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Cleaned Up Nicely: 1968 Chevelle Malibu

left front

This Chevelle was in a barn for almost 30 years. It’s totally original, numbers matching, rust free and original. It started easily after the usual tune up and tank flush. It’s listed on craigslist in Atlanta for $17,500. That seems like a lot of a 327, automatic Chevelle, but it is really nice and original. The paint was redone in the late 1970s. There is a little body damage.

in garageleft rear dirty

And here it is before being cleaned up and “re-tired”.


They don’t show much of the interior, but it looks like it should clean up OK. It appears to be a factory AC car.

right front

They don’t give you much more than a peek under the hood, but it looks complete and unmolested. The AC bits seem to be there as well.


It looks pretty solid on the bottom side as well. It’s not covered in undercoating, so nothing is hidden and there appears to be only surface rust.


The seller is offering a built 396 and a 4 speed for an additional $6800. I can easily imagine the buyer wanting a 4 speed and more power. Perhaps the buyer will keep the original engine and trans in case someone wants to go back to original. I’d enjoy it just as it is. I’m not so sure about the rally wheels and tires combination, but it’s better than those wire caps. It’s a lot of money to spend for a driver, especially one with manual drum brakes. I’m thinking this Chevelle will spark a lot of folks imagination, so your comments should be interesting.



  1. Rob

    I like it. Wish I was rich, I’d be on my way to Hotlanta right now.

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  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    Please continue to clean it up and drive it original. There’s enough ‘NUMBERS-MATCHING’ Super Sports to gag a maggot. Bring me a six cyl. and I’ll be happy.

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    Boring car

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  4. Richard McAllister

    I’d like to know where the big chunk of blue paint/bondo came from in the interior shot.

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    • Busyditch

      Looks like left rear between wheel well and bumper

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  5. AER

    Very nice! A small block Chevelle handles better than one with a big block..

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  6. Rick

    Just another 327 column automatic ’68 Chevelle. Yawn. If anything, I’d leave the original wires on it, you hardly ever see those. Rally wheels are pretty much everywhere.

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    • AER

      When was the last time you saw an unmolested 327, column automatic, 68 Chevelle? Most have been turned into SS badged fakes.

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    some of you fellers should be either building puzzles professionally or be in forensics!!wow how could anyone have spotted where the paint chip came from?

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  8. charlie Member

    As the one time owner of a ’68 Chevelle with drum brakes, they are NOT big enough, you get one full stop from about 55 to 60 mph, more than that and they fade into uselessness. I learned the hard way, the first week I had mine, bought NEW, and sailed through a toll booth, luckily, no one was in front of me. Front discs were standard in ’69 but it was before safety recalls, so I just lived with it, If it were today, it would be recalled. Otherwise it was a great car.

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  9. Mr. Bond

    @charlie: I had a 69 442 Convertible that had drums all around. You are dead right about the one good stop. Maybe one more weak one and then nothing. I just missed a bad accident while learning all about them.

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    • Joe Howell

      Buddy had a 66 GTO with pitifully small brakes. My 396 powered 65 Impala had huge drums compared to the GTO and would haul it down from speed quickly but they too faded fast.

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  10. Pete

    I would leave it as it is, As mentioned before way to damn many Chevelle’s out there that used to be malibus. That 327 is a fine little engine, if ya want it to fly just throw a speed shift kit in it. It’ll do 140mph no problem. Also that tranny will shift down as quick as it will shift up. Especially if you know how to take it from D to L2 or L1 on the fly. Learning how to pump the brakes helps as well. Same thing as pumping the gas peddle to engage the 4 barrel.

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  11. Utes

    Just beef-up that ‘Glide w/a shift kit & upgrade that L30 to it’s final year L79.

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