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Dandy Datsun: 1977 Datsun 710 Wagon

There aren’t many people who would restore a 1977 Datsun 710 Wagon but that’s what has happened with this little jewel box. This museum-quality wagon can be found here on eBay in San Marcos, California and the current bid price is $8,000. That probably doesn’t even come close to covering the restoration costs, but the reserve has been met so it’ll be sold to the highest bidder in five days. Let’s check it out.

What a great looking car. I know that Japanese cars aren’t of any interest what so ever to a good portion of Barn Finds readers. But then again, there are a few million of us who are fans and who love to see cars like this little 710 wagon in this condition. My first car was a 1971 Toyota Corolla two-door wagon and I would love to find one in this condition, or really any condition.

The seller shows a photo of the body during the restoration and also detail photos after restoration and it really turned out great. I don’t know why anyone would restore a four-door Datsun wagon. Who knows why anyone really restores any car where the value doesn’t justify it, other than it holds a special meaning for them.

The interior looks just as nice as the exterior does and brown is about as typical of a 1970s color as anyone could expect to see here. The rear cargo area has more room and is much nicer than my ’71 Corolla wagon was. But even at 6′-5″ tall, I slept in the back of mine a few times. Yep, the underside looks fantastic, too.

While the Datsun 810 had a bigger inline-six-cylinder, the 710 has Nissan’s L20B inline-four with just under 100 hp. The automatic transmission won’t help to make it super fun to drive but I’m certain that this nicely-restored Datsun 710 wagon would have a crowd around it at almost any car show.


  1. DRV

    I’m going to follow this one. It checks a lot of boxes for me and I’d use the hell out of it.

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  2. That AMC Guy

    A friend’s father had one just like this, even the same color, back then. As it got a few years and miles on it I used to work on it for him, tuneups, brakes, etc. As was typical for 1970s Japanese cars in the Northeast rust took it down while it was otherwise still running great. Have not seen one in many years.

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  3. Solosolo UK ken tilly Member

    What a great little wagon. If the US designers had come out with a full size wagon styled exactly like this one, instead of the fugly cars of the seventies, then I bet they would have sold in their thousands. The American wagons/cars of the seventies were just slab sided nothings IMHO.

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  4. local_sheriff

    Ken; I think it would be safe to say the Japanese cars of the 70s were 3/4 sized copies of American 60s cars!

    Nevertheless; I really like this wagon. Not to the point that I would have it myself but it has great colors and presents well. Cred goes to the guy who actually took upon RESTORING it, as I’d believe bits for such a car would be far more difficult to obtain than ‘regular’ classics.

    It’s definately the kind of car that adds some spice to cars’n’coffee meetings

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  5. Dan

    In his description, the seller wishes us good luck finding a nicer Datsun 710 wagon. This car, if not the best example of its kind out there, appears to be nearly so. Not the sort of vehicle I’d sink money into (a Datsun 620 pickup would be more my type), but if this was a labor of love, I genuinely respect that.

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    • gearjammer63

      Which begs the question: If restoring this car was a labour of love, why sell it, especially when the seller can’t come even close to recouping the restoration costs?
      Beautiful car, though. It brings back memories of some of my high-school classmates’ first cars, and my own first car, which was a ’73 Corolla.

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  6. Matt Centorino

    my first car was a 1970 2 dr corolla wagon … my dads … then he traded it in for a 77 subaru wagon much faster and efficient … but rolled easily

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  7. Car Nut Tacoma

    I remember these old Datsuns from when I was a boy. I’d buy one if it were for sale near where I live. Given its restored condition and rarity, I’d say that $10,000 seems more appropriate for a car like this. I looked at the eBay ad, and while the car looks immaculate, there’s nowhere near enough pics to show everything on the car. I hope whoever buys the car enjoys it.

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  8. Greg B Greg Member

    Would like to see a video of this one running. Very nice example.

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  9. Bob C.

    These were all over the place back in the day. Good to see the tin worm didn’t devour this one as with most Japanese cars of that era.

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  10. Bhowe Member

    Absolutely awesome. I love seeing unusual, almost never seen cars like this. At shows, you will see an endless sea of mustangs. Camaros, chevelles, etc, but this car is definitely one of a kind.

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  11. Tony

    Nissan had teams that would purchase used cars built in the 70s. They would take them to salvage yards and observe them being crushed. True story my friend owned a salvage yard that Nissan contracted.

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    • Chebby Staff

      Their minivan debacle might be what you’re referring to.

      From Wikipedia:

      “The C22 was sold as the Nissan Van in the US from 1986–1989. Nissan had to engineer its larger 2.4 liter Z24i engine into the C22 to handle American market requirements which included air conditioning and highway driving. The C22 was not originally designed for such a large engine, and the resulting tight quarters would later contribute to overheating and engine fire issues. In 1994, after four safety recalls did not end the engine fire problems, and with a class action lawsuit pending, Nissan took the unprecedented step of recalling every Nissan Van sold in the US. The vehicles which were recalled were crushed en masse.”

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  12. Car Nut Tacoma

    I would’ve bought a Nissan Van had it remained on the US market.

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  13. PDXBryan

    Of course I’m a big fan of any vintage Japanese tin, but 710s were never, and will never be the equal of there older PL510 siblings. Where the 710s styling can eventually grow on ya, the 510 was an immediate classic and continues to get better with age.

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    • Car Nut Tacoma

      I agree. My favourite years for the PL510 are 1967-1969. I also like the Datsun PL521 pickup truck. My aunt and uncle had a Datsun 1600 truck. By today’s standards, it was as basic as they come. I also like the 1973 Datsun 610.

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  14. PeteL

    Sold for $12,200 with 29 bids. Well done! I have a 4 door 1975 710, same orange but original paint that sort of shines up. Not as restored as this but a 3 owner car nonetheless with a few additions like 15″ wheels, Weber carb and upgraded front seats.

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