Convertible SS Project: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

The seller of this ’67 Chevrolet Camaro openings the listing with, “Up for auction is this 1st gen 67 Camaro convertible project, says ss on the gas cap, but not sure of the details“. Project? Glad we got that out of the way, who knew? As to whether or not this is a legitimate Super Sport model is probably moot at this point but let’s see – there could be a pony at the bottom of this pile of parts. This Chevy is located in Midlothian, Illinois, and is available, here on eBay for a starting bid of $2,800 or a BIN price of $7,000.

First-gen (’67-’69) Camaros are always a great find and realize some truly outsized prices these days. A convertible version, such as this example, just adds to the desirability. As for the SS designation, it was more than just a badge, it meant a minimum of a 295 gross HP 350 CI V8, with available power up to 375 HP emanating from a 396 CI big-block engine. Nasty Z28 tells us that there were 220K Camaros produced in this inaugural year with 25K being convertible body styles. Total SS count equaled 34K but how many of those were convertibles is not an available metric, at least not one that I could uncover. The Camaro SS did not employ a unique VIN so making identification, after the fact, is not a simple task.

The seller advises, “needing complete restoration, many parts are missing…” Wow, where does one start? It’s not only the missing parts, like the engine, but what’s remaining, and visible, is in poor condition. The entire front floor is gone and the structural integrity of this Chevy has been destroyed – note the friction strap necessary to hold it all together. The seller adds, “trunk floor and rear spring perches are not rotted through“. OK, so not rotted through, but maybe a bit rotted? There’s so much stuff in the trunk that it’s not possible to get a look at the pan.

This was a manual transmission car, there is a clutch pedal visible. As to whether or not the Muncie four-speed transmission, tossed about in the trunk, is original to the car is hard to say and probably immaterial. Underneath, a ten-bolt differential is visible so it’s highly unlikely this car was an SS model – for that to be the case, a twelve-bolt should be in residence.

The interior is barely recognizable. With the price of lumber being what it currently is, the plywood floor is probably the most valuable component. There are seat frames that could probably be reused, and a dash cluster too, but this interior will require a major rebuilding, from the ground up and involving structural metalwork. The seller mentions that the top, with its “rare glass window” moves up and down, smoothly by hand. A manual convertible top would have been standard with power assist as an option – and a glass rear window is not rare at all.

The seller suggests, “consider it a rolling bank account that will only increase in value..” This one looks more like a bank account drainer. If a ’67 Camaro convertible really scratches your itch, you can buy an entire Dynacorn body for $13,500. You’ll still need a front end and a lot of other parts, but what’s available with this sale example is going to require hours and hours of major labor and that’s just to fix what’s here. Then, the search for missing parts begins only to be followed by assembly. Final judgment? I’m usually not so definitive but I’d say this one is a lost cause, especially at the BIN price. What says you?


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  1. J_Paul Member

    Laugh at this car all you want, but it has wood floors — just like one of those fancy Morgans from the UK!

    And more holes = less weight = more speed. That’s just obvious.

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  2. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    I’ll take the gas cap.

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  3. bobhess bobhess Member

    Pretty close to a “you’ve got to kidding” award.

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  4. JCA

    Along with the rare top, it also has the rare folding body option. You can fold it up and store it in your garage against the wall…

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  5. piston poney

    On today’s episode of how screwed up is screwed up, that screwed up

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  6. Roger Hackney

    This thing would give me nightmares just having it around.

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  7. Valentine

    I showed these pictures to my dog. Her tail stopped wagging and sank between her legs.

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  8. Terry

    well, it ran when parked, so at least it has that going for it………..

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  9. terry hermy

    $1k parts car at best

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  10. Vance

    This is what happens when you get paid by the government to sit in Mom’s basement, watching porn, and eating Cheetos in the nude, and occassionally yelling, ” Mom, Meatloaf !”. Get a life.

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    • Ed Casala

      You can get a job doing that? Where do I send my resume?

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  11. Vance

    I have seen demolition derby cars ( post race) in better condition. Making sh#t from shinola, keep the gas cap and take it to the scrap yard.

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  12. Houseofhotrods

    So – with over 500 positive transactions this eBay seller isn’t a newbie, and ‘should’ know if it’s an SS or no. Just a pic of the cowl tag would tell us, since on a ‘67 that info will be present. 68 up? Not so much. Their comment about it being a ‘rolling bank account’ is absolutely correct – though not in the way that they are inferring – in fact in exactly the opposite way. Some cars fill the account, others drain – it’s reasonably clear which way this one’ll take you. At least this post, and their ad, put a smile on my face today. :-)

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  13. MOPAR Joe

    This is not an original SS model. The center of the steering wheel would have said SS. This steering wheel appears to have the Camaro logo

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    • Steve R

      You can’t base a conclusion that it isn’t an SS because it has the wrong steering wheel, just like someone can’t conclude it’s an SS because of the gas cap. Both of those items are small pieces of a puzzle, which are easily and often changed on a 50 year old car.

      More important to determining if it’s a real SS is what the trim tag says, then the presence of harder to change parts that would be standard on an SS such as a 12 bolt rear end.

      This isn’t likely an SS, not because of the steering wheel, but because the seller didn’t bring up the trim tag. That would have taken the seller a few minutes to research and verify, as someone pointed out, this isn’t an inexperienced seller, he would have shown the evidence in the ad if it existed.

      Steve R

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  14. Gary Rhodes


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  15. DON

    The seller says it has “nice cloth seats” Really ? they look like 80s velour and seem to have absorbed a lot of water in their day.

    There’s probably value in the hubcaps, but not much else is left .

  16. NovaTom

    ….. not even if it was free.

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  17. Roger Hackney

    It’s an SS alright , Simply Scrap.

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  18. Kevin

    Basket case,maybe a few hundred…pennies worth of gas cap could be sourced here!

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  19. Connecticut Mark

    Wheel covers worth more than entire car

  20. Roger Hackney

    That thing sold for $ 3,900.
    I’m still scratching my head .

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