Cheap Wagon Alert! 1971 Chevrolet Kingswood

“Cheap” and “wagon” are two of my favorite words and it only gets better when the two words are paired together. In fair condition and offering a nice “original” appearance, this Chevrolet Kingswood is ready to… more»

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Sleek Prewar Sedan: 1941 Studebaker Commander

Off of the road for quite a while this ’41 Studebaker Commander appears to be a worthwhile project. Still wearing its original paint after 76 years, this sedan seems solid enough to hit the streets once… more»

Clean English Tin: 1959 Ford Anglia 100E

British and pint sized, the Ford Anglia is a well-recognized car in Europe, as well as in America. More commonly seen now a ’days with V8 swaps, and big tires, it isn’t all that often that… more»

289/3 Speed: 1963 Ford country Sedan

Although a bit rough around the edges, this classic Ford Station wagon boasts a 289 V8 heart and a 3 speed manual transmission. Apparently discovered recently, the seller has managed to partially revive this well weathered… more»

90 Year Old Chrysler For $4,000

90 years of age can reflect in many ways. Although suffering a few rough spots this 1927 Chrysler sedan is a sharp and affordable antique that is mostly complete. Clearly stored for a long time, it… more»

Clean as a Whistle: 1941 Oldsmobile 66

Sometimes when you look at a car it has all the right boxes checked like this 1941 Oldsmobile 66. Extremely clean, and appearing mostly original, this great looking coupe has a lot going for it including… more»

Ready To Be Revived: 1936 Desoto Airstream

Recently discovered in a barn after 40 years of hibernation, this 1936 Desoto Airstream has most of its important parts and a solid body making this old sedan an interesting find for sure. Cleaned and coated,… more»

Business Opportunity: 1946 Dodge Wayfarer

A solid and affordable business coupe is always difficult to say “no” to, and this ’49 Dodge Wayfarer is certainly an attention grabber with its solid original appearance. With very little changed in its lifetime other… more»

Cheap Clean Fun: 1973 Ford Maverick

Ford Mavericks are great cars that have been modified, raced, and even restored. Original surviving examples are always nice to see, but let’s be honest. Who wants a 6 cylinder Maverick when we all know that… more»

Affordable Low Mileage Coupe: 1963 Oldsmobile F85

Thankfully some classics were stored away when they experienced catastrophic failure. This lightly aged F85 is claimed to have only 70,000 miles, and has spent 41 years in a garage. The transmission failed in some form… more»

Serious Airflow: 1960 Lincoln Continental Breezeway

Last driven in 1991 this massive Continental Mark V Breezeway has loads of style and a very cool rear glass that actually rolls down! Top of the line with many power options, it is easy to see… more»

Wire Wheel Wagon: 1968 Ford Country Squire LTD

How can you beat the cool vintage styling, a V8, plenty of space, and air conditioning, all wrapped up into a classic wagon? This ’68 Country Squire LTD has some good things going for it, despite… more»