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Cheap Performance Sedans: Taurus SHO Package

Bidding ends soon for this cheap pair of Ford Taurus SHO performance sedans, and I’m shocked no one has yet lodged on bid on these long-dormant hot rods. The SHO’s are both first generation models that the seller is reluctantly admitting he is not going to restore any time soon, and at least one of the two is equipped with the preferred manual transmission. The auction includes a 1989 model with the manual transmission and a 1990 parts car. Find the pair here on eBay with an opening bid of $754 and no reserve.

The top photo is the ’89 model that one would assume is closer to seeing road-going use; this one is the 1990 parts car. However, that may not be the correct term for it as the seller says both cars run and drive, but only the ’89 model is referred to as being rust, bondo, and accident-free – so perhaps the silver sedan is rusty underneath, a possibility given the SHOs are located in Ontario.

The ’89 looks sharp in black and comes with the later “slicer”-style wheels. The seller doesn’t offer much in the way of details on the car’s mechanical health, which is important considering how many of these super sedans go dormant once they near the expensive 60K mile servicing. The SHO looks complete in pictures, and the paint appears to still have decent gloss where the dust has been rubbed off.

While underhood features the Yamaha-designed mill, the interior sports thickly-bolstered leather bucket seats that appear to be in good condition. The driver’s door panel may have some damage on the top-most portion, but it’s hard to be sure with this solitary photo. Regardless, it’s hard to argue the potential value here for a SHO owner, but the shipping costs to the U.S. may be holding bidders back.


  1. Joe Sconzo

    I Have Always Wanted A SHO, if I had the cash they would be gone.

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  2. The Chucker

    I had an ’89 while in college in the mid 90’s-good power then. Even Ford techs would scratch their heads when you came in with one. I always loved that bundle of snakes intake.

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  3. JOHN Member

    Pull the engine out, gut it, clean it all up and put a piece of glass on it and make a coffee table out of it. They were indeed a cool idea at the time, but at the end of the day there just isn’t a market for them. I also doubt there will ever be.

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    • Greg Millard

      Buying a 92 last month I am enjoying greatly my recently renewed acquaintance with the breed having owned a new 89 & a 92. I was delighted to find an amazingly friendly & technically capable support group at https://shoforum.com/index.php
      So don’t hesitate to wade in, retrogreg

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  4. Jim in AL

    Having owned no less than fourteen Taurus SHO’s throughout the years and still owner of four I can speak about these with a little authority.
    It wasn’t the 60K service that sidelined most of the SHO’s. If it didn’t get wrapped around a tree before you got 100K on it then it was going to need Rod Bearings. THAT is expensive and if you didn’t replace them the engine would spin a bearing in short order.
    It wasn’t that there wasn’t a market for them, it was just that they were hideously expensive to own after the warranty period ran out.
    That on top of the absolute lack of anyone that worked in a parts store knowing that they weren’t just a standard Taurus made them fall from favor.

    On a side note, there is one in North Georgia that the owner calls “The Blue Turd” that is pushing 1000HP at the wheels and staying together using a stock block and crankshaft.

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    • The Chucker

      Thanks for a great perspective! Thankfully, I traded mine prior to it needing any major work after about 2 years of ownership. If interested, the “Blue Turd” and it’s owner are featured on an episode of Netlix’s “Fastest Car” this season.

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  5. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    Thanks for the info Jim in AL. I had one (just one), a 92 5-speed. It did have some ‘issues’, a few specific to the SHO. But it sure was a blast to drive. I sold it at 52K miles.

    “… hideously expensive to own after the warranty period ran out.” Sounds like the stereotype of certain German cars. Also I suspect you are right, a specialty model Taurus was confusing to most.

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  6. Chuck Simons

    Working on one will strengthen and expand your language skills, create fresh opportunities for flesh regrowth and an understanding of never ‘Pray for patience”.

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  7. Jimbosidecar

    I raced them in IMSA years ago and had one as my personal daily driver. Never had a lick of engine problems n almost 100,000 miles of service and a full season of racing

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  8. Del

    All my Yamaha outboards blew up.

    Would not trust them to build a car engine

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  9. Henry Kaczmarek

    From a Ford Parts guy(late 90’s early 00’s)
    SHO engine parts were discontinued by the thousands in 98 and 99 by Ford.
    Good Luck finding good NOS blue oval parts for the thing.

    One thing mentioned above for sure—NO FORD TECH ever wanted to work on one of these.

    Better luck finding parts for a LaSalle.

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