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Did This Cadillac Belong To Elvis Presley?

1956 Cadillac DeVille

Lucky Auction’s Spring Sale is just around the corner and there are quite a few lots worth a look. This 1956 Cadillac DeVille is thought to have belonged to The King himself! It’s wearing a nice hue of pink and although there’s no definitive proof, there’s some compelling evidence that suggests he may have. Keep reading for more details and we will let you decide for yourself. The auction will take place this weekend on May 14th and 15th at the LeMay Marymount Event Center in Tacoma,  Washington. You can view all the cars on offer here on their website. See anything you want to drag home?

Elvis With Caddy

This car was part of the huge Falbo Collection which sold back in February. Apparently, Falbo had purchased the car from the Grady Whitlock  Collection back in 2011 and it came with some photos that show Elvis with a Cadillac that looks similar.

Elvis Driver License

The car also came with a driver’s license that belonged to the King, but it is dated 1975. Sure, someone could have just collected the items and included them with the car, but it does make you wonder.

Custom Built For Elvis Presley

The last piece of evidence is this plaque that is engraved with the words “Custom Built for Elvis Presley”. That still doesn’t prove ownership history, but I’m sure that if someone was motivated enough they could investigate this car’s history.

Tail Fins

We do know that he had a thing for pink Caddys, but without more documentation it’s hard to tie this one to him. The possibility does make it interesting though and I bet more than a few people will be there bidding in hopes that the claim turns out to be true.


  1. piper62j

    I always thought the Kings’ pink Caddy was in a museum.. But then again, I’m older now and memory can slip now and again..
    Great, great find and awesome car… whether or not it was the Kings’

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    • Richard McAllister

      You are correct, it’s in the auto museum at Graceland.

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    • Charles Lough

      I saw the Pink Caddy years ago at Graceland. It looked pretty well used. I was a little surprised it wasn’t better shape. I can’t say but it would supprise me them letting it go. I want to go back. They didn’t have everything fixed up when I was there last.

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  2. Dave '56

    First car I ever drove, Dad let me drive around the back yard. Blue with a white top.

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  3. Moxman

    This car does make one wonder??? The Cadillac in the pictures, with Elvis, is a 55; because of the round exhaust exits in the bumper. The 56’s were oval, as in the listing. I’d want to check on all these little details, before laying down serious cash!

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    • Cody

      I don’t think any of those cars in the pictures are this car. It looks like an entirely different car in each photo. The plaque seems very suspicious as well. You would think if they were making a Cadillac for Elvis Presley, they would make sure his name was printed straight on the plaque.

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  4. Andy Frobig

    He had a lot of Caddys back then, also a Continental MKII, but the pink Caddy I usually see pics of around Elvis was a six-window, I think. Either way, what a majestic ride!

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  5. Nick

    He bought his mother a 55 4 door sedan. I think it was a Fleetwoid. It certainly was not a coupe.

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  6. Fred

    Unlikely but not impossible…Elvis not only owned Caddys, but bought multiple ones for his mother and for many, many friends… the estimate is over 200.

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  7. Dolphin Member

    I like ’50s Cadillacs. They were my father’s favorite cars, always older and purchased needing major or sometimes just minor fixing, which he was expert at. One of our family’s fondest memories is us kids riding in the back on long trips to visit the grandparents. No seat belts of course….just bouncing around back there, altho those cars rode so smoothly the bouncing was at a minimum.

    I could care less if this was one of Elvis’ Cadillacs. I would want it just because it looks like it’s a nice ’56 Caddy—but not at an Elvis premium because somebody thinks it was one of the 200 that were supposed to have been bought by him.

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  8. jim s

    they have an early 1964 mg midget for sale plus a lot of other interesting vehicles. great finds.

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  9. DA

    He bought approx 100 vehicles for friends most of which he never saw. They were not all Caddy’s. He personally only had a couple. The 55 is at Graceland. He gave his car to his mother who never had her license and he continued to drive. The car was originally blue then painted the custom pink with black roof then white roof. Pink was never a standard color this model year in 55. This car is likely a fake.

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  10. SRT8

    So it sold for 10,500 at the prior auction and that butt ugly ’85 caddy sold for 12,500? I’m not sure but I think it’s a sign of end times.

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  11. Stick Miller

    One would think that he would have ordered air conditioning for Memphis weather. The car for sale is a 4 door and I think ’56 was the first year for the name “Sedan de Ville”. They made a stodgier (and more dignified looking, IMHO) 56 62 series sedan and the Fleetwood offering with more of the 55 look. There were many more offerings.

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  12. Robert

    Elvis’s CAR, That would be so COOL. I remember when they put up Johnny Cash’s Car I wanted it so Bad, At that time I was Buying a House and I had to have so much MONEY in my ACCOUNT. It was just to Tight. Like Johnny’s House, I really NEVER liked the Bee Gees But after Barry Gibb Bought Johnny’s House and Then it Caught on FIRE, I will NEVER Listen to any of the Bee Gees Stuff or Barry Gibbs Stuff. I could not Believe that….. Maybe it was Johnny Himself saying no Body was going to live in the One Owner House. ( NO DISCO HERE ) A JOHNNY CASH FAN FOREVER. …. The Day the MUSIC DIED.

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  13. jtnc

    As others have noted, the pink Cadillac he bought for his mother is in the Graceland museum, and it was a six-window sedan with, I believe, a white top . There was no indication there that he purchased other pink Cadillacs but it’s possible. It was interesting to me that of the other Elvis cars at Graceland, the only other one that was pink was a Jeep. All of the others (Cadillacs, Lincoln, Mercedes 600, Rolls-Royce) were either black or white, typically with black interiors. Very un-interesting colors and not what we think of when we think Elvis cars.

    Anyway, before I would spend extra money on this ’56 “Elvis” Cadillac I would want more documentation.

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  14. piper62j

    Gimmee some input here… Didn’t one of Elvis’s cars turn up on a tv show not too long ago??? It was beautiful and all black.. The buyers just did what was necessary to get it running right, puffed it up and I think they brought it to auction.. Can’t recall what the make, model and year of the car was, but it was a beautiful piece of machinery.

    Did any of you guys see that show?

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  15. glen

    first of all is it a fisher body or not show us the tag on the door also you need to dig up the reg if the serial numbers match with his name on it they have all the records in Memphis

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  16. piper62j

    Were’nt all GM bodies made by Fisher Coach back then?

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  17. owen mcnamee

    Supposedly a couple of his cars in the auto museum in Tupelo I know one is a caddy but the others not sure about was there a couple of years ago. Interesting place.

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  18. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Elvis had a lot of cars that he bought and gave away as gifts to people. I don’t know if he drove this car but if I was a GM manager and the King ordered a pink Caddy, I’d definitely be sticking some plaque on the dash.

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  19. Curt

    He had a pink ’55 60 Special…Fleetwood.
    My wife had a ’54 62 Series, pink with a white top…waaay before Mary Kay.
    It was a great car, with a great body style. I had a ’55 Cpe de Ville, with the ugliest color available…yellow and black.
    Those were the days.

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    • Robert

      Your so right Curt, Those were the DAYS of The CAR, Most were so COOL. Cadillac was in a Class by Its Self. Not like today when you can’t tell a Impala to a Honda Accord and so many more. Those Were The Days of the CAR, Just a little IMAGINATION, No one has IMAGINATION any more
      , They don’t think out side the BOX. LOVE to have seen you and your Wife’s Cars,,,,,,, (CADILLAC”S ).

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  20. Curt

    Robert-I am driving my 16th Cad now, an ’06 DTS, the last model that even resembles what we think of as a Caddy. I have driven a new XTS, and neither of us like it…the way it looks, the way it rides.
    I grew up riding in a ’47 Fleetwood and a ’50 Fleetwood before I even had a DL, and was spoiled at an early age…lol.

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  21. Robert

    Curt I can see it Now, The cars back then were like a part of the Family and Today its like an old Friend who just Visits to LONG. I’ve Never had and OLD Caddy but I’ve Been in a Few an WOW what a Treat, They really put some LOVE in there Work. .I’m an Old MOPAR Freak, Love the Old One’s, Push Button Automatic. LOVE THEM. But and OLD CADDY will turn a HEAD FASTER then Most any other CAR that’s ever been MADE. PEACE.

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  22. Mark

    Your spot on with that comment, i have a 55 2 dr caddy and it nearly causes accidents with all the rubbernecking, as mentioned in previous posts elvis pink caddy at graceland museum had the privilege of seeing it firsthand.

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  23. Curt

    ’55 was better looking than either the ’54 or the ’56.

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  24. George

    The 1955 Cadillac had the biggest “bullets” of any of the Cadillacs’. Many owners of 1956 Cads scoured the wrecking yards for front ends of the 55’s to graft their onto their 56’s. I can’t recall whether the 55 front end could be seamlessly attached to the 54’s. At first I liked the 1956’s best because of the bulges on the exhausts. The 54’s the least because of the side trim’s lack of the horizontal piece joining the vertical piece midway down. Now my preference is the 55 due to the more prominent “globes” with the 54’s in second place. I had a redone 1955 Pink and Black Coupe DeVille which I sold for $13,000 probably 20 years ago because I no longer had inside storage. I saw it listed a year or 2 later for $30K.

    I miss the 55 almost as much as I do my Australian Shepard/Lab black dog who I had to put down last Friday after 10 years of giving love and somde degree of irritation–although we never spanked her.. We rescued her as a puppy and she had the run of our 23 acres and as time when by kept pushing the parameters due to her busy social and work calendar of having to attend all of the neighbor’s outdoor summer parties, as well as being the foreman of all utility and other interesting work in the neighborhood. One day she discovered a Weyehauser saw mill a mile or so distant and decided to help the night watch man take care of things, staying with him for several nights before we finally found her as a result of the foreman’s wife responding to our newspaper ad. All the neighbors knew who she was and when I would go to pick her up, someone there would always want to have her. The neighbors never called me when she showed up because she was a dog everyone just loved. She was not one of those dang dogs that wander up and you are afraid you will run over them when doing some chore. She knew she was the foreman and not a laborer and how to stay out of the way. She had a bit of trouble signing off on the projects because her only pen was her tongue. She recognized that she was the host of the various parties and acted with a sense of decorum. She needed work in letting me out of the car when I would be gone. She craved attention and she would use her powerful head as a ram to lift your leg up to get attention. She once knocked me off the couch with her nose when I did not instantly respond to her flirtations. The sheriff would bring her home from time to time when she would decide to extend her boundary to main Street where all the crazy drivers are. The law would just pull into the yard, drop her off pet her a bit, and leave waving at us if we were in the yard. Apparently feeling she should not develop a “rap-sheet” no ticket was ever issued. It sounds like we are one of those annoying dog owners who does nothing to control their dog–which is far from the truth. I would always go looking beyond our fence when I could not see her and bring her back, but the neighbors told me they would send her home if she started supporting Trump, but she never did, and they all told me not to feel that I should come get her each time she was trying to carry out her work and social obligatins. George, a (old) boy and his dog….

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