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Name That Car: Mystery Microcar


Lawerance W. sent in some photos of an interesting little car, with a challenge to identify it. The owner has had it for a number of years, but recent health issues are forcing the sale. Lawerance didn’t state an asking price, but that might have to do with not knowing what it is or what it’s worth. If you’re interesting in making the owner an offer, email Lawerance directly.


The photos aren’t the best, but that just adds a little challenge to the game. The sharp lines and overall shape should make it a bit easier though. Lawerance really didn’t provide much information about it, but that’s were our collective knowledge comes in handy. We are sure he will appreciate any information we can give him.


  1. david

    anymore pics? I would say sort of fiberglass body on a vw beetle platform

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  2. Mike

    Looks like a Bond Bug if I recall the model name correctly.

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    • Mike

      Except the Bug had 2 wheels in back, so a later Messerschmidt perhaps.

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      • Thad

        Don’t think it is a Messerschmidt, too angular. I thought it could be a Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar, but the windshield wiper is wrong and the bumper has too much of a curve.

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      • Livermoron

        How do you know this car is a 3 wheeler? I see it probably has two front wheels, has two headlights, and has one windshield wiper. Everything else is a guess (unless of course you have pictures different from above).

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      • Jim-Bob

        Also, some Bond Bugs were built with 4 wheels instead of the normal Reliant Robin/Regal 3 wheel setup. They were a bit rarer, but they do exist.

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      • rusty

        Jim-Bob said ” Also, some Bond Bugs were built with 4 wheels”

        yes Jim is right, basically [if i remember rightly] using mini subframe or parts [without my googling..done too much on this car above..hee hee], infact there was going to be a revival of the Bond years after its demise as a 4 wheeler..I think that a new company may have started that at some time ..like many other companies being bought down the line by someone who then tried to reintroduce it..

        I actually like 4 wheels, they look better as a 4 wheeler and more saleable in a modern market, even though i love the 3.

        The motor although eventually Reliants own design was actually originally based on the last Austin Seven motor..I had a 1950’s Reliant van with the Austin motor with Reliant cast onto its block. The motor eventually was redesigned by Reliant producing a fine motor for said purpose. [although a Bond Bug both companies were one by then keeping the Bond name as homage to Bond] I wanted to replace my messerscmitts with the Bug because it is a 4 stroke..my beloved 2 strokes make me very ill due to the smoke.

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  3. Leon Wynn

    I don’t know what make and model but I have a wiper arm just like the one on the car,ive been trying to figure it out for some time now. I cant wait to find out

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  4. twwokc

    Thinking The Cyclops but has one too many eyes-)

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  5. Bill K

    This is like a Car Guys, Stump The Chump. Better photos please.

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  6. David

    If it wasn’t for the windshield, I would have guessed a Peel Trident. Mysteries, mysteries

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  7. Michael

    Headlights are very similar to the Messerschmidt but that windshield is not…mmmm

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  8. Robert J

    Meyers Manx SR would be my guess.

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  9. cradog

    Really? asking us to identify a car with those pics? Take a picture of the whole car, don’t waste everyone’s time!

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  10. Leon Wynn

    Shalako G.T. buggy by Dick Dean. I don’t need a whole picture. real car guys don’t cry about stuff like that.

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  11. Mark E

    Leon is RIGHT ON! The only one I’ve ever seen with a windshield wiper had the single wiper arm coming down from the roof but the headlights/fenders/windshield are -definitely- from a Shalako…

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  12. Mark E

    PS: A pic of the one with the roof-mounted wiper is here: http://priceofhistoys.com/2013/04/18/amazing-shalako-on-the-bay/dd-shalako-3/

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  13. michaedo

    Yea Leon. The pictures were nudging a couple
    of memory cells but just wasn’t connecting.
    When Leon mentioned Dick Dean’s Shalako,
    it was like the kiss at the end of a wet fist.
    (Firesign Theater, 1971.)

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  14. Leon Wynn

    Im a thirtyfive year car nut. I used to drive my mom and dad crazy on road trips pointing out old cars and identifying them from age 5 and on. Now I drive my wife and kids nuts with the same.Im happy to help. more mystery pics!!!!!!

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  15. rusty

    Sorry nothing like a schmitt. I just sold my last two messerschmitts a year ago.

    Although I still have a few micro cars left , this is not a micro I would be able to find easily in Australia.

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  16. Craig


    Here is a picture with the wiper fastend to the bottom of the windshield.

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  17. rusty

    a bond bug has square headlights.. a car i have wanted a long time…missed one a year ago sadly after i had the cash from the schmitts.. usually never lines up but it was sold a week before i heard it was for sale.

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    • Mark E

      Yeah, now in the modern ages, we have Rain-X! We don’t NEED NO STINKING WINDSHIELD WIPERS!! ^_^

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  18. Josh Staff

    So Lawerance sent us a small photo of the back of the car and we thought it might make identifying it a bit easier.

    Back of Mystery Microcar

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    • Manny

      I think you know Jay Leno. I am trying to reach him for a car museum in Chicago. I have a collection of 85 cars and 12 bikes including 15 bubble cars.
      Can you forward the message to him, to email me back. The building is been designed and will be one of the world’s most impressive museums.

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      • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Staff

        Sounds exciting Manny! Unfortunately, we do not have a direct line to Leno so you will have to try contacting him yourself. If you send some good photos of your collection, we would be happy to post them here on the site to get the word out.

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  19. greg

    frog eyed sprite???

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  20. rusty

    Wow a Shalako what a cool micro car…..errr buggy….hee hee
    But how in Micro car name, can you ask us “what micro car is this…?”

    I guess you dont know the micro car thing…up till recent times [kinda like the veteran and vintage system] it meant a small car under 10 feet with a capacity of no more than 600 to 650 cc…this ruled out the humble Mini minor and the Vintage Austin Seven although small enough. But i myself think the motor size is silly, i believe under 10 feet is criteria enough.

    . This buggy obviously is well over 10 feet and I,m guessing VW power/floorpan.

    damn you….. I was up from around 1pm till 5am in morning scrolling thru my phone till battery died and then pinching my wife’s computer to look up images of micro cars…
    I still own at least 6 micros so thought I’d find it somewhere being a fan of micros..

    Thankyou you for keeping me up till 5am, you people who are awake while we [Aussies] sleep..errr scroll. hee hee….oh to let you off the hook I couldnt sleep [health] so I guess you gave me something to do…hee hee

    good find to those who recognised it..I love buggies, Expressions of freedom, and using my favourite medium for car design…fibreglass yuummmmmmm.

    boy this one sure had me searching..umm better than lying awake all night…hee hee..

    so tell us more.

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  21. rancho bella

    I’ll go out on a limb here……..all of the glass buggies are because of Bruce Meyers. Please correct me if I am wrong.

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    • Don Andreina

      Story I heard was that Meyers couldn’t or didn’t protect his design legally; and it’s success, along with the relative ease of glass fibre manufacture, meant that many many lookalikes were spawned. Apparently there are six different manufacturers in China making cars that look suspiciously similar to the first series Honda CRV.

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