Runway Find: Elvis Presley’s Lost Jet At Auction!

UPDATE 5/25/18 – This auction ended a year ago, but we wanted to followup and see what it ended up selling for. It looks like the auctioneers were optimistic with their $2-3.5 million valuation because the hammer dropped at a mere $430,000!

FROM 5/22/17 – This Lockheed JetStar has been sitting out on a run way in the middle of the desert near Roswell, New Mexico for the past 30 years. At first glance, you really wouldn’t give it much thought. It’s just an old plane after all and given it’s lack of care, it won’t ever fly again. Yet this jet is making big news. You see, it’s said to be Elvis Presley’s lost jet. Well, I doubt it was ever really lost, but it was clearly forgotten out on this strip of tarmac for a number of years. It’s now being auctioned off here on LiveAuctioneers with bidding already reaching $126k. It’s estimated to be worth between $2 million and $3.5 million, but we will see if it reaches those kinds of numbers.

The story, as best as I can find at least, is that this jet was ordered by the King himself. He apparently designed the interior, right down to the red velvet upholstery and red shag carpet. The plane was for his father Vernon Presley, but all the paperwork is signed by Elvis. The interior really is what you would expect to find in a ’60s jet that was designed by the King, it’s bright and a little over the top.

What makes this jet “lost”? I’m honestly not sure. It’s been in the care of the same owner for the past 35 years, so perhaps it was lost from public knowledge when they took ownership? Yet it was featured on TV by National Geographic and is said to be a major amusement attraction. The only thing I can think is that the transaction was kept private and so this plane never caught the public’s attention. Unlike Elvis’s other jets, which have been well know since he purchased them, this one has gone fairly unnoticed. Heck, his other jets were even on display at Graceland. Do any of you happen to know more of the story?

I don’t see anyone restoring this JetStar. If anything, it will be disassembled and shipped to a private collector or to a museum to be put on display (and to generate admission sales). It really is an interesting piece of history and I’m sure there are lots of Elvis fans out there that would love to own a jet that was custom designed and owned by the King. One thing is for sure, this has to be one of the more unique finds we have seen in a while. It might not have been in a barn, but there is no doubt that it’s been parked on this runway for a very long time!

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  1. boxdin

    There is some amazing stuff in Roswell !

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    • Danny

      Ghosts took the engines…

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        must have//–his jetstar at graceland had 4 rear mounted jet engines–it was on display next to his convair 880

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      • Gnrdude

        Don’t you MEAN Aliens?

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      • John

        Couple of SBC’s should handle it.

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  2. Rodney

    So this is how Elvis left the building………

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  3. KevinW

    Too bad it won’t fly, that means no chance of taking it to the “Promised Land”. Guess I’ll take the Greyhound after all!

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  4. geomechs geomechs Member

    Very interesting airplane. I’m curious as to what it’s doing way out in ET Country? If it brings the price tag they think it will, the only thing they could do would be to use it as a museum piece. I would venture the cost of it being restored to flight status to be ten times the purchase price. You would need a budget comparable to what you’d win in the Power Ball to finance it. But what a conversation piece! It would be almost like having Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed Electra in your collection…

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    • T.D

      The main reason it is sitting out there is the fact that it was sold many years ago and the engines were SOLD off it. Now the jet sits there and is unable to be moved because you can not fly it out, and the wings do not come of this model.
      So it is VERY EXPENSIVE to move it. So it sits there year after year after year.
      Who ever buys it, will pay a hefty price to relocate it, Just Saying…

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      • Ross W. Lovell

        Greetings All,

        The wings being removed not a big deal for those who do this work.

        Built by man, can be disassembled by man.

        It’s not like this isn’t going to need a full airframe inspection, no way to do that without pulling some skins.

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  5. Don H

    Ran when parked ,our flew when landed our something like that , I new he never died ,he has been living in this lost plane🍺

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    • Mtnbandit

      The best ” flying when landed”.

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    • Christian Rohde

      Funny you say that, I had exactly the same thoughts viewing these photos. Fantastic time capsule to say the least. – As if he’s right there still inside his plane. As if a prestige object-like vessel, a voluntary final retreat used to contain the essence of an exhausted near end of life Elvis. – Visitors don’t seem to belong here at all, a feeling as if mistakenly entering a strictly private domicile. – It’s a shadow to catch the visitor’s eye. A blurry silhouette until just now hidden by the
      narrow cabin’s hazy, synthetic atmosphere and twilight. He’s sunken into the red velvet swivel seat. A passenger in deep thought he gazes into his window. Into infinity. Meaningless to him the years turning into decades passing him by. – On the outside.

      Did Elvis actually pilot his planes or was he dependent on a hired flight crew? – Anyone know?

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      • sluggo

        I dont think anyone wanted Elvis at the controls in his later years, with all the drugs and meds he was on, But MAYBE he just left on a really long motorcycle ride?

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  6. Chuck

    No reason this could not be made airworthy again.

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    • Scott

      This plane wasn’t lost, remember Men In Black? Tommy Lee Jones said Elvis was a alien!!!!!

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      • Elvis

        Nanoo Nanoo

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      • Pookie Jamie P

        “Elvis isn’t dead. He just went home”–Tommy Lee Jones

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    • Scott

      Your right Chuck it could be made air worthy again, but you’ll need deep pockets. Your looking at anywhere from $50,000 to $125,000 for engines. Another $100,000 in gauge panel, I doubt there’s any insulation if there is it’s probably dry rotted. It will need the airframe gone over with a fine tooth comb,trust me as someone who’s had a dog in that fight it won’t be cheap. It’s a cool novelty and there are plenty of Elvis fans with a ton of $. If you think the juice is worth the squeeze go for it. I’m not a huge Elvis fan but it’s crying shame a piece that’s part of early rock and roll history sat in the middle of the desert for 30 years.

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      • Don H

        And about 10 miles of wiring ,you are true it could fly again ,but like Howard Hughes plane it will be a restaurant our something ,and serve fried bannaners with penutbutter our what ever it was

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      • Kenny

        Scott you’re being way to conservative on the price of engines. The better estimate would be more like millions. But I agree, this plane could fly again. New engines, avionics, complete airframe inspection and some new tires and it’s good to go haha.

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      • Dick Johnson

        Uhhhh, no. The original engines would be hard to get parts for, and finding some retired crew chiefs that know how to work on the bird, even harder yet.

        The 731 conversion for this bird IF you can find a shop to do it is over 20M. And that’s with very tired 731s.

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  7. Tom V

    Well, first thing that needs to be done is replace the FOUR engines. This model had two turbojets per side. Very expensive refit. As it sits the worth would only be in the celebrity connections. Other wise it’s a hollow aluminum tube.

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  8. Paul y

    Well at least it wasn’t left in the Ghetto
    But as someone said Elvis has left the building and his plane in his blue suede shoes.
    Still a shame it won’t fly again another piece of Americana consigned to the history books

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  9. Scot Carr

    ~ The Holy Grail of tiny houses!

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  10. Car Guy

    Roswell’s climate is dry and hot! Thats a hunka hunka burnin plane…………

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  11. David Frank David F Member

    This Jetstar is known to have existed, but it’s not listed among surviving aircraft.TPictures is his other Jetstar, the Hound Dog II at Graceland. Those 4 little Garrett TFE731-3 engines were not very efficient, thus the huge wing tanks. There are no longer any Jetstars known to be flying.

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    • Jori Ijas

      Those are P&W JT12 engines, probably -8 version. Garret engine equipped were converted or later JetStar II’s.

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      • Dick Johnson


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  12. Elvis

    You found it.

    I just sent it out to get a Roswell Burger but i never saw it again.

    You know those burgers flipped by the itty bitty space men.

    Can’t get enough of them.

    That was Seven lonely days ago in the cold Kentucky rain.

    but it left me with Suspicious Minds.

    it’s been Always on my Mind

    Thank You very Much
    for finding it


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    • Gnrdude

      Dude I’m Gonna be Crackin Up About that One all Night!!! :)

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    • Dickie F

      And now we have one for the money…

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  13. MGgezer

    I see alot of gages are missing.

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    • Gnrdude

      Sold for Spare Parts I’m Sure As there’s NOT too Many of these things Still around.

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  14. Jeffro

    Needs a SBC! Itll be fine.

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    • DAN

      no pics of current int, bet it’s all gone

      • Chad O.

        Apparently, you didn’t read the entire article or click the link to the (many) photos of the interior as it sits today. Hmm…..Read the headline and comment. Seems to be the norm lately….

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      • Michael

        Click on the link then scroll to the bottom for “more pictures”

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    • Keith

      that or the Ford Ecotech ;)

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  15. al8apex

    Click on the additional pictures link to see more, interesting to see a Kenmore (Sears) microwave in the galley.

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  16. Don H

    Clean the carb ,new fuel line ,some new tires ,it will be fine ✈🛬🛫✈ and Jeff is right a sbc works in any thing🛩🛩

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    • Don H

      Sorry mint Jeffro

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  17. Oldog4tz Member

    Interesting that it comes to market just as Elvis memorabilia loses its mojo

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    • Don H

      Don’t no where you live at but there’s still people bying the best velvet Elvis art in my town ,most of uses grageated to so takes that’s haters

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      • boxdin

        Well said.

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    • Elvis

      I got my mojo working but it just don’t work on you 
      I got my mojo working but it just don’t work on you 
      But you’re mine all mine no matter what you do…

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  18. steve

    Actually it was the original Pratt and Whitney engines that were thirsty. TFE731 engines were a retrofit that boosted performace and range.

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  19. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ever since my Baby left me, I’ve found a new place to dwell, down the end of lonely street. Heartbreak hotel. I really like the pin striping on this rig. Happy to see this posted here. Not really a plane dude, unless they have two wings. One above the other. Long live the King!

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  20. boxdin

    Great museum piece, someone will do a cosmetic resto and use it as an attraction. Its not too large so it would fit easier in some bldg.
    Lets see the price…….

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  21. RoselandPete

    Does anybody know what that form is with Elvis’ signature on it? Did he finance the plane through Beverly Bank?

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  22. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Soooooo……someone wants to bring politics on the forum – rules say that’s a no no – but maybe they can’t read…..

    Parked a few Jet Stars back in the day when I was a ramp jockey – most with the little engines and a few that had the bigger ones like on the Lear 35….not sure the #….?

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  23. Curtis

    I would just buy it, and pull the inside out, and move it to another jet. paint the next jet in the same color as this one. Then you have the Elvis jet in a modern setup with the vintage inside. you change out the TV to a flat screen and have a cockpit with modern stuff.

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  24. angliagt

    My thought was,while reading this,was that
    Elvis had so many planes,that he forgot where he parked it.

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  25. Toddjim

    I for one, am very glad we got a good view of the King’s Throne in the accompanying photos.

  26. Pookie Jamie P

    Dismantle it and display it at Graceland. There. Said. Done.

  27. Cory

    Interesting that it really isn’t being sold as an aircraft. There are no details about time on airframe and flight logs. Which actually would be really interesting to see where it had been. My first thought was that it had been stored and the avionics and engines were removed for storage, however since there are no details, it really suggests that the plane was cannibalized for spares and left to rot. Given that there are no flying ones left, what is here has no value, other than scrap aluminum. Except for the fact that someone famous owned it.

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  28. rando

    This was Vernon’s plane? So no one really goes to Graceland to see Vernon’s stuff. I don’t think the two planes at Graceland are owned by the estate or museum. I think I read somewhere that they are privately owned and leased or loaned to the museum and there was talk that they would be moved when they recently did the big renovation and addition to the complex there. I have been on those – yes I’m from the South and yes I have done the Graceland thing. No apologies. I believe that Elvis lives upstairs at Graceland. I am fascinated by the history there and in Memphis. I would love to see all the stuff they have in storage there, especially the cars and bikes.

    I don’t see this plane amounting to much other than maybe a B level attraction. This is NOT one of the planes Elvis used regularly, so it doesn’t have the attraction of the ones at Graceland.

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  29. Jay E.

    It wouldn’t surprise me if it was purchased to part out to keep his other ones flying.

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  30. Bryan

    Roswell’s Bizarre Aircraft Boneyard

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Thanks Brian, pretty cool!

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    It’s barely worth the price of scrap metal.No it will NOT get a seven figure bid.At least not from anyone with half a brain.No you cannot restore it to flying status.Certainly not in the U.S.I’m no FAA rule expert…but I’m betting that the certification process for a plane that old would be next to impossible to meet.
    Put it in your backyard.Turn it into a in-law crash pad / kid clubhouse / air bnb.

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  32. Jack Couch

    I see a Chevy small block conversion ready to happen!

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  33. Chuck

    The interior would make a great Bordello in Vegas & due to it not being airworthy, would be very profitable as there would not be any overhead.

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  34. David Miraglia

    I would buy that jetstar in a second. Always loved the Kings music. Now if I only had a pilots license instead of a CDL B……

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  35. Bruce Best

    The biggest problem is that these engines are fuel sucking monsters. I agree with everybody comments that this plane would be a massive problem to restore but you all have missed how much of a problem and expense it would be to fly this machine.

    The reason none of these are flying today is fuel costs. These use massive amounts of fuel. New engine design are far more efficient. This plane is just too expensive to fly unless there is some historical reason to do so.

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  36. Larry

    DrinkinGasoline, we all know you have cars, trucks, buses, mowers, campers, etc. covered. Do you have any words of wisdom or advice concerning jets? I’m anxiously awaiting your opinion before I bid.

  37. the one

    That plane has been sitting in an airplane graveyard for decades

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  38. Doug Towsley

    Bruce is correct, To purchase a plane like this to fly you have to have a projected revenue stream and business plan. Smart people use other peoples money on investments so you need to convince a lender you have a viable plan. Nobody is going to shell out $$ from their savings for this.
    Normally, you lease it out or use for business services for a plane like this,, Led Zeppellin, Elvis, and a few others bought planes because they could write off the expenses and toured enough to make it work, But no way are you going to derive enough income off of a jet like this renting it out or even operating it. Sure as hell no to a roadside attraction,, I have an FAA license and forget the purchase price, getting it airworthy and maintaining it would be prohibitive.
    Finally,,,, some details – Corrections…
    This airplane is NOT sitting on a runway. Nor a taxi way. You never park on a runway or someone like will come along and shove you off of it, with force if necessary. You NEVER obstruct a runway. Most likely its on a parking apron or revetment. Some call them “Flightlines” as well.
    From an engineering standpoint as well as construction, any old surface can work for a parking area. Even perf plate combat engineers steel can be used.
    A RUNWAY has very special construction.

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  39. Jimmy

    This was in the a Kruse auction catalog around 2006ish saying it was going up for auction but I guess it either didn’t hit reserve or got pulled from the auction.

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  40. Mcgyvrrr

    Curtis, finally someone with an IQ above his waist size….super good Idea…Saw Elvis 4 times in concert, because of girlfriends that I dated! He grew on me, as a really good singer and entertainer.
    If I had the money to burn, I’d bid on it. Having been raised in NM. I’m used to clowns, and ET idiots
    Lol! Get over it!

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  41. William Dillon

    How much for engines and to get it running? Would love to fly in it. For God’s sake, IT’S ELVIS’s.

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    • Scott

      Your looking at $50,000.00 to $125,000.00 another thing also your going to have to hanger it to, so $500.00 to $1000.00 for that. Being a jet this thing needs to be flown they are a whole different beast than a normally asperated aircraft.

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      • Dick Johnson

        Not even close on costs. THEN, who ya’ gonna’ get to fly it.? It’s been out of the corporate system for so long that both pilots would need an initial checkout IF you can find a training center. That’s another 25k for each pilot plus expenses.

        Check out charter companies for the hourly cost of operating a 3-hole Falcon, then triple it for the cost of a 731. This was a mil spec aircraft, and cost military .oney to operate it.

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  42. steve

    Here is good write up about them:
    You can get a flyer for 1M or less. Only 22 left flying at the time it was written.

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  43. Rustytech Member

    I’d rather have the pink Cadillac, at least I could restore and drive it without spending five lifetime fortunes!

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  44. John

    Some Saudi Prince will snap it up and build a 4 billion dollar restoration facility to rebuild it, including cloned P&Ws. He’ll rebuild it, tale it’s picture four times, the HE will forget where he left it and it’ll wind up on “Hangar Finds” in 2037.

    Along with four untouched SBCs still in crates.

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    Only pic out there with engines and numbers which still are on air registry sites…

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  46. Al Member

    Still on google earth.

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  47. Steven

    Marty to Doc , where is the flux capacitor.. No UFO’s flying around today there as I saw this old bird out there some years ago..

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  48. Mike Williams

    They move large buildings with lots of small self propelled trucks/dollies. Well it could be moved with some well spaced drones.

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    • Mike Williams

      named alike and think alike

  49. IanM

    With more than 3 days to go, the auction bids have reached $351k, and the buyers premium is over 20%. I get that it’s rare, but it really would cost an arm and a leg (or two) to get this to be anything other than a static display. Mock ups dont chew any gas! Good luck to the buyer, because it’s gonna have to earn its keep somehow. What business plan would y’all make for it?

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    • Steven

      Someone with more money 💵 than brains , they should take it and buy a plane that flying now..

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      • Raymond F. Pittam

        I would like to take it and do with it what I did to an Old 1901 Curved dash Oldsmobile I found in the Forest after the big Manton, California Fire. I loaded it up and took it home and cleaned up the Motor and covered thee Old Body with new wood and drive it everyday. I could make this plane a Chin Drive and drive it around with a nice Wisconsin V-4 engine and it would pay for it’s self before you knew it.

  50. steve


    Fuel Cost Per Hour $ 2,056.77
    Oil Cost Per Hour $ 8.00
    Average Cost Per Nautical Mile: $ 4.71

    Makes our car hobby cheap in comparison.
    Your mileage may vary…..

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    • Doug Towsley

      Steve is right on the money, people always fail to do the math and execute a business plan or research before making a emotional decision, and not a logical one.
      So thought I would provide further food for thought. I DO NOT have the specs for this acft, but for comparison ponder this.
      When I was active duty in the Air Force, they compile data on EVERYTHING and well they/we should. You cannot make good decisions in the absence of facts.
      So one of the metrics that really floored me was the stats for various acft. They compiled every form of data imaginable and during that period (1980s) the inventory was different than now and I dont recall the data on the MAC birds (Cargo & transport) SAC (Bombers) but in TAC there was sobering numbers I still know off the top of my head. I was assigned to F-111s and support role for F-4s (A models, EF and Wild Weasels) The F-111 averaged 72 maint. man hours per 1 hour of flight. The F-4 was up around mid 80s to 90s depending on model, age of airframe and level of DEPO maint & upgrades. The much newer platform of the F-16 was averaging around 12 maint man hours per hour of flight.
      IIRC most of these were D’s &Fs but we got as much as H’s at some places.
      Now, the dream bird in my opinion was the A10 warthog. One bad ass acft and the best dollar value in the USAF IMHO.. those were around 4-8 maint man hrs per hour of flight (Many variables affected this).

      Maint man hours were all direct labor rates by various line shops,. Sheet metal, Machine shop, Wheel & tire, Flight controls, Engine shop, Corrosion control (Paint). Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Avionics, etc etc etc… If you worked on the bird or components assigned to a bird the labor was calculated as such.

      The lesson here is that platforms improve over time and there are metrics that show some platforms either need retrofit-upgrades or need to be retired.

      Fleet maintenance for vehicles such as taxis, trucks, or your family truckster are the same principles. Thats is why sometimes you see a very lightly used low mileage govt vehicle on auction or sale. The numbers just dont support retention.

      Now, I do the same for my own vehicles many of which are an emotional attch, not logical but I still track costs and expenses. I often joked our old Nissan Station wagons cost per mile was so low somebody owes ME money. At my old job people made fun of the old crap wagon I drove and multiple times I had the border patrol and Law enforcement express skepticism that it would take me home. It sure as hell did for 418,000 miles, and again so cheaply somebody owes me money.

      So, long winded, but start thinking about this scenario for the above acft as well as all your vehicles.

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  51. KevinR

    As of a few months ago, there was a JetStar parked on the back side of Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Marietta, GA. Last I read, there are very few that are airworthy and even fewer that are actually flown on a regular basis. Every article I’ve read stated the extraordinarily high operation cost as the reason why they aren’t used any more.

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  52. Clay Byant

    You guys need some marketing chuzpa………..Turn it into a movie theatre and show Elvis flicks at 10 bucks a pop or whatever. Make way for 40 people, have a “stew” serve drinks and snacks. Or stick gas engines on the wheels, load it full of people and run it up and down the runway. Then they can say they road in Elvis’s jet. Or…………….?

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    • Toddjim

      Clay Byant Thank ya vury much…

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      • Clay Byant

        For that comment I’ll leave a peanut and banana sandwich in the cockpit for ya’ every flight. (I’ll hide it in the Sears microwave so only you know where to find it)

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  53. Steven

    Well if the Saudis get a barrel of oil back to $75 then watch Jet Fuel besides all fuel go up per gallon..

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  54. Keith

    How to tell if you’re rich: You can’t remember where you left your jet.

    Finding this in the desert around Area 51 would have made a basis for an excellent X-Files episode.

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  55. Danny

    Hi guys,
    Lots of bull for a dead plane…

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  56. CURT

    i think this jet may have been “lost” because elvis sold it to robert vasco… or it may be the plane that elvis used to fly between memphis and dallas while having the lisa marie restored…. these are two possibilities….

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  57. Fulm

    Went for $430,000.

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    • Steven

      Elvis bird isn’t going to fly no more as the owner who bought it plans on a memorial to Elvis with it.. Likely will only have engine outside skins! As I read the sale story!

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  58. JForte

    Looks like this thing just sold for $430K. Well below $2M estimate.

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    • SR

      Your looking at least at the estimated sale price if you want this thing Air worthy again.

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  59. 1sicbronconut

    All set for a LS swap??

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  60. Jaygryph

    Supposedly one of Princes planes was out in the middle of the Mojave Airfield in an area you can’t get to from any public road. I ended up out there talking to one of the aircraft salvage guys and he indicated that one of the planes in a fenced storage area belonged to Prince, and was similarly done up inside, though I imagine with a lot more purple. He said it was pretty posh, and he kept trying to talk the owners into letting him live in it while he worked out there, to no avail. I believe it was one of the jets that had a flaw in the tail control mechanism that grounded them till they were fixed. That one probably got grounded and never flew again. For all I know it’s still out there.

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  61. Sunbeamdon

    So Josh – just what have you been able to track-down??

    While I didn’t know her in 1957 when I attended Elvis’ performance in YVR, my future wife (57 years) was one of the sweet young things that rushed the stage (after second rush the phase “Elvis has left the building” come into use!)

    After two, three songs we were ushered out!

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  62. thehatofpork

    Don’t be cruel-the new owner is (I’m sure) very happy with his new purchase!

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  63. john

    …at least there will be no rust.

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  64. Chinga-Trailer

    How do you value this thing? What is it good for? Won’t ever fly again, takes up so much space to store, who would pay to see it? In another 10 years very few people will care about Elvis anymore, I just don’t see anything beyond scrap value. About 15 – 20 years ago I man I know bought a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud that turned out to be Presley’s. He sold it for $250,000 then – when adjusted for inflation, that’s more money that the previously mentioned high bid for this jet! But at least you can drive a car – this will just suck up storage and insurance dollars by the wheel barrow full!

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    • Raymond F. Pittam

      Well I do not know who you are, but I have to tell you respectfully. Elvis is never going to die in the Entertainment world. I am a nobody retired Entertainer 78 years old I was in Fort Campbell KY in 1955 through 1957. I entertained 29 years under another name and honestly two names in which Red Skeleton gave me in 1955. I was a young Airman from george Air Force Base on a weekend Holiday in Hollywood and guest of several big stars and shows.You know I have not really performed in years, But even today looking completely different people still remember me. I wish I could sell myself for what different Organizations think I am when they ask me to be a part of their programs.

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      • Chinga-Trailer

        Well maybe you’re right, Elvis’ memory may never die in the memory of those in the entertainment business, but I think the general public is much more fickle and the younger people don’t or won’t care in not too much more time. I remember 20 years ago telling my kids about running into Ryan O’Neal or Ann Margaret, and neither had any idea who I was talking about! And yes, I identify with your comments about being a retired “nobody entertainer” – my last regular role ended with the series cancellation 4 years ago and no one I do business today in the insurance agency has a clue that not all that long ago they were probably seeing my face on their TV weekly – but just two weeks ago I was in Mexico and an elderly Mexican lady came up to my table in the restaurant and per my interpreter she said she knew I was a “famous Hollywood actor” but just couldn’t remember which one! Oh, and on my return a Border Patrol agent asked for an autograph, but other than that I navigate anonymously every day. But back to Elvis consider, who cares about Buster Keaton, Clara Bow or or Shirley Temple anymore either?

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      • rusty

        Hey you two guys Raymond & Chinga [hey theres a stage name that’d suit a 50’s comedy duo or modern radio DJs] are more interesting than this aircraft.

        For our enjoyment “Raymond & Chinga” Keep your stories coming if your game tell us more. Im sure Im not the only one who you sparked their interest? It interests me as a retired muso till 2 months ago when i joined a band & had to learn 50 songs in 2 weeks [been out of it for 8 years] so interests an “old Codger/Fart muso but Im sure many non musos would find it intriguing.

        Not that “the plane! the plane! boss”] is not interesting. But I think it has “left the hangar” after a year hee hee. See how long you can keep this old Elvis thread alive…maybe that’d prove Elvis isnt forgotten.

        Really the re-pliers stories are just as important to these type sites as the headline story. If no one replies you dont have a site. You dragged me out of posting retirement too so keep me “entertained” Raymond & Chinga.

        cheers guys from downunder.

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      • Chinga-Trailer

        Hi Rusty,
        Downunder, huh? Maybe you can appreciate I crossed the Nullarbor in a 100 year old Rolls-Royce once. After hitting a kangaroo the first day out! Have you been to Peter Brigg’s museum in York, W.A? I found it fascinating, moreso than Birdwood.

  65. Bill McCoskey

    Looking on the auction site I noted the sale price of $430,000. However I also noticed there were 4 other bids that were significantly higher, one for $460,000. I guess they turned out to be bids from guys who didn’t have the $.

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  66. Wayne

    I’m surprised that the plane looks this good. We were in Roswell last spring. And when we checked into the campground they apologized that we would not be able to use the picnic tables. They were plastic topped and full of tennis ball sized holes from the hail the night before. And this was not unusual occurrence from the owners of the campground.

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    • rick

      You should see what those hailstones do to a bush or tree. Natures Pruning really tears them up and leaves a mess of beat up bushes.

    • Raymond F. Pittam

      That Campground is not the friendliest unless you shoe a Military Card. There are many throughout that area who are all alike, Cheap equipment and hard to get into unless your Military related.

      Like 2

    Not worth the MILLIONS it would take to make airworthy again…but put that sucker in your back yard(or front if your neighbors would go for that) …and get you airbnb money.

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  68. rusty

    Chinga-Trailer said above “Maybe you can appreciate I crossed the Nullarbor in a 100 year old Rolls-Royce once. After hitting a kangaroo the first day out! Have you been to Peter Brigg’s museum in York, W.A? I found it fascinating, moreso than Birdwood.”

    Wow thats some drive in a vintage car. And hitting a Roo [some are enormous] can be as devastating as hitting your larger animals. But as some are so tall & gangley sometimes they hurtle over the bonnet or sort of hop off a bonnet if your lucky although the bonnet would be squashed. Hope your damage wasnt too bad.

    Been to Birdwood Museum decades ago. But not WA. Speaking of WA to keep this reply on topic [hee hee] I have a muso friend who had/has a big Elvis show in WA although I havent heard lately if its still happening although I know he doing gigs still, I think one was a Neil Diamond show. So Elvis hasnt died here in aussie yet and a Parkes country town in NSW has the annual Parkes Elvis Festival where nearly every tourist dresses as Elvis so I guess he still not dead here. hee hee.

    Gees perhaps that town should have bought this plane. hah theres a thought.

  69. James Waldo

    My uncle has a hanger he has rented for years at this airport, he keeps his old air coupe in it so we are going to taxi it out and take some photos of this jetstar hopefully. I really hope it is still there. I heard it went up for auction in July 2018 and did not sell. We will see…

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