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Dusty Treasure: 1977 Porsche Carrera 3.0

right front

The Carrera 3.0 was sold between 1976 and 1977. Porsche didn’t build very many, just 3,687. The engine was basically the same as the 911/930 Turbo’s 2994 cc engine without the turbocharger with about 200 horsepower. This 3.0 Carrera is listed on eBay with bids over $17,000 and almost seven days left. It’s in New Braunfels, Texas, which must be a dusty place. It’s very original and mostly complete with just a few bits missing, like the the fuel distributor. The engine turns. There are only about 88,000 miles on the car and there is just a little surface rust reported. These were offered with both a 4 speed and 5 speed transmissions, this one appears to have a 5 speed!

inside front

The interior is complete if a bit tattered. It might clean up well enough to be used as is.

dash r

Even the dash is in good shape and complete with just the radio missing.


Under the lid, things look dusty with a few parts missing. Perhaps one our reads knowledgeable in things Porsche will tell us more.


The paint under all that dust might look pretty nice, but this is likely too valuable a car to clean up, repair and drive it like it is. Does being rare make this Porsche more valuable? The Porsche madness has subsided some but the air cooled cars still seem to sell for serious money. What do you think this one might bring at auction?


  1. Bob S

    I’m sick of the Dust.

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    • Yellowjax Member

      Sick of the dust? Then go to a different site. This is called barn finds. Your lucky it’s not covered in chicken poop.

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  2. Chebby

    Uh oh, red fan blade…Motor Meister victim?

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  3. Cj32769

    I’m curious if it blew the air box. That could explain the upper injection being taken apart. The main problem with that repair is making sure all of the little screws are accounted for and none went into the cylinders.

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  4. Bob Hess

    With the air box gone how much junk got into the engine? Nothing cheap about rebuilding a flat six. With a good body, 7 and 8″wheels and a few parts at the right price it would be a good rebuild.

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  5. Mark S

    Pretty lazy seller what would it have taken to wash and detail this car a little bit. Its nice to see an as found picture but just one or two will do.

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  6. Doug Towsley

    Somebody made the seller a offer they wouldnt refuse, Ended listing, thats 3 for 3 today of the vehicles featured. Its pretty common with FeeBay these days byt me thinks that sooner later there will be a policy change in the works. Or at least you pay the fee regardless.

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    • Brakeservo

      I’ve listed many vehicles on eBay and make it easy to contact me. I love it when I sell something before the alleged auction ends. Most are crooked with shill bidding anyway. Its just another advertising strategy, not a game. As a buyer I won’t buy a car if I haven’t actually spoken with the seller either, so if we can agree on a price, it’s stupid to let the auction run.

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      • Doug Towsley

        That seems to be the growing consensus these days at least on vehicles. However not everyone agrees. There IS compelling reasons to buy thru ebay because at least you have SOME recourse if the seller turns out to be a crook. I hate to sound like a shill for FeeBay because I strongly disagree with many of their current policies. But there is no lack of bad sellers and just as many abusive buyers. I WILL agree however that many auctions are suspect and shill bidding is quite common. I would NOT agree with “Stupid to let the auction run” There is still some old school sellers with ethics that will NOT allow shill bidding, OR end an auction early OR disclose the reserve price. An auction is an auction and when run as designed its a pretty good system. Sadly, eBay and a lot of people have perverted the whole thing.
        On the other hand, Swap meets at least in my area have made a big turnaround and some even sell out because people are tired of the online shenanigans. Old school, sweat equity, FPI, A firm handshake and a handful of cash.

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  7. stillrunners

    looks like my old boss’s….airplane guy…..it was always in the hanger when he was on trips and you know we had to move it….a lot….it would be his if the right rear floor board is kicked up a little….there was a dumb ass mechanic that was going to change the oil for him…..just rolled a floor jack under it…..we all said shit….know one said a thing….he passed away few years back….wonder if his son had it in college….it was out of Dallas….he was a good guy….

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  8. Ken Nelson Member

    Sure are a lot of sellers out there who don’t know how to use a flash in the daylight to really show what’s there by eliminating the shadows. Or do they think they’re going to do better by hiding things? Amazing how much bad camera work there is out there…….

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  9. Paul Daly

    Nice car, interesting and went fast – thanks for sharing.

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  10. brakeservo

    re:Doug Towsley – I am in the minority – I am a highly ethical seller, both on eBay and Bring-A-Trailer. It’s my practice to always slightly “under describe” my listings, and photo all the flaws and indeed try to show the car in less than perfect condition. Yes, I realize that this is in direct opposition to what nearly all other eBay and Craigslist sellers do, but I’ve simply found it is a complete waste of time to have potential buyers show up in person and be disappointed with the advertised car, – I want my prospects to be pleasantly surprised the first time they actually see the car – with this approach I nearly always get what I want for a vehicle and the buyer goes away happy – not angry that they’ve wasted another day and more than a few dollars traveling to see a mis-represented p.o.s. The fact that I will end an eBay auction as soon as someone contacts me and we negotiate a mutually favorable price is NOT something unethical or underhanded at all – it is simply a reasonable way of doing business. Yes, people complain about listings that end prematurely, but if you are truly interested in a car – by all means contact the seller quickly. eBay is not a game or a contest, it’s just a means of putting potential buyers and sellers together and that’s how I will continue to use it! As an aside – I think anyone who buys a car over the internet without at least a conversation with the seller is a fool – you will always find my phone number listed on every car I list on eBay and I also post my number as soon as my car appears on B.A.T. yet I’m still amazed by the number of people who don’t take advantage of the opportunity to actually talk with me or come see the car in person. And yes, I am offended that someone would think it unethical to end an eBay auction early when I negotiate a mutually agreeable price with an interested buyer.
    -George Giese-
    Silver City, New Mexico

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  11. Doug Towsley

    Well George, I would agree with the top 2/3rds of your response and it would be great If all sellers were as diligent as you describe. As to ending auctions early we will just have to agree to disagree.
    Why even call them auctions? I am disapointed that eBay is also pushing this concept, they are NOT AMAZON and never will be Fixed prices, and BIN are contrary to what the whole point of an auction is all about. eBay has gotten away from that concept and their current policies undermine it. Not that professional auction companies all have a sterling reputation but there is a code of conduct and ethical standards in order to be licensed. (I have relatives who run a well respected estate and fine arts auction company).
    A well run auction is the PUREST form of free market capitalism. It is designed and structured that when run properly and ethically it is the fairest system for both the seller and buyer. You maximize the amount someone is willing to pay, and you are paid the most someone is willing to pay at that place and time. When you end an auction early with a back door deal you under mine the entire process. You deprive the marketplace of a reference for comparables which is cornerstone of valuations. You deprive the buyer a chance to leave feedback on the transaction, and the buyer is making a risky bet the deal doesnt go south because they have NO buyer protections. So I do NOT agree with the concept of ending auctions early and in some circles that would get you in a LOT of trouble. Big name auction companies make a point of making it very clear that they will not engage in any such activity. Not only does it reflect badly on them, they could face loss of license and legal action. So my perspective is simply that just because eBay allows it currently it doest mean its acceptable. It is NOT an acceptable practice anywhere else. If you or other sellers simply wish to advertise a vehicle then a classified ad is the proper venue. Auctions SHOULD be auctions. So, this is not a personal attack on you and please dont view it that way. But this is a forum to discuss vehicles along with a great deal of discussion on value and sales. So thats my $0.02

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  12. Doug Towsley

    BTW, perhaps redundant. But in my opinion reputation and credibility are key components of who i choose to do business with. First come first served and a cash deal at a swap meet or classified ad are one thing.
    However if a person stipulates that the auction will run 7 days, then by God, i EXPECT it to run 7 days! I appreciate seeing language in a auction where the seller states NO I WONT END THE AUCTION EARLY PLEASE DONT ASK. I realize in our modern ADD/ADHD that actually waiting the full 7 days is A G O N I Z I N G S L OW but there is also compelling reasons to do so. MOST people are not liquid enough to have $2500 to $10,000 in cash to make a purchase. Allowing an auction to run full term allows a buyer to line up financing or generate the funds. I would be mighty angry with a seller to arrange financing or a loan only to have the sale evaporate with 5 days to go.

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  13. brakeservo

    I must respectfully disagree with your position as a seller. Keep in mind that far more auctions end with the “winning” bidder disappearing and never keeping up their end of the bargain – and when that happens I lose both the listing fee and the sales commission I’ve paid to eBay!! It has happened to me so many times I’m quite skeptical of all bidders now and I as a seller have to protect myself since eBay not only won’t help me – they charge me just as if the sale went through!! In the situation you describe where you need to get financing in order – if you were dealing with me, I’d take a deposit, say $500 or $1,000 non-refundable to hold the car for a certain length of time. That way you neither lose the opportunity to buy it and I don’t lose what it’s cost me to list it. Another question – are you in Oregon?? I lived there many years and miss the Columbia River Gorge, the big P.I.R. Swap Meet, the Portland Historics and the Forest Grove Concours. What I don’t miss is the winter!!
    -George Giese-

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    • Doug Towsley

      okay, I dont wish to be a shill for eBay because my complaints about them are well known. So heres some pros & cons to illustrate.

      IF a buyer fails to pay in a timely manner (And on a vehicle I require NON REFUNDABLE deposit in 24 hrs) then you can file a “Non-paying bidder complaint” If the buyer fails to comply you get A) A refund for fees. B) a strike on the buyer. too many strikes and they can have their account restricted.

      Sales commissions and fees are typically on a 30 day rotation meaning that you have some time before having the pay the bill, enough time to resolve any non paying bidder incurred fees.

      Now, it USED to be a auction sale WAS a contract and in the real world it still is. I know people who have gone to small claims and district court over sales agreements and vehicles misrepresented or terms. I ALSO know several people who have successfully sued ebay and paypal. They won too. Banned for life, But they won. I can point anyone to resources if you want to know more.

      I recently got into a dispute last year buying a BSA motorcycle. Seller refused to complete the sale . (No reserve and I won it for a fraction of real value) I filed complaints, yelled and screamed and at some point ebay told me that their current policies allow EITHER party to drop out of vehicle sales. So again, thats total BS. A Auction is a sales contract period.

      Many people on here complain about sellers who limit low feedback or zero feedback bidders. But the truth is those are the ones MOST likely to be deadbeats. So many people try to limit or block them. IMHO it was a serious mistake to stop allowing sellers to leave negative feedback because it allows buyers to be abusive with little recourse for the seller. Again its a big problem.

      I *WISH* eBay or others would set up ebay Motors or similar strictly tailored to people selling parts, projects or vehicles. We are unique and not like selling chinese handbags in bulk or beanie babies. The same policies dont apply. At one time ebay was a great place to find a old greasy part for my vintage cars or motorcycles. People who had shelves overflowing had a good outlet with a global marketplace to peddle rare and obscure old rusty junk. Buying office supplies on Amazon will never be comparable yet ebay is pushing to be just like them.

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    • Doug Towsley

      oops, ranted so much about ebay i missed your second part. Ill stop posting on this but YES. We have a small farm SE from Portland up in the hills overlooking the Clackamas river. I grew up in Corbett/Springdale/Troutdale area which is the gateway to the Columbia river gorge. The big PIR swap meet (5000 booths) is a favorite and I have been a regular off and on for 30 years.
      I also do promotion work and volunteer with the NW Vintage car & motorcycle museum which is part of the Antique Powerland complex along I-5.
      See: http://nwcarandcycle.com/
      See: http://antiquepowerland.com/about-us/ With multiple museums all at one location. Our biggest event is going on which is the annual Steam-up which is 2 weeks long.
      We have incredible roads and scenery here and Ill say nothing beats a spirited ride on a classic sports car or vintage motorcycle on area roads, the Clackamas gorge and Mt Hood area or the Columbia river gorge. Either the scenic highway or one of my favorites is to take people on the “Fruit loop” Go up the Washington side on hwy 14, stop along the way for many fun places (Carson hot springs, Bonneville hot springs, Or Mexican food in Stevenson or the many winerys and brewerys) and then cross over into Oregon and go up the backside of Mt Hood. Stop in at ZigZag for Pizza or in Sandy for Calmity Janes famous monster burgers (Try the “Mean Jose”) I have taken friends from India, Germany, UK, Australia, NZ and Canada, (Aye?)
      See: http://hoodriverfruitloop.com/
      http://www.zigzaginn.com/ (Get a Tshirt “I Got rolled in Zig Zag oregon!”)
      Or pick up some fresh salmon or Chinook and do some grilling. Where else can you Ski year round up on Mt Hood in the Am, then head to Hood river and do windsurfing in the afternoon in the Dalles or Hood river and if you haul A$$ you can make it to the Oregon coast for Dinner and beers at Rogue Brewery on the bay?
      but Shhhhhhhhhhhh, Dont tell anyone. All these damn hipsters keep moving here.
      “Where Hipsters come to retire “.

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  14. brakeservo

    Thank you for your reply Doug. I currently don’t even use eBay anymore for the problems I’ve had with deadbeat bidders, scammers and all sorts of other crooks that seem to comprise the majority of action, at least for collector cars on that website. I’ve concluded it’s near impossible to sell a good car to a responsible buyer for a reasonable price on eBay and some of the problems would be so easy to fix – if they’d take a look at B.A.T.’s practice of collecting a deposit from every bidder first to weed out the deadbeats it would help. Heck at a live auction every bidder has to register, and almost always they pay a fee for that privilege so why not FleaBay with a portion of that deposit going to the seller if a buyer defaults?? But FleaBay seems to only care about their commissions, not the well being of their users.. I’m really hoping Randy and his website gives FleaBay are real good run for their money – they need competition if they’re ever going to be motivated to take care of the problems.

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