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Decades of Storage: 1960 Cadillac Convertible

Cadillac was at the top of their game in the late fifties and early sixties.  “Standard of the World” was a slogan that actually meant something.  While there may be more expensive models such as the Eldorado Brougham, the standard Cadillac convertible has always been a desirable automobile.  If you want a long project with a sunny payoff, take a look at this 1960 Cadillac convertible for sale on craigslist in Inland Empire, California.  This car, located by eagle eyed reader T.J., shows just under 69,000 miles on the odometer and can be had for a cool $29,500.  Is this the kind of garage filling project you are looking for?

Think for a second about what made a Cadillac such a luxurious car.  First off, Cadillac had a long standing reputation for providing customers with cutting edge technology.  The large amount of premium materials such as leather, chrome, and thicker metal throughout the automobile also assisted in making Cadillac ownership a premium experience.

Sound and heat insulation are features on luxurious cars that doesn’t get talked about much.  Often sprayed on, these layers of material can cause problems later on.  Moisture can work its way into some of these materials or between layers when they separate as time goes on.  As we all know, moisture is all that is needed for the tinworm to flourish.

This Cadillac’s rust problem in the two pictures above are a perfect example of this situation.  The problem becomes more difficult to deal with on unibody cars.  The only permanant solution is to strip the car down to bare metal, repair the damage, and re-apply heat and sound insulation if possible.  This makes an inexpensive luxury car anything but in the long run.  Add to this an owner disclosed rust issue in the lower rocker panels.

Overall, this Cadillac appears to be worthy of restoration.  The rust damage is minimal in comparison to the suffering of many other Cadillacs we have seen on these pages.  A look at the photos show that the necessary parts are there and in good shape.  You also can’t resist the clean lines of a 1960 Cadillac.  Everyone remembers the 1959 Caddy for its outrageous fins, but a 1960 Cadillac is simple and elegant in comparison.

One of the selling points for this car is that it may be a low mileage example.  The odometer reads just 68,713 miles but it has just five digits.  A close look at the pedals and steering wheel might give us clues if the mileage number needs a one attached to the front.  The picture above does reveal a hole in the floor in the drivers footwell that could probably be patched up.

The argument that this car is a legitimate 68,713-mile car is supported by a look at the seat above.  This looks to be the original upholstery if you compare it to this 1960 Cadillac convertible previously sold by Barrett-Jackson in 2017.  This picture also reveals that while carpets and some re-assembly are required, this car’s interior may clean up well enough to keep it in place.   What is not evidently in place is an engine.  The ad is rather vague but alludes to the seller having another engine available soon “if anyone needs it.”   I’m sure he will meet someone who will…

While the price may be considered a bit steep for a car in this condition with no engine, there is a lot of things to like here.  Rust hasn’t taken over, the panels all look original and undamaged, the interior is in pretty good shape, and, oh yes, that styling.  Hopefully this beauty finds a good home and hits the road soon.


  1. George Birth

    The price is a bit steep for a car in this condition. Other than that it is a nice looking car.

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  2. Rob

    I can smell the stale, musty interior from here!

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    • Jon P Leary

      And it smells delicious .

  3. Lowell Peterson

    Kool car ! I would estimate rust repairs at at least$35-$45k chassis rust repair hard to do without a rotisserrie for the body. Done it more than once. ’57 Olds Super 88 conv, and ’48 Buick conv. To name a couple.

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  4. Johnny

    Too much for the condition it is in.

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  5. Jace F.

    Nothing more expensive than a cheap luxury car.

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    • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

      And it’s not even cheap.

  6. Michael Berkemeier

    I’m sure most of the items you will need for the restoration are just a phone call to Year One away.

  7. J Maxwell

    If it doesn’t have documentation of mileage don’t speculate.

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  8. Gary

    Someone needs to tell people that smoking crack kills your brain cells. To believe you would get 30k for this thing is ludicrous

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