsche 924/944 can be had for 3-5K$ in decent shape these days. They had/have a following, many boomers wanting one back then can afford a toy or two now! Fox body stangs of the same era still c a continuous demand & slow price rise, esp the 5L verts.

      • Mark

        944 Turbo! Great performance for the price from that era. And of course, clean BMW M3- an e36, as the e30’s are way beyond our theoretical price range. Porsche 914- I never see the later 2.0 liter version anywhere. Now, if I only had a barn…

    • AutoArcheologist

      6) Mercedes 107 Series cars, especially the 560 SL. Currently, low mileage editions are fetching $20K-$35K However, median mileage versions (up over 80K+ miles) are still in the under $10K category.

      Regarding the value of this Jaguar… Possibly.. but not with a non correct motor. Full numbers matching, in pristine shape could grab close to $200K… But.. this car could need that much work…

      Our 85 280 SL Euro spec.

    • Alan

      Can’t live that long

      • Alan (Michigan)

        Me either :-/

  8. Tom Member

    I know it almost goes without saying……but I can’t help myself……what is wrong with people? this car was ALWAYS a nice car from the day it was sold to its first owner. who leaves a car like this in an open air barn?????? Moreover, outside with the windows down and the top partially open??? I just can’t get my mind wrapped around that. I have a 74 Monte Carlo that is sitting outside that my brother “let go” and was crappy when I parked it there. additional time sitting outside is not helping it but also not hurting a car that will probably never get restored. I guess someone could have mistreated this jag and said the same thing but in the grass/mud, available to critters of all sorts to make a home and no cover???. ok, I’m done.

    • GregS

      Hey Tom.
      I have seen many occasions where a younger person gets a windfall (inheritance, gift etc) goes out and buys the car of their dreams, not taking in the high cost of maintenance. Something expensive goes wrong and they don’t have the money to fix it so they park it out back with a tarp over it. And there il languishes. Sad.

  9. JoeR

    That car does not have NJ plates, and the barn that it is in is not Bayonne NJ.

    Possible flip, but otherwise caution.

    • Sam M

      I didn’t think that looked Bayonne-ish either

  10. David Miraglia

    5,000 no higher. Love the E’s but 60,000 is way to much.Considering the work it needs.

  11. OGK

    Same year and model just crossed the block at Barrett Jackson for $105k.

  12. Eric 10Cars

    $30-$35K and another $100K to restore it to concours condition. Then hope to get $150K…pristine only! Non-matching numbers takes it out of the high end… this time. Give it 3-5 years and it would be over $200. B&J just sold a 67 in very clean condition for around $75K (plus the 10% buyers commission). That’s a later S1 car. That puts perspective on this seller’s asking price.

    • AutoArcheologist

      I think you have hit the mark Eric… I sold a 66 coupe in similar shape for $10K a year or so ago. The person had inherited the car from his brother. He drove it until it needed some repair work and being a family of lower than modest means, they couldn’t afford the repairs (similar to GregS comment above) It was parked in garage for at least ten years, with nothing happening to car… then, his wife rec’d some furniture from a family member and it went into the garage and the old Jag came out… Big mistake… It sat out side under a cheap car cover for another 10 years, right next to a massive bush. Had it been kept inside concrete garage, at the same point in time as it sold last year, would have probably taken twice or more than that. It was numbers matching but a coupe.. this is an OTS but not matching… In current market, I’d say that 30K is about max for what this would get.

      • SarahW

        My own E-Type Coupe sat in an under house heated garage in New Jersey for many years until the original owner decided to sell her with 24k documented miles. I normally wouldn’t even consider an east coast car, but mine has no rust that I have been able to find. I purchased mine a year and a half ago, for less than half of this asking price with almost no work needed. And I prefer the coupes to roadsters as far as usability and aesthetics.

        Any car that is left in a damp environment like your car or the one for sale is going to rust, and tarps are the worst. This seller doesn’t seem to have a clue as to what his car is worth in its current condition, even if in my view it is the best year range.

  13. Blinkster

    Barrett-Jackson just sold today (01-20-17) an E Type in immaculate condition (numbers matching) for $70K US. The Jag shown here is max $4-6K.

  14. GregS

    Not the best pic, but I bought my daily driver MBZ R129 roadster for $4,000. 1990 300SL. Runs great and I always get compliments. It will go up in value long after I’m around.

    • GregS

      Oh yea, came with updated SL 500 look including AMG wheels foe that price.

  15. ccrvtt

    Every critical comment so far is undeniably true. But my Gawd, it’s an XK-E!!!

  16. Dana Friedman

    What a waste of goegeous machinery. The car was once a beauty but alas at $60,000 not for me 😥

  17. Adam T45 Staff

    I rate the E-Type convertible as the sexiest looking car ever made. However, without matching numbers, and with the sort of work that would be required to restore it, $60,000 is just unrealistic. Bare in mind that after sitting this long, as well as bodywork, the drive-train would require rebuilding and the entire electrical system would need replacing if you wanted any hope that it would be reliable. The top also needs replacing and we have no idea what shape the interior is in.If the price was $6000 it may be viable.

    • Richard V

      Also the entire braking system, no easy task on an E-Type!

  18. Paul

    For $60K, best to go buy a ready to go car.

  19. RoughDiamond Member

    These Jaguar E-Type convertibles as a whole are pure ecstasy for me in the automotive foreign car world.

  20. Pete

    Maybe it belonged to Donald Trump when he was a youngster and that is why the price. :-)

  21. Vernon Kuncze

    2 crossed BJ’S today looked perfect sold just over 100000 . This mess at 60 no

  22. Wayne

    Seller wants serious buyers only. How about a serious seller?

  23. The One

    $60000.00 worth of headaches

  24. Horse Radish

    I am guessing that ‘s the mirror laying in the dirt next to the rear right tire.
    It ran 7 days (on Ebay) no bites.
    What a surprise.

    The only thing that would top this listing is to have it (dragged) onto a trailer and take pictures then……

    • Dolphin Member

      Yes, 7 days and no bites. I guess with that $60K opening bid nobody was fooled by the “NO RESERVE!!!….NO RESERVE!!” in the description.

  25. 403

    Yes 60k $ is too high, but saying that the value would be less than 10k $ is a no sense.
    Even with non matching # engine, this would be more than 150k $ – 170k $ in pristine condition (with documented restoration and proof of no filler/bondo).
    I think that this car would sell immediately between 40 and 50k$.

  26. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Auction ended. No suckers for 60 K. Nice.

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