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Dragon Wagon: 1977 Chevrolet G20


Time machines are often written off as objects of fantasy, but this 1977 Chevrolet G20 camper van will take you back in time. Propelled by standard gasoline, an 8 track player, and a fantastic paint job, this time machine is ready to take you back to 1977. This time machine is in nice shape, and is listed at having 81,000 miles. Currently this Chevy is bid up to $7,000 with 3 days remaining. Find it here on ebay out of McMinnville, Oregon.


This time machine is a factory converted camper, and wears all of the cool features of 1977. Shag carpet, western style upholstery, and even sheep skin seat covers. The shag shows little to no wear, and the cockpit is in very nice shape. The front seats have seen better days, the western style woven fabric was likely not the best choice for a car seat. The often loose and not well backed weaves such as that have a short life span. We would love to have the front seats be perfect, but the rear sofa is perfect, and the sheep skin seat covers get the job done. We hope that the 8 track tape player works, tunes would be welcomed during time travel.


The camper section of this Chevy is very nice. Again the shag carpet looks awesome and even the factory installed rear couch is in fantastic condition wearing its original upholstery that matches the front bucket seats. With features such as a sink, a fridge, a dining and sleeping area, this Chevy is ready for a road trip, or time travel.


The exterior on this Dragon Wagon is very nice. There are some minor areas where there are tiny surface rust places developing on this van. There appears to be no rot in this van, and this van is just at its sweet spot, where the developing rust can be managed, and this van can be maintained for many years. The most obvious features on this van is the paint scheme and the cool “Dragon Around” paint name on the side of this van. The dragon paint work is awesome and really lends to the 1970’s “Van Era” where vans such as this were all the rage, and names were given to owners vans. This van is propelled by a Chevy 350 V8 and backed by an automatic transmission. The van is listed as being in good health but with the snag of the air conditioning system needing a pump and a recharge. But we can live with doing a little work like that. The air conditioning compressor is on the top side of the engine so it’s not too bad to get to.


This iconic 1970’s era van can be yours. You can use it as you please, may it be a time machine, camper, car show cruiser, or weekend escape pod. This ’77 Chevrolet G20 Van can do it all. Where would you go, and what would you do with this Dragon Wagon?


  1. JW

    I could roll in this thing blasting Hotel California !!!

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      Does anyone have an Eagles 8 Track cassette for JW?!

      • KO

        I have a TON of 8 track tapes. Mostly classic rock, Zeppelin, Floyd, Sabbath, Stones, Eagles. Always playing something in my ’66 VW bus.

      • JW454

        I do too. Hotel California and Eagles; Their Greatest hits 1971-1975. I’ll also add Fleetwood Mac Live, and Rumors. I have a collection of 8 tracks I use in my 1972 Monte Carlo whenever I’m out for a cruise.
        These I’ve pictured are still sealed in their original wrappers.

      • Kincer Dave Member

        Yes I do lol

      • Brian Birkner Staff

        One of my favorite 8 Track Cassettes I have is I Robot, by Alan Parsons Project. I also have a Commodores Cassette I am pretty fond of as well. Long live the 8 Track!

      • Tom Driscoll

        Awesome albums! I was buying nos 8-tracks off ebay for a while…even new in the wrapper, many would play once, then the splice would let loose and that was it…45 yr old adhesive I guess….

      • Tom Driscoll

        I would love to own this, but would be a little leery about being targeted by the law!

      • Mike

        I do, plus the 8 track and the vinyl of them!!!!!
        Plus Styx, Boston, REO, Journey, Rush, oh I don’t have the room to list them all, I got tons of them.
        In my shop, I have an old Craig 8 track player that still works, and I listen to 8-track while working on my cars and trucks, nothing like the classic sound of music from a 8 track.
        The CD’s are in the house for the wife to listen to!!!!LOL

  2. David

    Making love in my Chevy van, and that’s alright with me!

  3. JW454

    Back around 1967 my soap box derby car was called the Dragon Wagon.

    I like this van. I’ve never been a van guy but, I’d take this one. It would be great for a weekend getaway.

  4. Busyditch

    I just found this cache while moving! See anything you like?

  5. Busyditch

    here they are

    • KO

      I’ll take any classic rock stuff!

  6. Woodie Man

    What a hideous time the mid to late seventies were.from cars to clothes to music. This van gives me the willies!


      Speak for yourself dude. They were the best of times for many. Must suck to be you

    • Andrew

      It’s a bit ironic that ‘woodie man’ get’s the ‘willies’.

  7. Rex Kahrs Member

    Gas, grass, or a$$, nobody rides for free!

  8. Chebby

    Now this is cool, I like it way better than the Dodge Explorer.

    • Brian Birkner Staff

      I agree Chebby. The Dodge explorer was cool and convenient, but this Chevrolet is just plain cool.

  9. Vin in NJ

    This would make an awesome tailgate van for sports and concerts

  10. DaveT

    Sweet baby rays this is exactly what I NEED for throwing the mountain bike in and taking off for the weekend. I have a guy supposed to look at my boat on Saturday, hopefully this doesn’t bid higher than say $1500 of what the boat goes for.
    Ugh, I’m in love with this thing

  11. Ck

    Growing up as a kid in the 70’s this is the stuff i remember. Just like the vette a few posts down. ,These were the cars, vans, and trucks with their crazy paint jobs and custom body work that made me the Motor Head that I am today.

  12. Andrew

    My wife wouldn’t let me to be seen in the neighborhood in that. Oh well, I had my time I guess.

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