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Daily Driver: 1968 Chevrolet Impala Custom

For much of the 1960s, the Chevy Impala was one of the best-selling cars in America. In fact, in 1965, it was THE best-selling car above all others. The 1968 model was part of that generation of the car, and the Impala Custom was new that year. On the coupe, it used the Caprice’s formal roofline instead of the fastback look that the other Impala’s had. This ’68 Impala Custom is a beautiful survivor in my neck of the woods. I think I may have actually seen it once or twice. It’s located in Jacksonville, Florida and here on eBay where the bidding has reached $15,300 but the reserve has not.

The Impala dominated the Chevy line-up in three eras that add up to nearly 50 years. The Impala name was recently retired (2020) as part of Chevy’s movement toward producing more trucks and SUVs. The Impala Custom, which started out in 1968, would stay in the series through 1976. You could consider it a Caprice on an Impala budget, but it was certainly no basic car. The seller has used his ’68 Custom as a daily driver for more than a year as part of a 60-mile round-trip. It hasn’t let him down yet.

This automobile is described as an original with updates to the exterior, interior, and drivetrain. For the body, that means it’s had a repaint recently That’s quite nice. No signs of any dents or rust or repair work that may have been done. It has the looks of a professional and thorough job. The chrome, trim, and glass are in great condition and the seller tells us the undercarriage would hold up well under scrutiny. The vinyl top was also replaced recently.

Inside the car, there is little to find fault with. Other than some discoloration on the door armrests and part of one door panel, the original material has held up well. The front seat appears to have a small stain in it that should easily come out. The dash pad and headliner are both tip top. All the gauges work well, and both the heater and factory air conditioning are good enough to run you out of the car (we’re told).

The 327 cubic inch V8 is said to start and run well, and transmission (2-speed Powerglide?) shifts as it should. There is no mention if they are both original to the car but the level of detailing in the engine compartment suggests that a refresh of some kind has been done. The odometer reading is just over 84,000 miles. The American aluminum wheels are a nice touch, even on a car this size, and the seller says the tires are only a few months old.

Hagerty quotes a 1968 Impala in excellent condition to be worth about $15,000, which sounds a bit low to me, and the bidding for this car has already gotten there. Given the quality of this vehicle, I think the time is right for it to stop being a daily driver and shift to Cars & Coffee duty on the weekends!


  1. Fahrvergnugen Fahrvergnugen Member

    M&D had a ’68 Impala (HT?) white over black, 307 auto. Nice car until a drunk t-boned mom on the way back from work, sending her across the street into a tree.
    Always liked the ‘formal’ roofline of these Custom’s, esp the way it made the rear deck seem enormous. Nice car; better with a funner 327.

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  2. Rex Kahrs Member

    Lose the wheels, get some hubcaps and some thin whitewalls and boom!

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    • Skorzeny

      Usually agree Rex, but vehemently disagree here. Nice car for the money.

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  3. jwzg

    This is really good looking machine. If it’s going to be a commuter, an FI unit with a 200R4 would put it into the 20+mpg range.

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  4. Jcs

    Very cool Impala, someone’s gonna score what appears to be a sweetheart!

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    • Joe c

      My dad had one in turquoise no vinyl top… It was quick with that 327 4barrel… I always look for one like this 🙂

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  5. Big_Fun Member

    I had a Matador Red, black cloth vinyl bench, without a vinyl top. 327/250 horse, and a 3 speed auto. TH400 from the factory. At the time, I didn’t realize it wasn’t until 1969 the Impala would get the TH350 behind small blocks…
    Without a/c, the rear end was a 2:73 (3:08 with a/c). This has a 2 speed and a/c, so I’m thinking 3:36 back there. Perfect (almost) for an overdrive swap!

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  6. Ted-M

    Had a 70 Impla Tudor great car you could hall 8 ppl easy!

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  7. Sandman4x4 Member

    I had an aunt, actually one of many, that bought herself a beautiful new 1966 Chevy Caprice Coupe, in the very same colors as the one above. However hers had a 396 Tubo-Jet with TH 400 trans, with the factory tow package that included the posi rear end. That was a very nice car!!

  8. Bob C.

    My Dad was a Chevy man, and he always said that no matter what V8 engine it had, it always got around the same gas mileage. The Powerglide was bulletproof, but not known for economy.

  9. Geoff

    My had one as a company car. Silver Formal roof. Despite having steel wheels and dog dish hub caps (or maybe because of it)it was a striking car. The also show well with original Chevy Rayys.

  10. Reginald Keith Whicker

    My mother bought this same car in the same color in 1968 brand new for 4100.00 dollars. The color is called palomino ivory and hers was the Impala custom with black vinyl top automatic 327 black interior air conditioning. Great car and it brings back good memories and my mother is 83 now and i love her so much. Thank you Barn Finds for another great write up.

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  11. Desert Rat

    I would not change a thing, as for the wheels they make the car look that much better.

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  12. Eugene W.

    Beautiful car! Don’t mess with it.

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  13. David kirschnick Member

    Don’t know about bulletproof slush box though . Racers would run the hell out of them when auto became it at track. But long way from stock for them . Chevy famous cause of longevity. Run on 7 cylinders forever, keep oil in em too.

  14. Scott

    Cousin had one give to him by his grandfather(other side of the bloodline)it was whatever GM called the purple/maroon! His grandfather had bought it new(2 door)307 I believe! My father had a 67 Biscayne 4 door,6 cyl,3 on the tree,69 Impala 327,2 speed and a 70 impala 350 3 speed auto,both of those 2 doors! Always liked them.

  15. Joe Padavano

    Why are people amazed when an old car can make a 60 mile trip without breaking down? Geeze, these cars were daily drivers when they were new.

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  16. princeofprussia

    To me, the ’68 Chevy is one of the prettiest years; my father had a ’68 BelAir. This one looks spectacular, although unless the author knows what caused that stain on the seat, I think it’s damn presumptuous to claim “that (it) should easily come out.”

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