Desert Survivor: 1967 Chevrolet C10

A weathered desert found truck can often offer a solid body and charming looks just like this 1967 Chevrolet C10. In running and driving condition, this 89,997 mile 327 4 speed pick up needs some work to hit the roads once again. This truck can be yours for $5,850! Check it out here on craigslist out of Minneapolis, Indiana. Thanks to Angry Jonny for this rock solid desert find!

On a funny note, the seller claims that the engine has never been opened up, and from looking at the pictures I can certainly believe that statement. The engine is caked and coated with oil and dirt where if it had been recently serviced it would surely be evident. The 327 V8 is a runner and is mated to a floor mounted 4 speed manual transmission. While this truck does run and drive, I suspect there may be some work involved with making this a reliable driver. The seller did mention that the tires are old and dry rotted, so at a minimum you are looking at a set of tires.

Considering this is a desert truck, I have seen much worse interiors. The seller removed the upholstery and padding from the bench, but I am sure whoever get this truck next will recover the bench. There are a few splits in the dash pad, as well as on the steering wheel. As a whole the interior is in decent shape with a matching patina that doesn’t hurt my feelings. I may even consider wrapping the bench with something that would better match the interior patina rather than a brand new off the shelf upholstery kit for a blue interior C10.

The body of this truck is fabulous with no rot to be found. There is some minor surface rust developing at the pinch weld at the bottom of the cab and bed, none of which looks to be serious whatsoever. Faded out and well abused by the sun, the paint is mostly there but the roof has been reduced to surface rust, and the paint on the passenger side body line is wearing thin. The only extensive damage to the body appears in the form of a dent in the driver fender, and driver door. Both of which I would do my best to pop out without harming the current condition of the paint. A few of the wooden bed slats are missing so that would be another project to take on with this truck. With a charming appearance and in driving condition, this C10 seems like a rock solid deal. Would you take on this solid desert beauty?

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  1. Russ5459

    Which desert are we talking about?

  2. dave

    Looks like it received a new fuel pump. Cool find.

  3. David

    That truck would be my pleasure to work on.

  4. Blueprint

    Same interior color, trim and steering wheel as my grandfather’s old C30 farm truck. Memories !


    Well……it’s nice……must be fun pushing it around the shop…..

  6. Steve

    Reminds me of my 69 GMC 2500 3/4 ton, 327 w/granny 4 speed.

  7. Canadian Mark S. Eh! Member

    I had a 1970 GMC three on the tree 250 CID inline 6. Mine was an old service truck that my brother originally bought. He fixed it up and painted it bright orange. When I got it I painted it back to its original copper colour. Later on I put a 305 target master engine in it which was brand new from gm. I drove that truck daily for 23 years it never let me down and frankly was the best truck I’ve ever had. I often regret getting rid of it but when I let it go it was a worn out rust bucket with over 200000 miles on it. My current truck even though it is a dodge kind of reminds me of it, it is a 1994 dodge 3/4 ton cumins diesel 4×4. It too was a rust bucket but last summer I spent 8 weeks cutting out rusty metal and welding in new metal. The dodge is an automatic overdrive which suits me fine with my worn out knees and herniated disced back. This was when a truck was a truck with a tough suspension and an 8′ box intended for hauling and pulling. One of my favorite things is older trucks but they’re disappearing fast up here in Ca. Ab. Where the tin worm is eating them up. Great find I hope it gets restored and driven.

  8. geomechs Member

    My dad had a ’68 Chevy Custom Camper with a 327/Auto. It was a good truck but he thought it was hard on tires—rear ones to be exact. Well he found out that his 16 year old son was contributing to that situation. That 327 could really get those 7.10 x 15 – 6 ply tires smoking pretty good. I found out the hard way how much new tires cost.

    I like this truck. It should get the full resto treatment. Maybe dual exhausts but otherwise bone stock. I’d be interested but I’m partial to the silver trim and side-markers lights, and the heavy duty rims….

  9. Guy

    That dent in the door was caused by someone after the accident to the drivers side fender caused it to be pushed into the door just enough. But someone forced the door open that caused that dent? Am I right guys?

    • On and On Member

      Sure looks that way. I had the same damage on a Volvo that rolled out of a garage with the drivers door open and caught on the overhead frame. ’67 is my favorite year Chevy pickup. Just something solid but plain about the front end.

    • Tyler

      No, the damage to the door was caused by the stop latch in the hinge being broke, allowing the door to open to far & hitting the fender.

  10. Fordguy1972

    I really don’t understand the fascination with preserving what little paint is left on vintage trucks and cars. The “patina” craze is getting old and overdone. Clear coating the rust and worn out paint wouldn’t do justice to a great vintage truck. It’s like polishing a turd.

    This little gem should have whatever bodywork needed done to the bed and cab and then get a fresh coat of original color paint. Restore the interior to stock and, of course, address any mechanicals, go through the whole brake system, replace the wood in the bed, add new tires and period hubcaps.

    Enough with the patina. Let’s move on.

    • geomechs Member

      I, for one, completely agree with you. Patina: Old Indian word for lazy bodyman…

  11. Richard Kramer

    Sold one of these a month ago, my best friend’s wife bought it for him as a birthday gift. Drove it 600 miles up to oregon to surprise him. Great truck, they don’t build them like this anymore.

  12. Maestro1 Member

    I agree with Fordguy and Geomechs. Enough with the patina. Here’s a straight old truck with potential and deserves to be brought back to life.

  13. Tyler

    Unfortunately the ad has already been deleted.

  14. newfieldscarnut

    Gone finds .

  15. Coop

    Not sure why they think this is such a great find. If you love long bed 4 speed, I guess. If anyone here wants any clean desert truck. Just ask, I see them all over where I live

  16. YooperMike

    Geez, anyone notice that this is a long bed truck ? One of 108,756 made that year. I have had six short bed trucks over the years. Long beds didn’t get a second look.

  17. ctmphrs Member

    What,s this fascination with restoring an old truck. Why not improve what chevy started.

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