Clean And Original: 1964 Ford Ranchero

This 1964 Ford Ranchero is an original survivor that has a mere 76,000 mile showing on the odometer. It is clean and solid and would need very little to make it really sparkle. If it is a car that ticks as many boxes for you as it does for me, you will find it located in Bovey, Minnesota, and listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the bidding to open at $8,950, but there have been no bids to this point.

The Ranchero is finished in Rangoon Red, and while it has a few minor blemishes, the vehicle’s overall condition is pretty impressive for a 55-year-old workhorse. There has been a minor amateur panel repair at the bottom of the driver’s side quarter panel, but this was only to address a small dent. The rest of the paint is said to be original, although the minor color mismatch between some of the panels is quite noticeable. The wheels have been freshly powder-coated, and wear new tires. The front bumper does have some small bubbles in the chrome, but the remaining exterior trim and the glass all look to be in great condition.

Powering the Ranchero is Ford’s venerable 170ci 6-cylinder engine, producing 101hp. The transmission is a 3-speed manual with a column shift. The Ford is in really good mechanical health, although it hasn’t been on any long journeys for quite some time. The engine has received a new cylinder head after the original was damaged. All of the timing gear has been replaced, along with the flywheel and clutch. The brakes are also new from end to end, and the result of all of this work is that the Ranchero runs and drives really nicely. The car comes with a reasonable collection of spare parts, along with a reprinted version of the shop manual. That should make it easier to keep the old Ford in sound running order.

The Ranchero is very much the base model, which means that it is equipped with only single-speed windshield wipers, no washers, and it didn’t even come equipped with a radio. The current owner eventually relented on this point, and a refurbished original Ford radio now graces the dash. If the next owner decides that they crave originality, then the original radio blanking plate is included with the car. The interior trim presents very nicely and is all original. The only real flaw of note is some deterioration of the sun visors, but even the original rubber floor mat looks to be really good. Apart from the radio, the only other nod to comfort is the fact that the Ranchero was originally fitted with the optional factory heater.

This 1964 Ranchero is a “bare-bones” vehicle that was designed for a single purpose. It was a workhorse that was designed to carry loads, but it has survived that life in remarkably good order. It isn’t perfect, but its overall condition indicates that it has been the recipient of careful ownership throughout its life. These are a rugged and simple vehicle, and for the person who is on the hunt for a classic where they can undertake the majority of the ongoing maintenance work themselves, this would have to be a strong candidate.


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  1. CJinSD

    Remember that time Odd Job carried two and half tons of Lincoln Continental and dead guy in the bed of one of these? If that had been real, I might be able to see paying nine grand for a Ranchero.

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  2. Mark M.

    This has only 34 hp less than that gold firebird! Plus it’s stick.

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    • CCFisher

      Not defending the Firebird, but this is 101 hp SAE gross vs. 135 hp SAE net. For a more appropriate comparison, the 170-CID engine in the 1972 Maverick was rated at 82 hp SAE net.

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  3. Mark M.

    I like this better than the gold bird. Would turn more heads.

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    • Barry Traylor

      Seems like we have seen an awful lot of Firebirds from this era show up lately. I agree that the Falcon would be a lot more fun plus useful to boot.

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  4. Miguel

    It is too bad nobody wants these. They are interesting looking trucks.

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    • Fred Alexander

      As with the GMC Caballero line (I own one) and the El Camino these weren’t too popular after they ended production, but as with station wagons they are gaining a foot hold in the collectible market and more are turning up as time marches on.
      I liked these Rancheros when they were new and I was wrenching for a living.
      Being in full size truck country back then as it is even more so today I cbut I liked them.
      I never could wrap my head around a practical purpose for these trucks – – I looked at them as a grocery getter or farmers going to church vehicle – – – I’m not a Ford guy but I do like Fords ( a teeeenie bit)

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    • Jay

      Very popular on the West coast

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  5. David

    15 years ago this was a $2500 truck. Sadly, now it’s only a $4500 truck.

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    • Chebby Staff

      Not sad if you’re looking to buy one. Of course then you’ll have to be buying it because you actually want it. Why does everybody think cars have “arrived” when they’re too expensive to enjoy?

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      • Chris M.

        Great point and very well said. And I have no idea, to answer your question.

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  6. BB

    Needs a color swap and crushed car in the bed…. Bond, James Bond !

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  7. local_sheriff

    I really appreciate these Falcons/Rancheros, probably even more than Mustangs! One of the owners of my local speed shop owned a red ’65 Ranchero like this for almost 2 decades. His was close to show condition and a lot sportier having a newer 302/C4 and 10spoke Shelby wheels though.

    Being such a stripper I find this ’64 very interesting – less extras=less things to break. Actually I’d stick with the I-6/manual combo – IF I were to alter anything I’d might locate a bigger I-6 only and throw some well-chosen upgrades at it.

    Being mostly a GM kind of guy I have no idea what would be a right price for this Ranchero – in today’s market maybe its starting bid would be what one should expect or is it optimistic…?

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  8. Rich.V

    as an owner of a few ’60-’63 Ranchero’s i’m not sure about the ‘bare bones’ description considering it has the chrome trim around the rear box as well as the trim piece along the rocker . i like the Steerhead motif in the seat – ? does anyone know if this is stock . regards

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    • lc

      Sharp Ranchero. Watch the video he supplied. He mentions that he replaced the bed trim and still had the stock painted bits.

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  9. Marshall

    The ‘64 Ranchero was the vehicle that Oddjob used to haul the crushed ‘64 Lincoln in “Goldfinger”, which contained the remains of “the late Mr Sully”. Of course, Goldfinger, which came out in 1964, was a crass “in your face” product placement commercial for Ford products of that year. It also featured a 1964 mustang convertible (which Bond defly disabled), a 1964 Thunderbird convertible (which CIA operative Felix drove), a 1964 country Squire wagon (seen at the horserace track), and probably every other Ford product that I just can’t think of right now that were no doubt included in the background.

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    • bone

      Mr. Solo ….just to be nit picky ! lol

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