Dealer Sale: 1966 Olds Toronado


Years ago, I held a summer job at a Honda dealership in Brewster, New York, doing nothing exciting. However, if that dealership had a group or a division focused on vintage car sales, I might still be there today! This dusty 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado here on eBay is for sale by a Chevy dealer that apparently keeps an eye out for interesting vintage iron, and they’ve listed it as a runner with no reserve. 


Now, the term “runner” is used loosely in this case, but the Olds does fire up and go forwards and backwards. To the dealer’s credit, they have made it possible to drive onto a trailer, which is a huge deal if you’ve ever been through the ringer on trying to get a non-running vehicle moved like I have. This Toronado is said to have some “sitting around” rust, meaning it’s not a rust bucket but years of inactivity have allowed some surface rust to flare up.


This Toronado was driven into a garage in 1976 and stayed there until just recently, and comes with its original paint and original vinyl interior still in place. The dealer claims all they had to do was squirt some oil in the cylinders, clean the contacts and pour in some fresh gas to get it running, which bodes well for the next owner. Of course, the seller lays on the patina angle pretty thick, claiming they left it a dirty, dusty find for the next owner to enjoy.


The interior does look like it will clean up pretty well, and the lack of tears and mold is a good sign to me that the storage arrangement wasn’t dank and destructive. Sometimes, cars seemingly come out of long-term storage with a lifetime of damage just from being in the way. The current bid seems quite fair for the condition and there’s no reserve in sight – could this dealer-find Toronado be a solid project for the next owner?


  1. LMK

    Brewster , N.Y. was where my family spent summer vacations in the 1960’s…It was beautiful….Karlsen Lake and the numerous reservoirs and open rolling fields were a treat for a kid from N.Y.C…..

    I always admired this era of Toronado…. I think it’ll be snatched up and given the attention it needs….

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  2. Mike

    I used to live in Brewster NY. How long ago did you work there? I’ve had many friends work there as well. Small world.

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  3. Jay M

    I’m surprised one of the dealerships techs hasn’t picked it up.
    With a bit of elbow grease you could have a decent cruiser, or make some money in the spring.

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    • KeithK

      As a dealer tech of 30 years I can tell you that most dealerships will not sell to their techs. The current dealer I work for has a specified amount of time before you can buy. They send inventory to,or hold an auction every 30 days for these seemingly unwanted fixer uppers. Guess when we can buy them. 45. I’ve watched cars that I would have paid 1000 dollars for ,sell for 200 and the managers just shrug their shoulders.

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  4. nessy

    I love all Oldsmobiles. Question, what is the obsession with leaving all the filth and dust on a car? Yuck. This Toronado looks like it will clean up nice which will help bring a bit more than the low current bid. If you must show how filthy the car was, show before and after cleanup photos. I could not stand to leave a car looking like that. Get me a whitewall tire brush and hurry!

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  5. Mr. Bond

    Hope they changed the oil too. If not, that motor is done!

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  6. Andy

    What a small world, Jeff. I love right around the corner in Poughkeepsie!

    Must say I agree with previous posters about leaving the grime and dirt on there. Take before pictures, then clean it up and possibly get more $$$…

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  7. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    There is a man in Switzerland, a Mr. Zimmerman, who is building an all brass 1/12th scale working model of the 66 Toronado, while the drive train is not a running unit, his car has working EVERYTING, the power windows & seats work, suspension & steering all correct, brakes work, you can take a pen and press the emergency brake pedal and apply both rear brakes too!

    if you are an AACA member, you can find the story and photos of the entire build on the AACA online blogs.

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    • Peter


      I don’t know what the AACA is, and I suspect I’m not alone in that.

      I tried to google the model you mention, with Mr. Zimmerman, etc…, but no joy.

      As an avid (but small-time) antique toy collector, I’m VERY interested in seeing this.

      Can you possibly post a link to Mr. Zimmerman’s site, so we can all marvel at what sounds like an AMAZING bit of modeling art/craft?



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      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

        Peter, AACA is the Antique Automobile Club of America. I’m not a member, so maybe Bill can help with that.

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      • Jay D.M.
      • Rando

        The Toronado was one of his rearlier builds. He is currently working on a Continental Mark II. Has been working on it for sevceral years and hopes to be done in a few more years. 10 years total. But he has fabbed every part on the car by hand or fabbed the original and cast copies. (tires). Each wheel cover has 240 parts, I think and took 40 hours EACH to build. See this link. You can go to page 1 and read the whole story.A MUST READ if you are into model cars. This is so much more than a model.

        The Toronado and an Avanti came before this one.

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  8. Car Guy

    It’s a dealership. They have a wash bay, maybe even an in house detail area. Poor old car……..

    In the video it sounds a little bit like “Christine” after the exhaust was damaged when they drove it around the lot.

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  9. HeadMaster1

    You can see how deep in the dirt the tires were, I’d be very concerned about rusted out floors

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  10. Mark S

    Last time I made a comment about these tornadoes I got my a$$ kicked around the block. though I have not changed my opinion of these so I’ll reserve comment. Now that that’s out of the way if this were mine the first thing I’d do to it would be to switch it over to HEI ignition and throw away that old point distrutor. The next would be a serious cleaning inside and out. Followed by polish and detailing. Next I’d put in a fresh exhaust system from the manifold to tail pipes. Then check out the mechanicals. Finally I’d have the front seat cover repaired with a new fart panel sewn in. Good luck to the buyer of this classic.

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  11. charlie

    Interesting low option model with no a/c or power windows/locks. Never have seen one come that way.

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  12. Tom Driscoll

    I suspect they left this one dirty because they determined it wasn’t going to look any better clean…

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  13. Joey Gotts


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  14. jaygryph

    Man, the salty downvotes are strong in this listing.

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  15. sean

    crazy , i’m from putnam valley right near brewster , i work at a dealer that won’t sell to employees & i’m a big oldsmobile fan , these cars were the cutting edge when they came out so i could see somebody deleting some extra’s so they could have it in their driveway , still why not have your hourly car detail department take a shot at cleaning it

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  16. Rando

    Ok, if they are leaving the rust and dust, what happens when it rains? Do they pull it inside so it doesn’t get rained on an dirt washed off?

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  17. Mike Williams

    It sold but the dealer has this 79 Spitfire.'s sold but the dealer has this ’79 Spit,

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  18. Max

    DVLA says UK Road tax expired 1992! Anyone know whats become of it?

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