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Diamond in the Rough? 1999 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

Sometimes, you just can’t quite tell what’s going on with a seller in regards to how they view their car and its value. This is a desirable LS1-equipped Pontiac Trans Am, but it has definitely seen better days. The paint is very rough and the interior doesn’t look much better; on top of that, it has a security system issue that is keeping it from running for more than a few minutes at a time. All the same, the seller claims here on craigslist that he will not entertain offers below $20,000.

The color is throwing me off. There’s part of me that believes this was a limited-edition color scheme, but I can’t find anything in the color wheel for ’99 that shows a dark yellow paint scheme. Perhaps one of our readers knows, as it does look fairly complete in terms of the paint matching under the hood and inside the door jams; however, the damage to the front bumper could be revealing what the original paint was underneath a quicky respray. Regardless, the seller acknowledges that it needs a paint job.

The front end appears to have made contact with a blunt object at some point, so no matter what color you go with, bodywork is going to be on the menu. The seller contends the receipts he has for the maintenance performed under his watch adds value, but it just sounds like basic tune-up work. Tires, battery, fuel pump, spark plugs, cleaned injectors, and a new starter are pretty typical jobs for a car that’s been sitting. Speaking of tires, those look like OEM wheels, but I’m not entirely sure due to the chrome finish.

The interior is fairly ragged, which is pretty typical for a GM product of this era that hasn’t been looked after. The seller doesn’t go into great detail about the security fault that’s keeping this Trans Am from running for more than a few minutes at a time, but it seems like a potentially pain-in-the-neck issue given it may have been messed with in the past. Or, a rogue stereo installer cut a critical wire, or prior accident damage left a fault in the electronics buried deep within the car. So many possibilities! Do you think this seller will need to adjust his expectations in order to drive a sale?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    Think I’d go look for one that doesn’t have as many unanswered questions and wouldn’t take as much money and time to rebuild properly. The shabby paint job is not going to be cheap as it’s going to have to be stripped down to metal to properly fix it. Got to be some others out there that don’t have owners with a bad attitude.

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  2. Steve Bush Member

    Have to agree with Bob, the car is very overpriced for what the owner is asking. A quick check online at found several apparently nice 1999 Trans Ams at or close to the same $20k asking price.

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  3. Cadmanls Member

    What world is he living in? That car is rough and the security issue can get to be problem. Might be something simple but if it was should already be fixed. Those televised auctions are creating delusions. Good luck with the sale.

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  4. Troy

    So the seller over paid for it dumped a bunch of money into it and now wants their money back. In today’s stupid market they might get it. Just not from me

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  5. That AMC Guy

    “But honey, I TRIED to sell it…”

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    • 19sixty5 Member

      Naw, that’s “Honey look, I am trying to sell it”!

  6. PaulG

    My how these sellers are living in a dream world. Only thing is it doesn’t run more than 3-4 minutes, the front end is a mess, and oh yeah the title is “missing “
    I’m thinking it’s a 5k car.

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    • 86_vette_Convertible

      5K huh? I think you’re being extremely generous. I think even half that would be very generous.

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  7. Bick Banter

    Drugs do funny things to people. Like make them try to sell a $2,000 Trans Am for $20,000!

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  8. NovaTom

    He’ll be keeping his Trans Am.

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  9. Terry

    That’s what happens when you’re on that pipe, it makes you hallucinate. Take the best offer and unload it bozo.

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  10. Ike Onick

    He won’t be doing much entertaining.

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  11. Jose Rovirosa

    LOL…auto trans, electrical problem, needs bodywork, a color change and God knows what else. This guy’s dreaming at that price.

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  12. W72WW3

    It will soon return to the front yard of his double-wide manufactured home….the gift from Mom and Uncle Dad.

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  13. Timrod

    $2k at best

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  14. Steve Visek

    CRACK PIPE….and in more ways than one apparently.
    BTW, Jeff, if identifying that color has left you dazed and confused, might I suggest that it is reminiscent of Orbit Orange, the signature color of anitter Pontiac, the 1970 GTO Judge.

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    • Steve Visek

      DOH! “Another.”
      BF, please bring back the “edit” button.

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  15. George Birth

    I’d consider taking it if he paid me to do it!

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  16. Dwayne

    20k for a wrecked Pontiac? Nah…

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  17. Steve

    If it had the T-56 it Might be a project for half the price but it’s an automatic so the only value is the engine, 500 if it checks out.

  18. Mark

    Bad paint, bad electronics, bad interior and a flaky title. And it’s got 132,000 miles on it! And those are torturous Trans Am miles.
    For the money and time you would have to put in it, you can buy a pampered Firebird or Camaro.
    I’d scrap it.

  19. Robert collins Member

    What a DREAMER!!

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  20. FireAxeGXP

    I love Pontiacs. All Pontiacs. This poor car is being sold by a fool crazier than a s***house rat. Step away from the crackpipe son. And slowly walk away.

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  21. 19sixty5 Member

    “Diamond in the rough”? nope, I don’t see a diamond, but I do see rough, plenty of rough!

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  22. Jost

    Lol, the ad says only serious inquiries, how about a serious price? This is ridiculous.

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  23. Eric B

    To each their own, but I always despised these, even in mint condition. Imagine how I feel about this one……

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  24. Bud

    When I first saw this… I thought, Is this for real? Then I read the comments and just started laughing. It is good to know that I am not the crazy one, who is out of touch with what a POS like this is worth. Even with the ridiculously inflated prices of today. I was thinking $2500 on a really good day. The owner would be much better off to part it out. Do you all agree?

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  25. Johan

    Doesn’t look like he’ll have to worry about “entertaining” any offers. What a joke

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