Demolition Find: 1960 Rambler

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Imagine buying a property with a house on it and finding an abandoned old car. That appears to be the case with this 61-year-old Rambler. It’s not an American as the seller postulates, but rather a Rambler Six or V8, depending on what may be under the hood. The seller must be a car guy because he doesn’t want to see this old machine go to the crusher (or sold for its metal), so he’s offered here on Barn Finds Classifieds for the haul-away price of just $300 in Blanco, Texas.

Through the merger of Nash and Hudson in 1954, American Motors was created. 18 months later their first new car as a collaboration debuted, the Rambler. It was considered a compact when new, but by 1960 a true compact would be offered by AMC, the American. If the seller’s car is a Rambler Six (can’t tell by the photos), it would have a 196 cubic inch I-6 under the hood; if a V8, the displacement would be 250.

We applaud the seller for wanting to try to save the car, which technically is owned by his friend who bought the property where the car was discovered. There is no title, so you’ll have to figure out how the process works in your state. The first challenge will be getting a truck to the car or the car to a truck just to get it loaded up. The tires are flat, and its structural integrity is unknown as no one knows how long this car has been laid up.

While the body seems rather straight, there is rust present besides the surface variety. What you can’t see will determine whether this car is viable for restoration or whether its best use would be as a donor to bring a better example back to life. However, you look at it, this car and the American enabled AMC to reach 3rd place in industry sales for 1960, which unfortunately didn’t last in later years. The Rambler Six was the company’s best-selling model with just under 300,000 deliveries.

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  1. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz

    Russ, I’m gonna call this a 1961 Rambler Classic – the glass, trim, etc. make it worth $300, IF you need the parts. These tend to trade in 4 figures.

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    • Will Fox

      Naw; it’s a 1960 model. Front end says it is, plus the taillamps & trim.

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  2. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz

    My bad – the twin headlights threw me off. A 1960 Super

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  3. HoA Howard AMember

    The poor little Rambler, couldn’t sink much lower,,literally. I’ll have to trust Russ, but coming from Ramblertown, I never remember Rambler being #3. #4 was about all we could muster. Not quite Chrysler,( #3), Ford (#2) or GM(#1), but better than Studebaker (#5). As car makers quit, Rambler struggled on for another 2 decades. I will admit, the early-mid ’60’s was Ramblers heyday. They were great cars. This is most assuredly the inline 6, as V8’s, which were few and far between, had a callout on the front fender. My grandfather had this exact car, except automatic, it was the one that had 41K miles, clean body and inside, ran like a top, but the front trunnions had rusted, and nobody would fix it. Off to the junkyard it went, a fate probably 90% of these had. Way too far gone here, but a treasure trove in parts for someone,,,anyone? ( crickets)

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    • nlpnt

      I think that was in terms of sales by make, not overall corporate size.

      Rambler in 1960 was outsold only by Ford Division and Chevrolet, but Rambler being American Motors’ only active nameplate at the time meant that Chrysler corporate outsold it, even if it outsold each of Dodge, Plymouth, Chrysler (division) and near-moribund DeSoto counted separately, as well as Buick, Olds, Pontiac and Mercury.

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  4. leiniedude leiniedudeMember

    This is refreshing, seeing an asking price that is fair. Glad I was sitting down when I read it.

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    • jimbunte jimbunteMember

      Thanks man. It’s my ad on my own dime – I just want to see someone save it for parts if nothing else.

      The glass alone has to be worth $300.

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  5. Terrry

    Those were actually called Rambler Classic. They did not delineate if they were a 6 or V8. Most Classics got the 6. The Ambassador got the 8, usually.

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  6. That Guy

    The underside is a big question, but what’s above ground looks surprisingly good for the most part. This is definitely worth hauling away and doing something with. Those seats look original and might even clean up if the fabric’s still got some strength.

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  7. Derek

    Condition doesnae matter; it’s 300 dollars for a no’-bad looking 60 year-old car. Good starting point.

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  8. Jim

    I’d say the house is worth about $300, too!

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    One of my brothers bought one in red with 6 banger and automatic. I drove it some and it was the kind of car that would put you to sleep running 65 mph on old highway 99 through Northern California. It rode smooth and would seat six people with fair comfort. Air conditioning was optional and my brothers had it. That was very nice on those 100 plus degree summer days. Not many people had a/c back then. Although there were a number of after market gadgets that hung off a window or were filled with ice that you would see from time to time. What can you buy for $300.00 these days? I say if you have a place to put this car and really look it over; you’ll be in the black in no time as a parts car if not restorable candidate. Be your own judge, invest wisely.
    God bless America

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  10. CarbobMember

    My brother got one of these in the mid seventies basically in trade for a plumbing job. I drove it occasionally. It was a manual transmission but l don’t remember what engine it had. It was a nice driving practical car. As I recall the brakes went out and he parked it in his apartment parking lot and didn’t move it fast enough so they towed it. Just another old car so he wasn’t too bummed. Besides he had acquired a bug eye Sprite.

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  11. James Petropulos

    My first car was a ’60 Rambler, Green with a White roof. Was my Dad’s. He got a new ’65 Rambler classic and gave me the ’60 so I had wheels while stationed at a Nike site outside of Pgh. It was a Six. cyl. I remember that well, ‘cuz I skidded on a spilled load of gravel on a narrow winding road near Johnstown, PA. and at about 30 mph I went straight into a single lane cement bridge abutment and watched the hood crumple up. The motor was canted over to the right from the impact. I only bruised my thumb…..

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  12. Steve Clinton

    Remember Rambler that you are rust, and unto rust you shall return.

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  13. ADM

    That thing is so deep in the ground, you might as well cut off the roof, cut out the rotten floors, and turn it into a planter.

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  14. Jim

    Its from Texas so may not be as bad as a Northeast US car for the rusties also a lot of good parts there for a Rambling Rambler man, if not repairable and its not overpriced

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  15. Joe Bartolotta

    Do you remember the horrible colors these came in!!!

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