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Does 29K + 300 = Your Next Car?


Looking right at home in it’s current garage home, this 1965 Chrysler 300 has some unusual features in addition to being very original that make it quite a prize. I could see a lot of folks getting enthusiastic about this one! It’s listed for sale here on eBay and is located in Newberg, Oregon. Current bidding is only up to $3,650 but naturally the reserve hasn’t been met at that figure.


As you can see, this two door hardtop is not a small car. Stretching 218.2 inches and weighing in with a curb weight of 4,299 pounds, you certainly wouldn’t mistake this one for an economy car! The seller wants potential purchasers to know that the trim piece missing in this picture has now been replaced, and that the later 15″ wheels that are on the car can be replaced with a set of original type 14″ rims that need refurbishment and the original wheel covers.


Isn’t that a nice clean silhouette? The seller tells us that the car belonged to his neighbor and that they purchased it from his estate a few years ago. Apparently the neighbor almost never drove it and it needed some attention after being parked for so long. The seller is the third owner of the car, and states that it was purchased from new to be “a gentlemen’s toy and weekend fun car” and has never been a daily driver. Apart from some minor body work, this is all original paint you are viewing.


If you like original interiors, this one is a treat. And look at the surprise in the middle. Yes, that shifter is attached to a factory four speed transmission! Not only that, this is a factory air conditioned car (although, as you might expect, it’s not blowing cold air at the moment). That’s a pretty darn desirable set of specifications!


Here’s the original 383 V8. Not the highest performance package offered that year, the stock 383 still offered 314 horsepower and 410 ft-lbs of torque–plenty for speedy motoring. Speaking of motoring, would you folks enjoy driving this survivor as much as I would? Does 29K+300 = your next car? Be sure to let us know!


  1. David Zornig

    Ah, if it were only a 300L with a 413.
    Last year for the Letter cars.
    They even had an illuminated L in the center of the grill.

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  2. Howard A Member

    This sure is a sharp car. I think the mid-’60’s Chryslers were just the best ones. This particular one, is a little odd. I’d think this car is more of the “cruiser” type, like plop your tush in those comfy seats and relax and not jerking everybody’s necks everytime you row through the gears. I can’t imagine too many were equipped this way. I guess it’s value must be based on that 4 speed, and if you want this type of setup, here it is,,,but will cost you plenty, if that’s an issue. Otherwise, very nice car.

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  3. boxdin

    I don’t usually want a barge but this one is really interesting. Love the 4 speed.

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  4. jaygryph

    Nice car. I’d drive it.

    As a side note, I’m curious to see if someone gets butt hurt and downvotes every comment here like has been happening a lot in the past few weeks.

    Not sure what a workable solution to that is. There could be registered accounts, like what Reddit has, that tracks an average ‘karma’, points up or down, basically, but that requires a lot more back end work for the site creators, and I’m sure a lot of folks on here won’t bother to make accounts.

    I’m thinking the bad apple voters will just have to be ignored.

    Hiding comments on stuff when things get super downvoted seems to work okay, tho there are some that are very clearly just bandwagon voting against a particular idea. Mob mentality amongst car guys, as it were.

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    • Horse Radish

      How are you going to keep children from playing ?

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    • Horse Radish

      OR some genius is trying out the mathematical odds of it not working somewhere down the (long, long) line…

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    • Terry

      One of my replies was recently hidden and it made me feel proud in a warped kind of way. Although it was written tongue in cheek that didn’t come through. Oh well….

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    • Mark S

      I’ve twice now had my ass kicked hard in a down vote each time over 30 votes it seems to me if your comment is follow the herd sheep like your ok but if have a different point of view once it starts it like a feeding frenzy.
      It is still my opinion that there are three kind of voters
      The sheep follower the guy that sees the down thumb vote and feels compelled to do the same, because then he’s with the crowd.
      The naysayer the guy that has a hard time agreeing with anyone, usually difficult to get along with.
      The jack ass the guy that is compelled to hit every single down thumb because he thinks it’s funny, he’s the guy that gets in your elevator with you and press every button so you can stop at every floor, cause it’s funny.
      I’ll probably take some heat for this but as they say if you can’t take the heat then stay out of the kitchen. I try not to take it personally after all this a comment blog and we all have an opinion.

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  5. Dirty Dingus McGee

    Humina, humina, humina.

    This is now on my watch list.

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  6. Dennis

    It’s up to 6k now…
    I had a 67 300. Awesome power cruiser.
    I looked into converting it to manual transmission. I gave up the idea when I discovered only 25! 300s came with manual transmission that year.
    So this car may be really rare…..

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    • S Ryan

      Has to be few built and fewer left with a manual. Didn’t even know they made such. Now I want one Bad.

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      • Bill

        So do I , love the big tanks with four speed. Take over a Camaro, mustang, or Chevelle any day

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  7. Rock On

    @jaygryph- I feel that the posters associating certain types of cars to red necks and trailer parks earned their thumbs down. Therefore the system is working as intended.

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    • Jeffro

      I, being a redneck and have lived in a trailer, was a little offended. But my aunt (who is also my sister) said not to worry about it. So I just run my fingers through my mullet and let it go…but seriously, I am a redneck.

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      • Leaf36

        LOL! Spewed out my Lone Star on that one @Jeffro

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  8. dj

    Just do away with the voting. We live in a society that now gets hurt if they don’t get their way.

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    • GOPAR

      Just do like most of the rest of us and ignore it. This is a vintage car sight, not a popularity contest. The world is full of whiners, and we’re not them! By the way, very cool car.

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  9. gtojeff

    Redneck here, doesn’t bother me a bit.

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  10. Dave Wright

    Wonderful car and a great bargan in these days of 6 figure mid 60’s mopars. I drove a yellow with white leather 65 Newport 2 door hardtop when I was young, don’t really need the 4 speed in this car but it does make it interesting. Good colors, it would fit well with my 66 imperial convertible. The 383 was a better engine than a 440 for longevity and economy. The big engine for this car would have been a 413, also a great engine.

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    • Rocko

      Early 440 blocks were weak. These C bodies were the King of the hiways. Those Challengers and Cudas should never of had big blocks, they where dangerous, didn’t handle well. Can’t go wrong with a black 4 speed. Thumbs up on this cool ride.

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  11. Mark

    If that is the original air cleaner, this is a 413 car. The 383 has a larger air cleaner with a snorkel. The 413 was optional in non letter 300’s in 65.
    I have a 65 300 convertible, and am familiar with them.

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    • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

      Mark –
      You are 100% correct, for some reason the 413 came with a smaller air cleaner, without the snorkel. The dual snorkel air cleaner started with the 440 in 1966.

      This car appears to be a 413, dual exhaust, 4 BBL carb & 4-speed trans. And with factory A/C! I would love to have this car!

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  12. Pfk1106

    Don’t see many with a 3rd pedal…..my kind of car…

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  13. Bobby Member

    Too bad it’s not a 427 Cobra. If only it was a Duesenburg. Why couldn’t it be a COPO, LS-9, DZ, RT………….. (Just making fun of the negative comment. I like the car.)

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  14. Horse Radish

    Love the car, color and all.
    I looked into getting a ’65 300 some 10 years ago, but never happened…
    Sorry, but I am the eternal pessimist when it comes to “original” mileage:
    When I look at the engine and the carpet I am guessing more 127k miles. Sorry.
    Just because there are only 5 digits on the odometer, doesn’t mean I can judge this properly !
    And , again, somebody will buy the story and pay dearly for it.

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  15. Kem Jones

    I just bought a 66 Newyorker 4 dr ht with 57,00 miles in like new condition with a440 TNT engine We will be using it on he Canadian Coast to Coast tour ,towing the 1947 Cabin Car Trailer .There will be about 100 antique cars doing the 6, 000mile run

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    • Rocko

      Wow ~ coast to coast , is there a web page ? When and where ?

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      • Kem Jones

        http://www.canadiancoasters.ca The tour starts in Victoria B.C. and about 60 days later ends up in St. John N.F.L.D . There are about 100 cars going all manufactured before 1986 . They can be modified or stock . .We have participated in the 3 previous tours 1992 . 2000, 2010 . At our age this will probably be our last one .Enjoy the web site
        My wife and her late husband did the 2000 tour with this 1936 Dodge pickup
        with the camper on the back .The truck is stock with the original flathead engine.

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    • Keith

      You sir, are awesome. Have a great time!

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  16. erikj

    this car reminds me of the 66 sport fury I got through a barnfind feature. It was in McMinnville or. me in Washington ,brought it home on my trailer.(HEAVEY!!!) that was a year or so ago. neat car,red like the on shown. 318/auto buckets and only 67k mileage .That was orig.. got it running,but had to sell soon after because of a divorce. This one makes me want to go back to Oregon to get it ,that 4spd is cool. We will see, wonder what the reserve is!!

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  17. charlie Member

    Another way into the hobby for small dollars with a car you can DRIVE all day at 75 mph.

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  18. M B

    A pretty AND interesting Chrysler! Those quoted horsepower and torque figures are a little suspect, though, although still “ballpark” Rear axle ratio would be the 3.23. The W23 Class II 16 Slot Road Wheels look good on it. Easier to find P225/75R-15 tires than the original 8.55×14 tires! It would be a nice car to have, especially with factory a/c!

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  19. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    nice car…wish I was closer to check it out….pedals are way off which could be an owner’s adjustment….just not sure of the miles…still rare with 4 speed….wonder what his reserve is against what he paid and has put in it……

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  20. Bill

    Absolutely love it with the four speed. Big sixties car with four speed, my favorites

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  21. Car Guy

    I’m torn on this one. The 4-speed is the temptaion due to its rarity in this model. However, would I really want to drive a manual with the excessively slow power steering ratio’s of the day, in a large car like this? Chrysler’s Torqueflite automatic was an excellent transmission for a nice cruiser like this……

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  22. John

    When I was in college in 1968 I worked for Mobil Oil in a company owned gas station and one of my customers, a partner in a large Houston Law firm, had a 65 300L in Black with a 413 4sp and fact A/C.
    It was awesome to drive but had a dual point distributor that was a pain as the points would only last about 5k miles.
    He later became a Federal Judge and I sold him cars after I became a dealer, well into the 90’s until he passed away. Awesome car and a great Family
    I asked his daughter in later years what happened to that car and I was told it was given to the gardner,
    Guess I should have told them how much I liked that car.

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