Corny: 1972 International 1110 Pickup

Are there any corn binder fans out there? This 1972 International Harvester 1110 Pickup is posted on Craigslist with an asking price of $2,999. It’s in the western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, not too far from where they actually grow corn.

This listing is unusual in that there are no overall photos. The seller must either not have been able to stand far enough back to get the whole thing into the frame or there was a reason why they didn’t want to show the whole thing. From what snippets are shown it looks like a very solid truck, which is unusual for Minnesota given the crazy amounts of road salt that they use. The seller has owned this truck for seven years but they say that it’s time to move on. I’m not sure if that’s because they’re just tired of it and want something different or there’s a nagging issue that they’re tired of. I’m hoping for the former. It sure looks solid, doesn’t it?

Even around the rear wheel openings it looks amazingly rust-free! But, the tailgate shows where a lot of welding will have to be accomplished, or that’s if a person were going to restore it. If you’re just going to keep it maintained and drive it as an inexpensive, unique pickup, no worries. Luckily, for anyone with restoration on their mind, there really isn’t a tough angle to match on this truck so forming and welding on this half-ton IH will be a no-brainer.

In a highly-unusual, almost earth-shattering breach of etiquette with Craigslist ads, the seller shows a couple of engine photos! Unfortunately, to offset that huge chunk of fool’s gold, there are no interior photos. This is the “big engine” for this model in 1972, the 345 cubic-inch V8 and it would have had just under 200 hp. The seller says that this truck “runs and drives great transmission shifts smooth.” This is a rear-wheel drive pickup so you don’t have the extra binding of a 4×4 system on this corn binder. For a basic, around-town, nothing fancy pickup for under three grand, what are your thoughts on this IH? Is it worth the money? Is it worth restoring or would you just maintain it and drive it as is?

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  1. Luke Fitzgerald

    Is that an air pump or a/c belt and p/s as one? – I suppose the photographer was worried about walking back into the freight train

    • Pat Housel

      Smog pump

  2. Tim

    Watch for rust on inner front fenders and around windshield .Also floor boards .

  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    Thanx Pat – we never see ’em here

  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Rust may surprise you where it’s hiding. There sure is a lot of it on the engine. Overall I see a truck that can be put to work. Restoration could be planned for the future. It would be a project that you would do because you love it and want to keep it; the investment would never pay off money wise.

    • Andrew

      Thumbs up. I agree.

  5. Beemoe

    This does look like a surprisingly solid truck. I had an almost identical one that I got in a package deal with a Scout 16 years ago. The guy I bought it from pulled it out of a farmer’s field to use as a parts truck, but it was too solid for him to tear it apart. I dragged it home, put gas and a battery in it and it fired up and purred like a kitten. Sold it to a gentlemen farmer to use around his place. Sadly, he stopped using it and it sat. Fast forward a dozen years and he calls me back ask asks if I want it back. For free. I went and hauled it out, with one frozen brake drum (now that’s fun to load on a trailer). It was pretty rusted up by then, but went to an IH parts reseller who I’m sure has dismantled it and sent to usable parts to save other binders.
    Now I have a ’74 200 4×4, which can pull a house down the road but can’t pass a gas station without stopping. Great truck.

    On these old trucks, look for rust below the windshield at the body seam, above the windshield, in the inner fender at the hood hinge, cab corners and floors. Thankfully there are patch panels available for the fender and floors and you can mod a Chevy cab corner patch to fit. Very easy to work on and all the mechanical parts are as close as the nearest station NAPA.

    • Neal

      Well, that video and song sure was fun! Thanks for the link. Which of course led to about 20 minutes of other McCall songs! And then the revelation that I recognized that voice from Convoy.

      • geomechs geomechs Member

        That Classified Ad song will always be my favorite from CW McCall. I heard it for the first time back in 1974. Eventually had it memorized and am still able to chant it out. Thanks for sharing the link….

  6. dogwater

    A friend of mine had one that just fell apart couldn’t get parts for them.

  7. Neal

    I AM a binder fan. Partial to the later Scouts, Travelers, and Terras, but I like seeing these listed alongside when I’m searching and dreaming.
    Grew up with a four wheel drive version of this truck parked close to my family’s ’79 Scout in Philly in the 80’s. Same color as this one. Liked ’em then too.
    This one looks pretty good for the money. Wasn’t the 392 the “big” engine offered then? Not in Scouts, but definitely in the Lightline models? Maybe only for 4×4 models?
    I prefer the four-door “Travellette” model and taller four wheel drives, but this seems like a sweet rig to enjoy until the rust melts it away. Which certainly would happen here in Boston.

  8. Tom S.

    Craigslist often seems like a contest for bad photography.

  9. Sam

    I have one that is rare I have a short bed step side 1110 1971 with a 304 904 dodge trans power steering Nothing else Looking for fenders and a fleet side bed have a long bed with tail gate extra doors.Or i might wan to sell mine will all the parts to go with it 951-704-5200 leave a message and repeat your Number

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