Disco Isn’t Dead: 1977 Plymouth Sport Fury

Regularly typecast as police cars for television shows, the Fury also has a “sporty” side.  This 1977 Sport Fury was recently used in a Valvoline commercial due to its nice survivor appearance, although it looks like it is ready for a disco era “close up.” Looking to have always been well cared for, this late model Mopar has seen a lot of recent maintenance as well. With a plaid interior that begs for the return of disco, this television commercial survivor is offered for $4,500. Check it out here on craigslist out of San Diego, California. Thanks to reader Pat L for the “boogie-rific” submission!

If you wear spandex, a shirt unbuttoned to your waist line, and suede vests, than this Sport Fury may very well be your dream come true. Add an 8 track player and jam out on those long drives to the disco tech with your favorite music. All joking aside, this white and blue plaid interior has aged nicely, and does have a nifty appearance. Modern floor mats protect the nice looking carpet, and overall there is very little fading to this interior.  The steering wheel is off color, and it would appear the upper portion of the door panels are slightly off color as well. The California sun is hard to escape, so for the most part this interior has held on nicely. Despite all the maintenance and it’s commercial appearance, there are no photos of the optional 360 cubic inch V8. The drive-train is in excellent working condition with the only reported issue being a non-functioning, but equipped, air conditioning system.

Although not quite the sportiest thing you have ever seen, a two door Fury doesn’t seem all that common to see any more. This particular car has a neat appearance, with no signs of rust whatsoever.  The neat white vinyl “canopy” style top is a unique sight as it incorporates the small quarter windows, but not the entire roof. Reviewing the pictures shows that the paint is quite healthy and features subtle pin striping that really adds to the overall appearance of this Mopar. Only needing your favorite 8 track collection and a few big collar shirts, you can ride in style all while jamming to your favorite disco tune. Would you revisit the disco age in this Sport Fury?


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  1. jwinters

    anyone else find these new tabs for the pictures rather annoying? I like the old style better,

    • F.A.G.

      Whatcu talkin bout Willis?


      what tabs?

    • Bbuz

      FOLLOW THE MONEY! It’s to expose you to more ads, very annoying and slow transitions between images. It’s a Facebook thing, when possible I leave and Google the source material. If not that interested I abandon the search.

  2. redwagon

    2 thoughts: any Chrysler product of this era that makes it to 108,000 miles belongs in the high mileage club. Second, after seeing the plaid interior I now know where my grade school got their inspiration for the girls’ mandatory skirts.

  3. LAB3

    Had a 75 version of this car, it was a 360cid unmarked police intercepter model. To this day it’s still the fastest unmodified car I’ve ever owned, hands down. Insane amounts of torque, had no problem breaking loose the 50’s I had on the rear, something my 327 Camaro couldn’t do unless I had the brakes on.

  4. Rock On

    So strange that it is 😎 cool. Or as they said in the 70’s, too heavy man!

  5. jefr

    My Mom had one! It wasn’t a bad car at all! It handled well for its size and era….Our last Plymouth though. Dad switched to Toyotas after 30 years of loyalty to the brand.

  6. Luke Fitzgerald

    God almighty

  7. rustylink

    Herb Tarlek’s Company Car…..

    Like 1
  8. Pa Tina

    A Quinn Martin Production.

  9. Rock On

    Herb Tarlek’s jacket was used to cover the seats.

  10. Mike


  11. Vin in NJ

    The stacked headlights and shape of the tail lights are very similar to a 1977 Monte Carlo. Opera windows are also similar. Seems some design cues were borrowed from Chevy

    • John D.

      or borrowed by Chevy as this body style came as a ’75. Seriously though, the rectangular headlights were new so that designers could design more aerodynamic shapes, so all the past designs ere being used.

  12. Howard A Member

    July 12, 1979, is the official day disco died. Nice car.

    • Sam

      Steve Dahl and Gary Meyer disco demolition with infield riot at the old Comiskey Park in Chicago.

  13. John D.

    My younger sister had a white 75 when she showed at the college I was attending to start her MRS degree. It had a 400 V8 and ran very well as well as having the great ‘B’ body handling. My new demo had not come in yet, so I drove from Michigan to St. Louis, with 3 frat brothers, to a graduated brothers wedding. I can attest to why she was able to knock about 45 minutes off our 6ish hour drive to the school. That car had the blue interior, but not that wild plaid. A couple years later, when I started selling cars, I had a pair of plaid dress slacks that would have gone well with those seats. Mercifully, they went to Goodwill decades ago.

  14. Moparman Member

    I’d swap in a “Tuff” steering wheel, and some period Magnum wheels, change to a dual exhaust to wake up the California smog motor. Then, I’d put on my “boogie shoes” and cruise!! :-)

  15. Sam

    My prom tux was that color blue. That plaid is wilder than the brown/tan stuff in our 76 Matador Bro-ham “fast-back” coupe.

    I don’t think there’s a clan in Scotland that would claim ancestry to any American automotive plaid.

    • Pa Tina

      The Corinthians are the only ones who took any responsibility for 70’s interiors.

  16. Rick Loera

    Holy Disco-Tex and the Sex-O-Lets.

  17. Pete in PA

    What an awful era for Mopars. My dad bought a new 76 Fury wagon with the 360 and what a dog it was. The exhaust reeked enough to make you gag. Ours was white with a goldish vinyl interior and seemingly came pre-rusted from the assembly plant. At least it didn’t have a plaid interior. That’s really something… I’m thankful that this powder blue example isn’t a Road Runner.

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  18. 572

    My dad bought one these new, a 1976 in the same light blue and white vinyl roof, with a 318. Vinyl seats, no AC…the paint was horrible and I think the surface rust started on the way home from the dealer. Does anyone remember the little signal light indicators on the front fenders? The one on the left would turn on if you accelerated to quickly to remind you to conserve fuel.I drove it for a year or two after my Duster gave up the ghost…

  19. Terry M.

    I had one these that was Forest Green with a plaid interior. Mine had a 318 and as such got OK gas mileage. It wasn’t a bad car overall. I sold it to my in laws and I guess they drove it till it died years later.

  20. Superdessucke

    Didn’t Mopar make an accessory strobe dome light for this?

  21. Ken Carney

    My brother in law bought one new in ’74.
    His was a ’75 model with a 400 V8 and the 904 version of the Torqueflite tranny.
    If he wasn,’t worrying about his electronic ignition system shutting down every time he went over a bump in the road, the new Lean Burn carberator was
    giving the technicians fits! And when you add in all the leaks, squeaks. and other maladies these cars had.it was
    no small wonder that he, and thousands
    of other Americans dumped their detroit
    iron for Toyotas, Datsuns, and Mazdas.

  22. Patrick

    Have had this 1975 Fury Sport since 1985. Has 200,000 miles on it now.

  23. grant

    Bought my ex wife one of these when she got her Sentra repossessed. She was pissed! It was a nice car, yellow with the same plaidish interior, in yellow and brown. Not a bad ride for a big 70’s boat, certainly not fast but comfortable. I paid $250 for mine, in 2000. Friends mom’s car. Ex ended up wrecking it after about a year.

  24. Jim Benjaminson

    Considering the last Sport Fury was a 1971 model, this is a really rare car…..

  25. Bradley Clark

    This looks like the 2 door version of my driver’s ed car. Mine was a ’75, but really the same car. I would at least think that Chrysler would have enough forethought, before calling this Fury a “Sport”, to have equipped the car with a floor mounted shifter, as Ford did with my Crown Vic Sport.

    Back in the day, the badge “Sport” really didn’t mean much.

    • Loco Mikado

      My 1970 Sport Fury was a 4 dr sedan. A good dependable car that I had for 12 years but definitely not “Sport” except for the name. A cruiser yes.

  26. Keith

    The Plymouth Fury was ruined after 1973. That Mopar model deserved more than what Chrysler offered the Plymouth division throughout the years. My father had a 73 Fury and I learned how to drive in that car. I have many memories and shame on Chrysler/Plymouth for how they underminded the Fury.

  27. Keith

    The last great Plymouth Fury III

  28. Don

    I have a 78 version of this car. Have had 11 years, bought from original owners. Had 38k on it (original) when I got it, now has just over 52k. Mine is maroon with the 318, no plaid though thankfully. Perfect sized car. Not too big or small, need to work on some oomph though. Surprisingly still running on the original lean burn set up, though I have the parts to eliminate that easily enough. Had a 75 Cordoba and 76 charger as my 1st 2 cars back in the 80s, dad had a couple of wagon versions of this same car back then.

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