Dukes Of Hazzard Wanna Be? 1969 Dodge Charger

A 1969 Dodge Charger. Right, one of about 85K built and we’ve probably covered every existing one on Barn Finds. They are popular and some of the worst examples that I have covered still ring up bodacious prices. This one appears to have had a General Lee conversion planned but it doesn’t seem to have gotten too far. The seller suggests, “These are getting extremely hard to find in restorable condition and this one is a perfect candidate“. I would counter that they’re easy to find, just never at a reasonable price. As for this example’s situation adaptability as a “perfect candidate”, that remains to be seen. Let’s give it the benefit of the doubt and look her over. This Charger is located in Nauvoo, Alabama and is available, here on eBay for a current bid of $15,000 with twenty-six bids tendered so far.

It is stated that the Dodge’s original finish was white and topped with a black vinyl roof covering. I’m not sure about white, the underside of the hood reveals what looks like code Y2 or yellow; regardless, faded orange was not its original hue. And that “01” rendering looks as if it was applied with white roll-on shoe polish. The remaining C-pillar stainless trim is evidence of the vinyl roof. The seller mentions that he decoded the trim tag to determine this car’s born-with threads but there is no included image of it in the listing. Let’s face it, the body is pretty rough, there are plenty of dents, scrapes, and surface rust though the rust appears to be mostly that, just surface corrosion. The seller adds, “Very straight body and shouldn’t need anything but patch panels on rear quarters” and a windshield.

The real fun starts underneath. The seller admits, “it will require floor and trunk pans, rear valance, partial frame repair on the last 8 in under truck pan“. It’s looking shaky!

Decoding the VIN indicates that this Charger rolled off of the Hamtramck (Detroit) assembly line with a G-code engine which I interpret as a 290 gross HP, 383 CI (2 Bbl carburetor equipped) V8. The more potent version of the 383 would have carried an H-code. Of course, I always ask our informed readership to comment on such matters in the event that I have made a misinterpretation.  Regardless, this one’s a roller, no 383, no TorqueFlite automatic transmission, no nuffin’!

The interior is hard to describe, or maybe what I really mean is hard to describe what happened to it. It was a bucket seat/center console equipped model but the console is gone and the buckets look more like yuckets. The instrument panel is curious too, it shows as if it got a bit too close to a fire but it’s not melted, just singed. I suppose that all of the mayhem is the result of weather exposure (remember that missing windshield matter!).

So, what’s your assessment, a perfect candidate for restoration? I’d say it’s definitely a viable candidate, it’s rough, ragged and it’s going to be expensive but with the potential financial upside that a ’69 Charger can attain, the next owner can knock themselves out. I think I’d forget the General Lee personality however, we have enough of those wouldn’t you agree?


  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    This heap will sadly, fetch a bundle.

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    • Cattoo Cattoo Member

      To save on transport costs the new owner should ask the seller to just mail the Vin tag and other such items to him and the seller can keep the rust.

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    • Dave

      not from me!

  2. mike

    Patch panels on 1/4’s?? It’s already had 1/4’s replaced…

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  3. nycbjr Member

    SCRAP!! 15k? *checks calendar… its not 4/1” lol

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  4. Beaner

    I like Chargers as well as the next guy, but these prices are insane. Count me out.

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    Mayhem, Ha ha I get it!

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  6. Harvey Member

    I’d go $400 on this one:-)

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  7. Beaner

    Unless a 1979 version of Cousin Daisy in a friendly mood comes with this car, I think not. (stupid TV show BYW, what were people thinking? I guess they weren’t thinking at all. Americans made a whole slew of stupid choices around that time)

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    • bull

      Nothing has changed!

      Americans and everyone else continues to make stupid choices!

      Welcome to the world!

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  8. Gary Haas

    Does it come with a tetanus shot?

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  9. Ike Onick

    Take it to the nearest “Chewin Tabacky” plant and let them make a big ‘ol mess of Skoal tins out of it. That would be the most respectful use of this rolling scrapyard.

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  10. Troy

    Amazing how a TV show, movie and controversy over a flag can make a car so desirable

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  11. Lothar... of the Hill People

    Well, it’s not worth $15K to me.

    I did love the show though… and still like it.

    I once rode my motorcycle, as an adult, from Wisconsin to The Atlanta Motor Speedway for “Dukes Fest”, some 930 miles one way.

    It was a good time. Most of the main characters were still alive then and they had a “General Lee Parade” around the track. They also jumped one of the Generals which was fun to watch.

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  12. david R

    Yeah, definitely a terrible show. And 15k for this is a joke.

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  13. Big C

    Those 01 decals let you know that this baby has been professionally detailed.

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  14. Michael Frazier

    Once again while they are very nice looking cars they were terrible on NASCAR the 1966 turned 200 mph. It was too fast so Nascar made them change the rear Window in turn it made for a poorly handling Charger barley breaking 130 mph. Before the cars became so squirrelly they were almost unable to handle. So many mods were attempted.Once again in 1970 another rear window design was introduced.

    • Gary Haas

      The 68 grille gathered too much air, lifting FE and rear window concavity didn’t help. Hence the flush grille and rear window of the 69 500 that ultimately led to the late 69 Daytona, only 502 built.

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