Auction Results for Dallas Leake Auction

Here are the results for Saturday, November 18th at Leake Auctions in Dallas, Texas. Some of the vehicles now have new owners and some went home with who they came with. If you have never been to an… more»

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Fantasy Bids for Final Leake Auction Day!

Here are a few vehicles that will be crossing the block today, Sunday 11/19. Have you been right on the money in your predictions? Have you ever won a car at auction? Traditionally on the last… more»

Fantasy Bids Round 2: Dallas Leake Auction

Let’s take a look at some vehicles that will be crossing the block for Saturday, Nov. 18th. Leake Auctions is an auction house known for having something for everyone and for every budget. What do you… more»

Friday Dallas Auction Results

For those that checked out the Leake Auction vehicles posted for the Friday auction, here are the results on the 1970s vehicles that we featured. All prices listed do not include fees.

Guess The Price! 2017 Dallas Leake Auction

Many of you know that one of my part time jobs is as an independent contractor for Leake Auctions. I drive vehicles for prep, placement, and on the block for bidding. Everything from classics to exotics,… more»

Auction Alert! The Original Quaker Steak & Lube

My heart sank when I clicked on this reader-submitted auction tip and realized it was for the original Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Quaker Steak opened in 1974 in a barely-altered Quaker State… more»

Wisconsin Barn Find Estate Sale!

A huge thanks to reader Tom C for sending in this tip! If you’ve been looking for a barn find to buy, this estate sale in Wisconsin might just have something for you. These barns were… more»

BF Auction: 1966 Austin Healey Sprite

Update 10/16/17 – After double checking the VIN, Alan discovered that while his Sprite was registered as a 1967, it is actually a 1966 Mark III model with the 1098 cc engine. If you’ve never experienced… more»

Hot Rod Lincoln And Custom Monte Carlo Auction

I don’t imagine this is quite like the car that Charlie Ryan envisioned in his song “Hot Rod Lincoln”, but it’s one cool custom all the same! Ryan’s song is one of my all time favorites,… more»

Stampede to Montana—Cheap Project Car Auction!

Reader Tim K. tipped us off to this auction, currently ongoing in Miles City, Montana, and it is a veritable treasure trove of viable project cars! Few of these cars and trucks run (although several “ran… more»

Huge Auction Hoard: Tons Of Trucks, Two Porsches, A Ranchero And Cushmans?

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jon for this cool auction find! This must be one of the most eclectic vehicle auctions ever, with everything from 15 (!) Dodge Power Wagon (or similar) trucks to what looks… more»

BF AUCTION: Nash Metropolitan Project Pair

This auction is for a pair of Nash Metropolitans. They have been sitting in the yard for over 30 years so they are probably only good for parts. The ’57 does have a clear title and… more»

BF AUCTION: 1974 Mercedes Benz 280S

From Mason H. – Single family-owned Mercedes Benz 280S with sun roof. Stored in attached enclosed garage for 11 years, but fully functional prior to storage. Great project car! The car has dark blue original paint… more»