Character Custom: 1960 Chevrolet Corvette

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A decade has passed since this 1960 Chevrolet Corvette underwent what the seller describes as a frame-off restoration. Some enthusiasts will view it more as a refurbishment due to the changes made during that process. However, if potential buyers aren’t firmly focused on originality, it has much to offer a new owner. The Corvette is listed here on eBay in Port Jefferson Station, New York. The seller set a BIN of $75,000 but leaves the choice for interested parties to make an offer.

The seller indicates this Corvette received a frame-off restoration around ten years ago, and it still presents well in its combination of Ermine White with Horizon Blue coves and stripes. The stripes are painted, but the simulated race numbers are decals the new owner could remove. They aimed to create a road-going race car look, with the impact helped by the numbers and the leather hood straps. If the car has been appropriately stored for the past decade, it should mean the frame is rust-free. The lack of visible corrosion across other aspects of the vehicle tends to support this, while a fold-down top should offer weather protection if things turn nasty. The trim sparkles impressively, while the stainless headlamp protectors are a nice period touch. The ‘Vette rolls on wider steel wheels with spotless hubcaps, and the glass looks flawless.

“Stunning” is the best word to describe this classic’s interior because it appears to need nothing. The new Blue upholstered surfaces show no signs of wear, with the same true of the matching carpet. The painted surfaces are as crisp and clean as the exterior, and the gauges feature clear lenses and crisp markings. There are a couple of additions worth mentioning. The seller added an aftermarket stereo with a 6″ x 9″ speaker in the dash, 6″ speakers in the kick panels, and a pair of subwoofers behind the seats. It is Bluetooth-enabled, adding a modern twist that some will gladly welcome. The cupholders between the seats are another addition, but reversing these changes is possible for those seeking originality. However, once we consider the car’s mechanical specifications, leaving things untouched may be the sensible approach.

This Corvette would have rolled out of the factory with a 283 under the hood, but that motor went the way of the dodo years ago. The engine bay now houses a 350ci V8 of 1970 vintage. This small-block sends its 300hp to the rear wheels via a four-speed Rock Crusher transmission, meaning the car should easily crank out a low-15-second ¼ mile ET without raising a sweat. For potential buyers, there is nothing but positive news. This classic is in excellent mechanical health, with the seller stating it is fun to drive. I find the claim easy to believe, along with their statement that the ‘Vette gets plenty of looks wherever it goes. They say they would drive it anywhere, raising the possibility that the new owner could fly in and drive this baby home. That sounds like an entertaining road trip to me.

Although it isn’t 100% original, that hasn’t prevented this 1960 Corvette from collecting some nice trophies from the Syracuse Nationals and three “Celebrity Choice” Awards from Corvettes at Carlisle. Those stand as a testament to the standard of work performed on this classic and the caliber of a car needing nothing but a new home. The price isn’t cheap, but with thirty-nine people watching the listing, I won’t be surprised if one finds it too tempting to resist.

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  1. Craig Baloga Craig Baloga

    Neat Vette, but pretty strong money for a restored tribute….👍🤓

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  2. geomechs geomechsMember

    The ‘58 to ‘62 has always been my favorite Vette. And I really love this color combination. Although the 350 is a worthy transplant, for that kind of money it should still be running the original 283. Of course, for the likes of myself, it’s so far out of my budget that I couldn’t afford a die cast scale model. But it’s nice to dream…

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  3. CadmanlsMember

    If it runs as good as it looks it’s not priced that high. Just enjoy it as is.

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  4. BlondeUXBMember

    Fun looking car.
    Been on the market quite awhile seller could be ready to negotiate…

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  5. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    Great looking reminds of the large gas tank road racing Corvettes. I am surprised since they put in a 350 I would went with LT 350/370 hp. Or stroker 383 that would be wild. But keep it stock looking. That ride is only 2.5 hours from my house. Yeah if I hit the Powerball. 😂

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  6. Ken

    Classic Corvette Culture is so focused on originality and rare, unique, “1 of x” cars. I love this one because it reminds me that back in the day, guys would customize and race these cars. Ride on, you non-numbers matching, custom stripe, no-rear bumper beauty.

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  7. PRA4SNW

    Maybe this was the definition of a Corvette Restomod 10 years ago.

    Now, they first gen restomods pull more money that an original restored – sad!

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  8. Roger

    None of my race cars have cup holders, but that’s just me

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  9. Bob “THE ICEMAN”

    I bought a 1957 Corvette 40 years ago, the original 283 and automatic slush box transmission were not original. But I loved driving it, Paid $6,250 for it, not a pristine car, truly a regular “driver”. Sold it 8 years later so we could put a down payment on a house. These cars are lovely, I believe they were all built on a Belaire frame, drum brakes all around, wheels fitted with nylon bias ply tires. From personal experience no matter what engine configuration you had straight line speed was thrilling, stopping was satisfactory, but negotiating a substantial curve could result in the tires sidewalls folding inward enough to permit a thrilling slide into the curb and based on the laws of physics the driver could end up rolling the car over. For those folks owning or contemplating purchase of a non numbers matching Corvette of these years, convert the brakes to disc brakes, modify the suspension to accommodate anti roll bars and purchase a good set of high performance tires. If you intend to turn the car into a garage queen, keep it as it is.

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  10. Bing

    I have owned a 60 for almost twenty years. It had a 350 crate engine in it when purchased. A few years back I put in a 327, with double hump heads, and duel Four bbl carbs. I dressed the engine as stock, if one looks closely they can see the headers that allowed the motor to run cool. The exterior and interior of green car was restored to stone stock condition. Came with a hard top that was also restored but it usually sits in its rack. Bottom line it always drays a crowd as these older vettes have become real nostalgia show pieces.

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    • Bing

      Sorry,, delete the word green and insert the word the. The car is not green but black with a red interior.

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  11. Steve

    Not a collectable it does not have real race history. I would love but as a collection of parts and a resto mod say in the 20’s on the price.

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  12. 67Firebird_Cvt 67Firebird_CvtMember

    With those numbers it looks like Herbies more affluent brother.

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  13. chrlsful

    last yr 4 me of the C1 (ok dwn to the ’56) due to arrival of DA rear.

    I’d get rid of the cup holder and motor. Source a Blue Flame to
    instal. B happy some 1’s already ‘made it ‘mine’ (ruined the oe motor, brought the cost dwn).

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  14. Robert Liivoja

    I do like this car.
    But if it was available, I really like the 64? Impala hiding under the cover!

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  15. Johan

    For 75 grand you would think they could do a better job on the engine compartment. Cool looking car 👍🏻

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