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Custom Conversion: 1982 Ford E350 Centurion

If you’re looking for a way to transport motorcycles, bikes, and other gear without having to load up on trailers and related equipment, a vintage Ford Centurion “Kountry Aire” like this one here on eBay is a compelling option. A spacious interior, a dually rear axle, 7.5L V8 engine, and period-correct style all combine to make for a truck we wish was offered in Ford’s modern lineup. For now, you’ll have to be content with reviving this project-grade pickup, where bidding sits at $5,700 with no reserve.

To me, this rear 3/4 view is one of the best angles on this truck. The fat fender flares, the deep-dish wheels, and the huge windows in the rear seat area all work really well for a truck built by an aftermarket company. Centurion had a long list of Ford trucks that they modified for more utilitarian purposes, and the custom E350 pickup conversion was no different. The bed looks like it could easily accommodate a motorcycle, and certainly several mountain bikes.

And if you’re tired after a day of trail riding, the interior looks extremely comfortable for grabbing a nap – especially since this rear bench folds out into a bed. The ample lighting from the numerous windows have curtains, so there’s potential for this being an excellent road trip video. The seller talks up the ability to take your toys along and still have room for the family, and this interior photo shows how Centurion combines the comfort of an E350 van with the convenience of a truck bed. The interior is tired in places but by and large complete.

The seller claims the Ford runs and drives well, with good brakes and a strong engine and transmission. We see these Centurion conversions show up for sale on places like Marketplace every now and again, and they are usually in rough shape. This example needs some tidying up but overall, it looks to be an excellent basis for a project. Would you use this as a road trip machine or the perfect campsite accessory?


  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    LOL the photo at the Maverik gas station. Definitely will be spending time at the pumps!

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    • Midnightpromises

      Maybe Tesla will be coming out with something soon?

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  2. Big C

    Perfect for “knockin’ boots” out on the trails.

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  3. Claudio

    A big block ford with a carburetor and a 3 speed transmission will keep you entertained with very fullfilling gas fills ! You will never go far !
    I must admit that i have always had an eye for these but our pickups now have such comforts that it would feel prehistoric to drive this …
    accidents happen and air bags feel better than a steering wheel column or a dash , check out the little ugly for comet on youtube ..

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  4. Chris Cornetto

    Years back a guy I knew called me and said he was giving me a (car). One of these shows up, a diesel version that was to say, a bit tired. I gave a buddy the fifth wheel hitch from it and scraped it

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  5. Marshall Belcher

    If you can afford the fuel this thing will suck up then it would be a great buy if it looks good in real as it does the pictures. Pictures are deceiving. Ask people who has bought from maple motors..

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    • Marvin K Foss Jr

      Really!!! You have been to Maple Motors? They have a lot of stuff on the cheap that looks good. Not the case??????

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  6. ron wroblewsky

    never for hauling,were built for towing 5th wheel trailers.

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    • Brian Cady

      Growing up in Az, I used to see these somewhat regularly in the 80’s. The snowbirds used them for their 5th wheel trailers.

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  7. Michael Berkemeier

    Looking at the pictures, I can just imagine sitting on the side of the highway with a blown motor, smelling that cheap, conversion van interior and burnt oil, after spending a fortune in gas to get to said “middle of nowhere” and thinking “Man, why did I think this was a good idea?” This truck is like an old girlfriend…better left right as it is, a memory.

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    • Pete

      1000% this.

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    • BrianT BrianT Member

      I actually like this thing, always have found them interesting. I don’t know why it would be any less dependable than, say, a stock 57 Chevy. Like any other old vehicle it would need to be checked out thoroughly, any needed repairs done and maybe even some updates. I can see this pulling a small 5th wheel camper on adventures anywhere. The mileage can’t be any worse than my 31 foot RV.

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  8. John R. LaShell

    I had one, Make between 15 & 18 MPG. Loved pulling the sprint car, Open tandem axle trailer with mine. Will look into this one.

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  9. chrlsful

    like the AMX, I came to the vehicle decades after produced.
    No application for this lugger. But w/5th wheel I’d take for race day,
    wk end or wk. Re-cam (and in its own race car or) back in or better
    yet, 12v & alison.

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  10. The Truth

    There was a 4×4 version with a dana 60 front near men. I asked if they would sale it a few years ago and they said no so i left my name and number. I wanted it because in know they are rare (especially with 4wd) and I like oddball vehicles. I went by the property about a year ago and it was gone. I asked what happened to it and the inner Saud they scrapped it.

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  11. Car Nut Tacoma

    Awesome looking van conversion! I’ve always liked conversion vans like this. Given its dually rear axle, it looks like something you could tow a 5th wheeler behind it. I’d keep it as original as possible, while also upgrading everything mechanical and drivetrain. Among the drivetrain upgrades I’d give it would be a Power Stroke Turbo Diesel engine.

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