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Cheap Manual XKE? 1970 Jaguar E-Type

The Jaguar E-Type is perhaps one of the more unpredictable classic cars when it comes to the prices they command on the vintage car market. I’ve seen Series 2 cars and later command surprisingly strong money despite being far less coveted than the Series 1 cars, and then others – like this one – go for far more reasonable money without being a total basketcase of a project. This is a 1970 E-Type coupe two-seater with the preferred manual gearbox. It’s a running car with no major rot to report, and the seller lists only a tattered interior as its biggest sin. Find it here on craigslist in Washington, D.C. for $35,000.

This Series 2 example is another red-over-red model like we featured a few weeks ago, with that seller indicating it to be a rare color combination. The listing here doesn’t spend much time talking about the color scheme but does highlight that this E-Type is a touch more desirable for not having a backseat. 2+2s became a popular sub-model for manufacturers looking to increase the versatility of their sportier models, and while it worked in theory, the addition of two cramped rear seats didn’t change much about a sports car’s targeted demographic. As a genuine two-seater, this E-Type is immediately more desired by collectors.

The seller repeats a few times that the body is in great condition with no rust in the troublesome lower sills or in the floorboards, for that matter. The car’s most grievous offense is the interior, where you can just see in this picture that the passenger side bucket is in tatters (and the driver’s side is close behind.) The additional photos in the listing show what looks like some rodent activity in the passenger seat where the upholstery has been ripped away for quite some time, exposing chunks of the foam insulation. The headrests look pretty beat as well, but the door panels, steering wheel, dash instruments and switchgear, and carpets all appear salvageable.

The seller doesn’t include any specifics on the history or health of the engine, other than noting it still runs. The engine appears to be complete, with no obvious signs of partial disassembly. The seller does note that the chrome molding has been removed and is included, so it seems there were plans underway for a proper restoration, but given the cosmetic state of the engine and interior, it’s clear that work never happened. Overall, for a complete E-Type without back seats but with three pedals – and the bold claims of not being a total rotbox – the price seems quite fair. Do you agree? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Jay L. for the find.


  1. dirtyharry

    Old joke: A lion and a Tiger escaped with a Jaguar from a British Zoo. They were captured 15 miles away, when the Jaguar broke down.

    Jaguars remind me of being broke down. I imagine everything can be sorted out today, but recall seeing several with Ford V8 conversions.

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    • DON

      Remember the movie “The Gumball Rally ?” The Jag never even left the garage to start the race.

  2. chips

    It is actually located a little north of Baltimore, not Washington, DC. Not surprised it is advertised in DC’s Craigslist, Jags are more popular there.

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  3. John higgins

    Doubt if the color is original as engine bay frame rails and under hood should match exterior color but not the worst base for a restoration I have seen.

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  4. tompdx Member

    Needs a complete restoration. The paint job is likely a $249 tape-n-spray. There is overspray all over, even on the windshield wiper shrouds (seriously, you can’t even remove the wiper blades to tape those off!?!?!). Red exhaust manifolds? Likely overspray from the bonnet vents. The heater is disconnected, so the heater core is no doubt rotted.

    Bottom line in my opinion, this is not a great price, but not entirely unreasonable if it runs – especially it its the original motor, and it looks like it might be.

  5. jokacz

    This thing has air conditioning? They overheated without air.

    • David Skinner

      Well, it has an under-dash blower/evaporator case (almost certainly aftermarket), but no compressor mounted under-hood.

      It appears the conversion also replaced the Lucas alternator with a Delco unit (good), but uses a Rube Goldberg mounting system that flips the alternator 180 degrees from the normal position (bad).

      So I’d say “No, it does not have air conditioning.”

  6. Gerard Frederick

    Well, give me 35 big ones and I take it off the hands of the unfortunate owners, park it in a ghetto and walk away.

  7. Marv J

    It had A/C. The alternator mounting is proper with A/C. The mounting pad for the missing compressor is there. The under dash evaporator unit is factory.

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  8. Jeff

    If this car is running and rust free it’s a bargain at 35k. The new owner is going to be ultra stoked whichever direction he wants to go with it! From “fix it enough to daily” to “Totally restore” you couldn’t ask for a better platform.

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