Charred 1970 Plymouth Superbird!

UPDATE  – This burnt bird sold for $25,500. Wow!

FROM 1/14/19 – Kids, this is one more reason why you shouldn’t smoke. This is the definition of crying shame, how this 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird ended up in this condition is unknown. Those of you with a lot of money and.. well, just a lot of money can find it here on Copart with a current auction bid price of $8,800. Coincidentally, that’s $8,800 more than I would pay for this car. It’s located in Detroit, Michigan. Thanks to Desmond G. for sending in the tip on this burnt bird!

Jay Leno, the Sultan of Brunei, and maybe a couple of other people I could see as having a knowledgable team and the money in place to restore this car back to its former Blue Fire Metallic glory. Wait, let’s think about that for a second, this car was actually Blue Fire Metallic in color. Now it’s just fire metallic. I sure hope that nobody was hurt in this fire, that would be a tragedy not worthy of joking about. But, if it was just the car, any car, then it’s fair game. Heck, most of the stuff that I post here gets joked about and they aren’t burnt to a crisp.

We don’t know the ownership or the history of this car but in trying to decode the fender tag a bit, this Superbird was Blue Fire Metallic, it had a 440 V8 with a single 4-barrel and a 4-speed, and no onboard fire-suppression system. I made that last part up. Copart has the color listed as “BURN”, but the VIN lists it as EB5, the aforementioned Blue Fire Metallic. One of you will know this next part – in the photo of the tag shown here, the second row of numbers are:  114  083  and I can’t quite make out the last number, is that 678? If so, what does that correlate to as far as transmissions go? I find a reference for 676 which is a 426 Hemi with a 4-speed but I can’t find anything for 678. I could just be reading it incorrectly as an 8 when it’s a 6? But, if that’s the case, this tag reads as this car having both a 440 and a 426 Hemi? That makes no sense.

Whatever the fender tag says, I can’t imagine that this car will ever be on the road again operating under its own power. What do you think? Is this a case where someone is buying that VIN? The Copart facility lists an estimated value of $59,000. I guess if a person were doing a $500,000 restoration on a million-dollar car it would always be nice to have another parts car in the wings (no pun intended), but man, this thing is roached (no pun intended, again). I believe that this car had a black interior with bench seats, but the website that I found for decoding the fender tag has a couple of areas where their numbers don’t match up with this car. Like the interior color which on the fender tag seems to read H6X9 or HGX9 and the closest one to that is H2X9 for a black bench seat interior. Again, do any of you know how to decode that interior number, or make out the tag better than I apparently can?

Back to the tag questions. That sure looks like a six-pack air cleaner to me! The tag clearly reads “114” which is supposedly a 375-hp 440 V8 with a single 4-barrel carb and a 4-speed. Again, one of you will know instantly what this engine is by looking at it. Enough with the tag! I know that a lot of you have restored cars in dire condition, but is something like this scorched Superbird even a possibility to bring back to life again?

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  1. Howard A Member

    More foolishness. I thought those nose cones were fiberglass.

    • Paul

      No they are metal not fiber glass

    • Gene Kumeisha

      Sorry to have to write this but this clearly clears up that all Daytona and Superbird nose ones were “steel” for those who weren’t sure. The only fiberglass was the twin buckets for front headlights and the reverse front wheel scoops. Repops of the nose were fiberglass for a while until someone finally got it straight and made steel ones. And a FYI, the Daytona and Superbird noses are different.

    • JBD

      Steel nose cone is worth like $20k. Someone will straighten it out.

      • Wes

        Last one my shop purchased was 12k and original shape. Meaning rough. We went on to building a wood buck and now can make them. Have made several steel ones and they fit great

    • Rod

      They are metal, we had one brought in to our shop for rust repair, it was rusted out at the bottom

    • Bun Thomas

      I have a reliable source (myself) that the person that bought this car has a pile of tails and noses for these cars, but I have no idea what the plan for this toast will be.

  2. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    This is why I have fire extinguishers in my old rides. If not for me, maybe help someone else. No wing, no deal for me on this. ‘It would always be nice to have another parts car in the wings’ Nice one Scotty! I laughed so I call it a pun!

    • 71FXSuperGlide

      Always, and even my newer cars have them. You never know when you might need to help someone out.

      What a shame on this one.

    • JOHN Member

      I would think, based on the overall condition of the car with the flattened roof that this was in a structure fire, and the roof or other things came down on during the fire. An extinguisher wouldn’t have helped in that case. Regardless of the wrong hood and other issues, it was a Superbird! Always carry a fire extinguisher that is within reach of the driver.

  3. David Rhoces

    give me a break !

    • Naptown mark

      What if I just give you a ‘beak?’

  4. Superdessucke

    Here’s your chance to own a Superbird for less than 30 grand Mopar fans!

    • UK Paul

      Buy for $30k …Grind it up and put a few fragments in a jar.
      Sell genuine Superbird ownership in the the jars for $39.99 each.
      $1 for jar, 50c for Superbird owners certificate.
      Sell 1750 jars = 37k profit after costs.

      • Flash

        that is the funniest thing I have ever heard -UK Paul-

  5. tyler

    wrong hood for a superbird.

    • Nick

      True, it’s looks like someone added an Air Grabber at some point. It also has a 6bbl air cleaner even though the author says it was a 440 Magnum car. It does have the correct Superbird sheet metal around the rear window. Seems real.

    • Ronnie Hunt

      That for sure that a Air Grabber Hood.

  6. Vance

    Oh my Lord, if this were my car, after I came out of shock, I would openly cry for a long time. This is such a shame, a cryin shame. I realize it’s just car, but this would just make me physically ill.

  7. Keith

    Insurance job? Just saying…….

    • Al

      Exactly. If you have one in not such great shape like in the pics & easily find a google pic of someone else’s that’s mint, would make for a nice claim!

  8. Matthew Member

    If its a real superbird, the only thing that will happen is the VIN tags will be taken. really is a shame that this once wonderful car is nothing more than well, nothing.

    • Vincent Habel

      It is okay to take the vin tags as long as you don’t put them on another car. It is illegal to change vin tags

  9. local_sheriff

    9 grand for a burnt out wreck – only with a Mopar…let’s hope some of those idealistic,no-budget-concerned car collectors will take upon this challenge .But unless this Superbird is Bird Phoenix I’m afraid this one has spread its wings for the last time…
    As leiniedude makes clear, keep an extinguisher within easy reach in your classic! Have fun but be safe!

  10. cold340t

    There is a guy on youtube bringing back a Hellcat in just as bad a shape. Why not this one too? I will throw in a bid myself after this post. I know my limit, but I hope it’s just high enough to get this. I regret not buying one back in 1982 for $2500. now I’m gonna pay more. If I win.
    Check out the Hellcat…….if it can be brought back, so will this.

    • Miguel

      cold340t I don’t think he is going to bring that car back. I think he is taking it apart and will use the parts.

      He is doing his videos of the views and ad revenue.

      • cold340t

        DIY GANG 2016 Hellcat from Copart. They are rebuilding it. Check it out.

      • Miguel

        I have seen his videos. The last one was him pulling the engine and trans. No rebuilding has happened, and I doubt it will considering the body is destroyed.

      • cold340t

        They just sandblasted the main chassis. They are rebuilding it with donor car parts. Not rebody, bringing it back. Go see.

    • PAW

      Bringing up a burned car. If course it can be done. Mine here. Boss 302 race car w period racing history

      • Chris

        Nice job but nowhere near as bad as this burned out, smashed up shell. If the body were relatively straight maybe but it appears someone stacked cars on it to deliver it.

        Just sadness.

    • John Oliveri

      The guy who’s bringing back the Hellcat is more worried about his soundtrack than doing the car, much too much BS, I dropped his channel

    • Flash

      that hellcat was bad… just look up “burnt hellcat rebuild” on google and look at the pic

  11. redwagon

    Look at the Copart listing under Lot #; Highlights; Enhanced Vehicles. There is some garbage about how the seller has given Copart the right to do an enhancement service such as a wash, or a vaccuum or a protective coating. Not guaranteeing that is has been done but it could have been done.

    Geez, Louise start now. Maybe rattle can spray it?

    • bruce baker

      @Chris, i was thinking the same thing as it doesn’t appear the car was ever upside down at more than 1 MPH.

  12. Rob

    B5 blue was petty blue or corporate blue. Not fire blue metallic.
    The nose should have been melted cause they were fiberglass. Kinda Looks like a Daytona nose piece. Superbirds didn’t come with an airgrabber hood. So I am going to bet it is a clone and not the real thing. Probably a garage fire since the top is crushed. Which could have protected the nose cone from melting away.

    • RP

      Hey Rob, the nosecones from the factory were aluminum or steel. For a while there were aftermarket noses made in fiberglass, but not from MOPAR.

  13. Ralph



    • TimS Member



      • Tom Member

        Now those are funny right there !! Larry the Cable guy.

        Too bad about the original color, Blue FIRE Metallic. Hmmmm foreshadowing?

        Looks like one of the cars that was burned in the CA wild fires.

        Time to call Graveyard Cars….!! They Can Do It !! Rob Schneider.

      • Fiete T.

        “Fire” blue Superburned

  14. Mark

    $8000 for a clapped out burnt to a crisp point of no return vehicle such as this on BF?. Had to read the lead in twice…..thought it said Porsche and not Plymouth.

    • ccrvtt

      If this were a Porsche the reserve would be at least $30K.

  15. sir mike

    And I thought only Porsche people were nuts???

  16. Miguel

    Sometimes you have to let them go.

    • Steven Ligac

      Best comment I’ve read all day, Miguel,

  17. Michael Hogan

    It’s worth bring back guys!

    • Todd DeNio

      Unfortunately this one isn’t worth bringing back. When a car is built new the steel has a certain amount of carbon in it and actuallyeven has temper to it. When it’s burnt this bad, much of the carbon is burnt out of it and every bit of the steels temper is gone and they can not be replaced. Fixing that cars body would still have it as worthless garbage that would not be fit for the roads. No matter how nice it can be made to look, it is still unstable steel and the car will not only sent way easier, but it will twist and bend just from hitting bumps. The car is a memory at best.

  18. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    From the California fires……..

    • Naptown mark

      Indeed — that’s not a standalone vehicle fire; there is not an unscorched bit in view. It was either inside an unimaginably fully-involved structure fire or it went through a particularly intense pocket of wildfire.

  19. Speedy Gonzalez

    Good base for a Mad Max car??

    • Slowpoke Rodriguez

      You might be on to something Speedy.

  20. Russell Morgan

    I know that the rear wing is made of aluminum and could have melted, but there’s no sign of it ever being on the car.

    And what’s with the hole in the hood. Looks as though it had a air grabber hood scoop. Which as we all know didn’t come on a Superbird.

    I’m guessing this Superbird was a self built car. All the parts to build a cone are available..

  21. Greg C

    Looking at the valve covers, you can tell it’s no Hemi.

  22. Mountainwoodie

    When a “lump” is really a lump.

  23. John C

    This owner must wake up at night in a cold sweat screaming.

  24. Tommy Miller

    You’ll never get the money if you don’t ask, but this is a clear cut case of you’ll never get it if you do ask.

  25. Dave Mika

    The heater hose bracket is still good…

  26. Marc

    California fires did kill a lot of classics.
    There were some heroic efforts though!

    • ninja3000

      I also saw a newspaper article about a cherry Model T that was also saved without damage.

  27. Joe Machado

    E86 is 440, 4bbl. D21 is 4 speed. The “J” number appears to be J98725. Serial is RM23U0A179+++. I am researching the car from my records. Will have more later. Of the 179 group, 115 were built.
    Cut out in hood is someone did it later for possibly a scoop.
    H6X9 is interior code. H=High. 6=Vinyl Buckets. X9=Black
    Last 6 of serial for group 179 is 687-800. Plus one Bird is 179186.
    V19 is Vinyl top for Birds, Black.
    All 197 Birds were shipped in December of 69.
    I may have the owner and or past owners.
    Always a sad story, to anyone who loves cars as I do. Owner or seller can contact me. Joe Machado, Winged Warriors

    • Michael Dillard

      Cutout in the hood was from the air grabber

    • fjcappy Member

      For anyone who is not familiar with Joe, he is the go to guy for winged worriers. Many moons ago he helped me figure out the history of my Daytona. Joe actually had a picture of himself in my car.

      @Joe Machado : I no longer have 10796, but I am eternally grateful for your help on it.

  28. Poncho

    Night Terrors like Homer Simpson has.

  29. Del

    Delerious Tremmens.

    Wrecking yard won’ t take it ?

    Bio hazard.

    No live mice in this one

  30. Duke

    Are you sure that this isnt just another
    (pun intended)

  31. Mark W

    U in the vin designates 440 6BBL

    • mat

      wrong U is 440/4 V is 440/6

      • Ronn

        Are you serious.

  32. Joe Machado

    Back of fender plate/tag would show the last 2 of serial so I can be specific in my books. Last 6 now is 1797++. Need 2 more digits.
    Went Saturday to drop off a Tribute Elanore Mustang at Barrett Jackson. Also hauled the Cream 59 Speedster

  33. Terry

    I’d say from seeing the pictures, that it’s just a 440 car, NOT a Hemi. So value wise, for sure you’re talking about north of $100K on fixing this thing, and that’s if it can ever be fixed to even being close to what it was! I’d say its a lost cause! too bad, but this ones going to Mopar Heaven!

    • Dave

      Steel changes its characteristics once it’s been through a fire like this. You might spend cubic dollars restoring it only to have it twist in half on the road. It’s toast!

      • Steve

        Toast- I see what you did there.

      • SSPBill

        Exactly. An oil, petrol, plastic fueled fire can generate more then enough heat to anneal low carbon steel.

    • Mopar fan

      Many bird owners of single carb cars added the six pack configuration later. The top of engine has six pack air cleaner but that could have been added later

    • jim prowse

      Guys ,,, just do the math ,,,,there is no way on this earth that it can be built/rebuilt for 100K ,,,it;s time to pull the plug ,,,,, the only “salvage: is title and tags ,, and build a clone ,,,,, jp

  34. Brain

    I read earlier it’s a retagged road runner rep. Let the conspiracy theories burn.

    • Adam

      That would explain the air grabber hood, and the non-fiberglass nose cone.

  35. MB

    It seems to have all the right parts including the insert for the rear window. Bet the guys at Graveyard cars are drooling over getting a hand on this restoration. I personally don’t get the fascination with Mopar cars but to each their own me I wouldn’t waste a dime on this POS.

  36. Chebby Staff

    Mmmmm…barbecued chicken.

  37. Matt Murray

    That hole in hood looks like a 70 road runner air grabber?
    The air cleaner would seal under hood

  38. Chris Kennedy

    This will be a car that someone buys for the body tag. They will make a Super Bird out of a Roadrunner change over specific components, assorted body braces n peices and claim it’s the real thing.

    • norm bissonnette

      This is the way it will go if someone really ( REALLY ! ) wants to take this on . I had a shop fire and trust me , this is good for the few unique parts to convert a lesser Plymouth into a ‘bird….


      If one changes out all the iron where the VIN is stamped wouldn’t still be considered a ground up?

    • bruce baker

      If i had the winning bid, with my bad luck i would find out the hard way that the tag rivets had melted resulting in no tag.

  39. Jamie Pawlicki

    Time to call Mark Worman. His yard of “caskets “ can put this thing back together. This is definitely a challenge.

    • AMXBrian

      I think Mark would rather rebuilt the Superbird found crushed in a quarry than this. He said no to the other car because all they really had was a firewall.

  40. AMCFAN

    I am sure we will be seeing many more like this. The owner made money if you see it at Copart.It doesn’t take someone very smart to figure out if you own a Superbird then you have stated value insurance.He just sold it to the unlucky insurance company.

    This won’t be the last one we see. When the muscle cars like this loose interest in the next generation of car buyers that won’t be paying the 1999 2005 prices that one has come to expect what do you suppose is going to happen to the person who can’t sell his?

  41. Gene

    As stated previously, MOPAR design leaves little for structural intregrity when a severe fire claims the metallurgy of the ‘Bird’s sheet metal and sub-frame members.
    I forecast the value is only in salvage, and will be used as a ‘donor’ for either a ‘clone’ or parts to another Super Bird.

  42. Desmond T Valentine

    There’s more than $8,800 in usable parts.


    The ad says that the keys are included. That should make the restoration a little easier when you go to spin that engine for the first time. And another plus, you will not need to crawl through the trunk from the rear seat to open the decklid. This restoration is getting easier all the time.

    • Wiley Robinson

      That’s good. Means the owner is OK since the key were on his key ring in his pocket.

      • Chris

        They found the keys where his kitchen table used to be.

  44. Roy blankenship

    The paperwork and trim tag have a value. In 1990, I had a ’68 GTX with a 440 that I bought for $250. It ran but was trashed and rusty. I was going to part it out until my more knowledgeable friend pointed out that it was a Hemi car. I found the build sheet and sold the hulk, title and build sheet for $4K.

    • bowmad

      When I was a kid our next door neighbors son-in-law had a 68 GTX (dark blue) and he pulled the original hemi, put it in storage, and swapped in a 440 before he sold it. His wife wanted the car gone when the first kid came along. Bet he wished he won that argument more than once. No idea what came of the original hemi.

  45. Jimmy

    this bird was at a show locally a couple years ago in westland friend knows the guy personally. he had 5 classic cars and his barn caught on fire .he lost all of them. It was a 440 was painted silver with a wild late 70s paint job. It did have the wrong hood on it. And the wrong interior.but was still a nice car.he bought it in 1985 and it was never changed back to original color .he also said he only paid 10.000 in 1985.i have pics of it from that show somewhere.

  46. David A Hatch

    A complete Rebuild by Mark Worman and hid Ghouls at Graveyard Cars. If you want it back to factory specs.

    • Dennis

      Yeah, and a kings’s ransom at his prices. Be upside down twice probably 3 times…

    • Ward William

      My thoughts exactly. They’ve done it with crushed burned out wrecks before. It all comes down to what it’s worth if it were perfectly restored against Worman’s quote. If the VIN shows it as 1 of a small number in it’s original config and if it’s numbers matching, it may well be restored.

  47. Richard Garland

    Turn the Fender Tag over. You can read it from the backside!

  48. Michael

    This car has been around for a long time. The story is the original owner had a garage full of vehicles he invested a lot of money in, and when he saw the market beginning to drop a bit a few years ago he panicked and set the garage on fire and burned them all for an insurance claim. I don’t remember what happened after that, prison hopefully.

    • bowmad

      Same story I read some years ago.

  49. Bob

    The hell with Graveyard Cars, they’ll butcher it! Bring it to Mike Mancini’s Muscle Cars in N. Kingston RI. They’re the experts on Mopars!

    • AMCFAN

      Why are they NOT on TV

  50. car_lover!!!!

    Knowing restoration of this car would be expensive, would it not be better to simply buy an existing known real / nice superbird and have it ready to go now instead of fighting to restore this poor over cooked bird

  51. Tort Member

    Aerodynamics may be affected but the styling has been improved greatly!

  52. T C

    How do you want your bird?
    Or extra crispy

    • Del

      If it was a real bird the fibre glass nose cone would have melted.

      • Moparnutt

        The nose on the wing cars were metal.

  53. Steve H.

    Might require a little more Zaino polish than usual but should buff right out.

  54. the one

    This bird flew to close to the sun!

  55. Morley Brown Brown Member

    Junk when they were new, still junk today—no loss

    • Dennis

      Mopars were cheap and put together cheap all the fascination I don’t know. But value is based on the market and as long as they’re paying ridiculous money whatcha gonna do? LOL Example, 1970 Cadillac Eldorado is 10 times the car and quality of any Mopar from 60’s to now. Cheap buckboard riding rattle trap old Mopar brings $50,000 and the 70 Eldo brings maybe, $20,000 Really? Please don’t hate me all you Mopar guy’s. I would love a 70 Cuda 440 but ’till I win the lottery it’s not happening..

  56. John

    Hot Rod?

  57. JBD

    Silver Auctions in Peoria, AZ sold an Orange bird with rebuilt/restored Utah title. The car was a burn victim but sold for $175k?

  58. pwtiger

    A Smoker, A bird that flew in front of the solar mirrors near Stateline NV.

  59. newfieldscarnut

    Burn Finds

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Outstanding newfieldscarnut !

  60. Joe Machado

    I will chip off one square inch of paint off my Daytona and auction it at barrett and use the money to buy your house

    • HellFish71

      Ha, If it’s high impact you would have enough leftover to remodel it too.

  61. Green66

    Someone send Mark Worman a note on this……should be a years worth of episodes right there.

  62. Joe McMannis

    A junk bird,what a shame!

  63. Richard Ochoa

    If you OFFERED me $8,800 to put it in my yard, I would have to Pass! Would NOT want my yard contaminated with JUNK!!! OR if I owned a Scrap Iron recycling dump, I would Again have to Pass!!!! Sheeeesh! Someone has a lot of nerve asking for that kind of money for this Hunk ‘o JUNK!!!!! They should be ashamed of themselves!!!!!!!!


      A $25K Plain-Jane 383 Roadrunner and good shop tools and this Bird would sing!

  64. Roy L Fuchs

    Say it ain’t so Joe, say it ain’t so

    • Roger

      The best car there is at burning rubber!

  65. schooner

    This is why you deep fry the turkey outside of the garage,

  66. Wandering Gentile

    Somewhere in the Southwestern deserts, a Coyote is mumbling, “That’s the last time I Instagram my dinner.”

  67. R/C-R/T

    Looks like the coyote finally cought ’em!!

  68. Patrick Farmer

    First thing I thought of was insurance fraud. If it was not the case this the owner needs to be whipped for not having a couple of fire extinguishers. Two different types. Then I remember that it just a car that started out as it died. A spectacle to behold.

  69. Steve S

    My uncle worked with a guy that has a 70 superbird 426 hemi with the 4 speed manual transmission that is 100% factory original and 100% mint museum condition with out a single dent or scratch on the car and there is nothing else wrong with the car either and he bought car off the show room floor when he was 16 years old in 1970 I have never seen the car so I don’t have any pictures of the car but my uncle has seen it I think but never took a picture of the car and the guy keeps the car in a metal building in an environment controlled room so he never has to wash it or was it and put a cover on it because he is afraid the paint will scratch and he starts the car once in a while and moves it in the driveway to keep everything lubricated

  70. mike Member

    sorry to say, the cost of a completely ground-up build of this burnt crispy bird would not be worth it. I mean, what do you have to work with? maybe a burnt and twisted frame? you could not give me this car because for one thing I believe it is hopeless, another thing is that I doubt certain aspects of the car, and the last it would cost more money to fix than you would ever get for it at an honest auction. if you have the kind of money to fix this unfixable bird, then you got the money to buy at least a restorable model. p.s. I had a friend back in the day that had a 1970 roadrunner with a six-pack and 4 speed hurst, am radio only, round pedals and a neat switch on the dash to open the hood vent… it was wrecked (but not too bad) by the local high school typing teacher. in those days, it seems that the insurance companies totaled any car that only had moderate damage. I was told they often did this because of “liability”. ??? two thousand dollars back then would have brought up to a new-like condition!


      An 25K plain-jane 383 Roadrunner and the right tools and this Bird would sing!

  71. Joe Machado

    Two other cars in same fire: 69 Charger 500, 70 Charger track car

  72. milton

    The car was in a barn fire with a 69 dodge charger hemi USAC stock car and a 69 dodge charger ARCA stock car. The car was a 440 4 bbl 4 speed with a 6 pack added and a air grabber and custom inter and custom paint. At was done in the 80’s.

    • Joe Machado

      Hi Milton. Joe Machado here. Its amazing all the crap others are able to state the Bird is not a factory car.
      Anyway, it seems you brought it to meets in the past.
      We started Winged Warriors back in 1974 in Cerritos, Calif.
      Saw statements like no wing, etc. The aluminum melted onto the bumper for example.
      I hate the race cars were lost too. History gone.
      I have and still do, let people know the real story of these cars.
      Sean is steep in the cars now also. Think you know him. The kid I brought cross country to shows years ago.

  73. Woody

    Mopar or Nocar,don’t see much left of a car for this price.

  74. Del

    Looks like a Road Runner thats been cloned up.

    No one has answered my claim that the original nose on these was Fibreglass ?

    Which would have melted in a fire ???

    As usual here. Lots of spin but no traction.

    Thank goodness I ain’t paying to read this drivel.

    • Chris

      No. The original nose cones on these were metal. The aftermarket knockoffs used on clones were mostly fiberglass. I cannot say all were fiberglass because someone could have made a plastic one similar to the material used on SS Monte Carlo noses in the 80s. However I can tell you for certain that the Superbirds came off the line with metal snouts.

    • Roy Blankenship

      Numerous credible people have stated the nose cones were steel, and the early repops are fiberglass. The rear window plug is present, and numerous people have stated they knew of the car pre-fire and it is a real car.


    All I want to know is if its got a “clear” title?!


    Duh? Number matching with VIN and fender tag(s)???

  77. CoffeeJoe

    The only silver lining to buying a car such as this one is there is no longer “purists” that will scream bloody murder for changing a classic. If I had the money, it would be mine…and built the way I want it to be. Hellcat engine? Oh yeah…..lowered and slippery? Damn straight.

  78. Moparnutt

    The 676 is an A833 4-speed transmission for the 426 HEMI & 440.
    Plus the 114 is a 440-4, manual transmission, with heater, painted orange, 375hp engine
    And the 083 is a 3.54, with Sure-Grip, 10″ drum brakes, 9.75 DANA 60 axle assy with a 7290 yoke.

  79. Joe Machado

    In this Mopar world, anyone know of a Panther Pink 70-71 Hemi Cuda for sale? My daughter wants one. I think none for 71were made. If none, then she wants a 440-6pak in said color. Car must be correct and excellent original or restored correct. No smart remarks, just the real thing. I would pick it up, enclosed trailer, anywhere in the U. S. I would trailer it to her in Florida. She would offer her 2014 Masarati as partial trade. Not mandatory. Cash in person. I am in phone book in Palm Desert,Calif. Zip 92211

    • Jamie

      I remember the Panther Pink AAR Cuda that sold for 10k about a decade ago …. literally rusted thru every panel. Then …. I reckoned it as an UNBELIEVABLY EXPENSIVE PURCHASE. NOW …. that’s CHEAP !!

  80. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Current bid is now ONLY $875.

  81. Steve

    Sold for 25.5K

    • Steve H.

      Wow. For basically a VIN tag…

  82. Morley Brown Brown Member

    And a chance to commit fraud

  83. Ward William

    Sounds like a job for Graveyard Carz. I’ve see Mark Worman’s team restore cars that were burned and deformed just like this one while using as much original metal as a possible especially if it’s numbers matching. It can be done and a Superbird like this may well be worth it if you can pick it up for peanuts.

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      LOL! Would you buy one knowing what it was?

  84. mark

    Judging by the bids and the final sold for price there are………………………..more than 1 born every minute.

  85. Jimmy

    They only made 1920 Birds why would you imply that’s bad. We will never get those cars back once they’re gone.
    1970 will never come back again in the history of mankind so to bring a car back in any kind of shape shows the Ingenuity of man and how we breakthrough barriers. It is a complete and utter tragedy for a loss of this magnitude. You obviously do not understand the importance of a 1970 Plymouth Superbird in the entire history of man’s accomplishments!

  86. Rob

    Structure fire, it’s for sale in Detroit. I’d give you something for the 440 lol.

  87. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Hi all, hey Scotty just a thought on the update editions that come through here. I really enjoy them, but perhaps start a new thread and then go on to the original post. Not really big on scrolling through 145 old posts that I have already read to see the update. Thank you, Mike.

  88. Brad Phillips

    Fried chicken

  89. Schindler38

    Just wow for the price it was sold! Hope the new owner see something golden about this burnt rig.

  90. tex cloud

    allWays believed 440 -6 and HEMI CORS USED A 18 SPLIINE INTAKE ON TRANNY WAS THIS THE a883 ? had 66 Satt with 4 speed it had 883 4 speed same tranny different input? Tex

  91. J Holt

    Bought just for the vin?

  92. Danh

    Car and vin need and should be shredded. Can’t beleive stuff like this somehow makes it back for sale to the general public. They passed silly exhaust noise laws yet someone can go and do a vin swap then scam someone and tarnish the “collector” car market even more. Priorities, law makers.

    • Schindler38

      And I would be expecting an incredible results for this rig or it will just a total waste.

  93. Bodyman68

    Any car can be saved its just a matter of time, money, and will power ! The question is if the floors are burnt ,door pillars and frame rails . If they have color still on them then the rest is metal replacement . From whats there the drivetrain is useable . Pull the oil plug and see if water comes out first and how much . If your not going to touch it for a while and water did come out ,fill it with oil past amount of water and it will save engine . I have done this. Rear and trans should be ok . As others said and i agree the metal thats burnt is toast and not worth the time and has lost characteristics of strength. If bottom has paint burned off then its only parts and tag for another car .

  94. JBD

    I’m sure just parts are worth it. Steel nose and rare Parts can make a good RR into a SBird.

    • Schindler38

      Reminds me of my buddy’s F-150 project where the parts were easily obtained from the nearby junkyard. We ordered a better brake kit and shocks from 4WheelOnline and we got a good weekend toy.

  95. bruce baker

    If, a big lotta if’s here.
    I hope the new owner does a ground up restoration on this crispy car, using a (if) clone car as a parts car. Yeah a (if) clone car that he was originally planning to do a (if) Vin tag swap with. But (if) read all these great comments here and decided that too many people here are on to him (if) possibly doing fraud. Jail is no fun.

  96. the one

    Goes to show you never know… As a teenagers we laughed at these cars. Heck we blew one off in a street race with our “65 Valiant 2 door post 340 Thermoquad Acdell dual point 323:1 posi transgo kit 727 . Totaled that car….

  97. Ronn

    Are you serious.

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