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Chicago Warehouse Find

What’s better than finding a Jaguar XK in a barn? How about finding a whole collection of XKs and hundreds of other classics in a warehouse? This warehouse in North Chicago, IL is loaded with classics and the owner has begun selling off their collection, including their Jags. Find them here on craigslist.

The seller has seven Jaguar XK series cars in varying conditions. They have a ’53 XK120 fixed head coupe, ’57 Xk140 Roadster, ’59 XK150 S Roadster, ’60 XK150 drop head, ’62 XK-E roadster, ’64 XK-E Coupe, 71 XK-E Coupe, as well as two ’80s XJS

The majority of the Jaguars have either already gone through full restorations or are in the middle of one. The owner also has some Series II engines and parts that are also available.

This beautiful XK150 S has been fully restored and is a heritage certified car. The seller is offering the cars as a lot, but is willing to sell individually if a serious offer is made. While it is amazing to come across this many Jaguars in one location, we are more excited to find out what else is lurking in that warehouse.

The owner of these cars is selling them through a broker, likely to hide their identity, so it’s hard to connect them all together. However, we are pretty sure all of these came from the same warehouse. Besides the Jaguars, the broker also has a rare 1936 Pierce Arrow 1601 Sedan and a 1972 Reliant Scimitar, both of which are in a warehouse in North Chicago being offered under the same terms.

As you can see there are literally hundreds of cars in and around this building. We don’t know who owns this collection, but whoever they are, they have a taste for the rare and unusual. We could be wrong about this warehouse, so if any of you know more about it and its owner, please let us know. We will keep everyone updated on this find as more information comes in.


  1. Rick Stratton

    Pretty sure Wayne visited this collection during the most recent season of Chasing Classic Cars.

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  2. William Holt

    I would like to just walk through the warehouse. Looks like a very eclectic collection.

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  3. scot c

    ~ re-frkn-markable ! i desperately want to know the rest of the story.

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  4. Doug M Member

    So, this proves my theory: It’s more fun to find them and fix them up -and then sell them to someone who appreciates them and has a nice garage to park them in, and who will drive them, than to just accumulate them to some day be sold off because you are too old to care for them anymore!? That’s why I like Barn Finds so much… I like the variety of having owned many different and unique cars -without struggling with the logistics of permanently owning them and storing and insuring them for years. (Thanks for letting me lie down on your Pysch couch and tell you about my obsession with unique cars –While admitting that I seldom own one for more than a year! …Tell me, Doc, does that make me a flipper??)

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  5. BradL

    @Doug M,
    “does this make me a flipper??”

    If you’re doing it to make money – yes.
    If you’re doing it for the love of owning a variety of cars – no.

    Have you ever sold one for a loss, just so you could purchase a more interesting car?

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  6. Greg

    Ok, Being a neophyte at this. What would that 53 XK Coupe (blue) be worth? potentially. That color is awesome. Would that have been a factory color used at the time of production?


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  7. dino7

    Rick you are correct. Wayne went to this warehouse on the north side of Chicago and inquired about a few cars, and didn’t buy a single one as they were priced too high. As my memory serves me the owner was asking for auction type prices for 3 or 4 cars Wayne inquired about.

    One has to wonder “what happened” to accumulate this many cars and then to try and sell the lot or sell off for high prices one or two cars at a time. Of course it could be the @#$@# economy we are in.

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