Name That Car

Identify This Tree Find

Reader Ken N came across this photo of an old car with a tree growing through it and has been trying to figure out the make and model of the car. He has searched high and low, but just… more»

Name this Field Find Coupe

Reader Thomas G came across this Field Find Coupe here on Kijiji and wasn’t sure what it was, so he thought perhaps our community could help him identify it. The seller doesn’t offer any information pertaining to what it… more»

Retromobile Sighting

Reader Harit T was at Retromobile this last February and spotted this oddity. He has been a car guy all his life, but had never seen anything like this. It was held together with duct tape, but he was… more»

Name that Car: Tree Find

We have seen some rather amazing finds over the years, but Henry L.’s find might be one of the most astounding sights we have ever seen. It’s not uncommon to find a tree growing out of an old car… more»

Name That Car: Storage Unit Find

One of our favorite games is Name that Car, so when we saw this poorly photographed barn find we knew it would be a good challenger. Reader Jim S. tipped us off to it, so special thanks go out to… more»

Deep Woods Mystery Car

Rob B. and a friend found this car out in the woods on a piece of land that his friend just purchased. It has obviously been out in the forest for many years, as it has sunk into the… more»

Name That Car: Mystery Microcar

Lawerance W. sent in some photos of an interesting little car, with a challenge to identify it. The owner has had it for a number of years, but recent health issues are forcing the sale. Lawerance didn’t state an… more»

Barn Finds on the Road Game

BF reader Steve A. just sent in a few photos collected by him and a few of his friends. They play a sort of game where they take photos of what they assume are barn finds being transported to… more»

Mystery Rod: 1932 American Austin Special

If you think it would be fun to build your own sports car, then you may want to take a look at this. Someone took a 1932 American Austin engine and frame, built a body around it, and stuck… more»

Name that Car: Aluminum Mystery Racer

After the success with the Adler, we thought we had better give this one a shot. Reader John G. contacted us quite a while ago about this aluminum race car he found. He doesn’t know much about its origins,… more»

Games for Car Guys

The other day, the creators of a game called Carnology, sent us a copy to take for a spin. The whole point of the game is to test your knowledge of cars. There are cards with pictures of automobiles… more»

Name That Car: Dad’s Roadster

If you have ever had to endure the chore of perusing family photos with a great Aunt, then you know that a few unique cars in the family tree can make it a whole lot more enjoyable. Well, reader… more»

Name That Car: Mystery Sports Car

This little sports car was discovered parked in front of a repair shop in Ojai, California. It was listed on eBay a few years ago, but then disappeared and was forgotten about. It has just resurfaced and I thought it… more»

Name That Car: Irish Pub Find

Reader Mike G. sent in this photo of a car he spotted behind a pub on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. He wasn’t quite sure what it was and didn’t want to get any closer to find out. We… more»

Name That Car: Garbage Route Mystery Car

While going about his business on a garbage route, reader John P. stumbled across this unique little car. It looks like a kit car, but after doing a little research, we found out that it was actually a production… more»

Name that Car: Green Fender Scoops

Facebook follower Edward R just uploaded this photo to our page and asked what it was. So, who can name it first? We don’t have any hints besides what you can see in the picture. We will hold the… more»