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Custom Camino? 1974 Cadillac El Dormino

I have stated as of late that I have a thing for El Caminos and I have been eyeballing different varieties. Having one with a Cadillac El Dorado grafted to the front isn’t exactly what I had in mind, however. Nevertheless, there is something weirdly attractive about this 1974 Cadillac El Dorado/Camino version that keeps you looking. Like an unfolding train-wreck? Not exactly that, it’s just the uniqueness with a little bit of “Are you kidding?” thrown in for good measure. This custom creation is located in Edgewater, Florida and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $4,995, one bid tendered as of this writing.

If this concoction is familiar to long-time Barn Finds readers that is because it was featured here three and a half years ago. Whether it sold then and is up for sale again, or it just never sold, is unknown. And generally, I don’t like to touch on subjects that have been covered before but considering the passage of time, and the uniqueness here, I thought this to be a worthy endeavor. The seller states that he purchased it from a Nevada party but he doesn’t indicate when. Its current location has not changed, it is still in Edgewater, Florida. My initial thought was that this mashup is nothing special, just a flower car that’s been duded up. But the various flower car examples from the ’70s that I uncovered appear to have been built on a rear-wheel-drive DeVille chassis and not a front-wheel-drive El Dorado platform.

The seller claims that the body has been professionally restored but other than the blue tonneau cover, it doesn’t appear to be any different than it was in ’17. The seller adds, “All new bumper fillers installed. Tailgate is 2-bolt removable.” No doubt about it, this El Dormino has been professionally prepared, the coachwork appears to have been well-executed, it’s just unusual, the rear window treatment in particular.  The seller adds that the passenger compartment is weathertight so the doors and seals must align well.

As for the interior, the seller claims, “Headliner, dash, door panels, bench seat all redone. Storage area behind seat is unfinished. ” The interior does present considerably better than it did in the ’17 images so there may be one area of improvement that has been facilitated – or it could just be the photography too. It’s a small environment but from what can be spied, it shows well. The area behind the seat is, as the seller states, unfinished, and wood appears to have been the modification material of choice.

Under the expansive hood is a 210 net HP, 500 CI V8 engine that makes this car immediately driveable and enjoyable. The seller states that “Motor has a new top-end, valves, seals, timing chain/gears, lifters. Upgraded HEI ignition, new A/C compressor, electric radiator fans.” But these areas of improvement sound similar to what’s included in the ’17 write-up so there may be no new news here. What is the same is the inoperative air shock compressor, it’s still on the fritz as the seller tries to track down an OEM unit.

Curiously, the ’17 write-up indicated a single bid tendered of $787. In this case, there is supposedly one bid of $4,995 which is probably more a reserve than it is a bid, though this is a no reserve auction. Gotta love creativity but sometimes things get done-in by too much imagination. It is going to take a very specific type of buyer to make a sale in this case – and not just someone who wants an El Camino. What do you think, any interest?


  1. Moparman Member

    WOW! Has 3.5 years gone by, since this car first showed on BF’s?? I didn’t think my memory was faulty (read the post BEFORE you comment, LOL!); at any rate, this is a cool, well executed “Eldoradomino”. GLWTA!! :-)

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    • John Murphy

      Its a funeral FLOWER CAR nothing strange here designed to carry mountains of flowers for Big Shot Funerals….

  2. Al

    I saw one of these in the late ’70’s, and it was relatively new at the time. The interesting thing about was the tailgate had “Cadillac” in script. It was owned by a friend of mine, a geophysicist. and he used it as his business car.

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  3. Don Diego

    Has a variety of license plates, front and rear …depending on the season

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    some ‘mash up”s don’t work. The “2 bolt tail gait drop” w/this 1 are an example. I think a Baritz w/a big gm station wagon gait would have caught my eye w/more interest? but not sure (’60s-80s ford guy here).

  5. chrlsful

    some ‘mash up”s don’t work. The “2 bolt tail gait drop” w/this 1 is an example. I think a Baritz ( “The last vertable ever made again in ‘merica” as said at the time) w/a big gm station wagon gate would have caught my eye w/more interest? but not sure (’60s-80s ford guy here).

  6. Bill D

    I’m sorry, but this reminds me a bit much of a flower car from a funeral home.

    Some may see that as a feature, rather than a bug.

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  7. JimmyinTEXAS

    There is no VIN listed on ebay. There were two custom builders of these in the 70’s. One did the Mirage and one did the Caribou. The example here looks a lot like the 1976 Caribou. Example here:

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    • Jim Z Member

      TX Jimmy, the vin is non standard, so not listed. Thanks for the link!

  8. Bunky

    El Camino with an Eldorado grafted to the front- really?
    Nicely done. Not what you had in mind-me either- but that’s not the point is it? This is someone’s labor of love, and I’m confident that it’s just what someone is looking for.

  9. Mike

    To me this sure looks like a full size Caddy that had the top and trunk removed vs a Caddy mated with an El Camino….just don’t see it!!😂

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  10. Malcolm Boyes

    I really rather like this. I am sure it was a professional conversion done when new on an Eldorado..saw a few around Ca. I think it would be a hoot to tool around in this blasting Isaac Hayes or Curtis Mayfield’s ” Superfly” out of the open windows. Looks like it really could be useful as a gentlman’s pickup. I am in Sonoma Wine Country and this would be perfect for a winery to use as a delivery with some cool vintage signage on it..

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  11. Dave Mathers

    The top pulley appears to be missing one belt. The air pump perhaps?

    • Jim Member

      Dave, the A/C compressor only used a single belt this year. My 73 Eldo had 2. Air pump is there, and acts as idler for alternator.

  12. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Tonneau cover is the same canvas color as used on boats . . . Wait, some might consider this a boat.

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  13. K. R. V.

    What a statement you could make with this beauty, arriving at a Key West campground in this, with a beautiful same vintage Airstream in tow! Of course I would be inclined to paint this in as close a match of silver as possible. The only addition to top this so to speak, would be a custom made bed top, built with the combination of a high quality bed top, utilizing a GM Wagon Vista Roof, with the windows and all! Especially one that has the very unique powered reseeding tailgate and window, that together I’m sure with the custom made top would cost more than the whole thing could ever be worth?

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member


      The “reseeding tailgate & window” option was only available on the farm truck version, not the Country Club version shown here.

  14. MDW66

    That interior floor looks pretty flat for Rwd

    • Bill D

      That’s because these cars were FWD! They used an adaptation of the THM400 trans called the THM425. The same unusual longitudinal V8 + FWD layout was used in the Olds Toronado.

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  15. John McCall Jr. Member

    As a previous owner of a Caribou, I can speak with some experience. These were NEVER flower cars, but a luxury novelty to haul golf clubs to the country club. Mirage and Caribou were the two leading manufactures who were producing these in the 70s. There is some photoshop going on here. You will notice that when the Tonneau cover is not on, there are no grommets visible in the photo. As for the tailgate, they are very fragile fiberglass and could never be used for anything other than to keep the rear of the cover fastened. Last, every conversion of these had a vinyl top on to cover the seams of the metal to fiberglass transition. Since there is no vinyl on this one, it is either VERY high quality, or the photos have been enhanced.

    • Jim Z Member

      John McCall, you’re a little full of yourself. No photoshop, I just posted pics from before the cover got installed and then after. As for the tailgate, maybe yours was fragile, but the one on this car is heavy and solid. Attaches with 2 bolts. Finally, regarding the mention of a vinyl top. This car never had one, and during the restoration process the fiberglass-to-metal locations on the top and sides were meticulously combined and flowed together by the master fiberglass tech that did the job. Regards…..

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