Endless Potential: Mercedes Pagoda Pile

It’s never a good sign when even the seller isn’t sure what’s in his driveway. This is a listing for one complete body of a Mercedes 230SL and another one that’s been cut in half. I’m not sure where you go from here, but the seller is optimistic that the opening bid of $5,700 is fair. While the market for these Pagodas is heating up, I’m not sure it will ever be that hot. Find this parts lot here on eBay with no bids at the moment. 

This car is the “complete” example, and is believed to be a 230SL. It has no motor or interior but I guess it may offer up some body panels. Trouble is, most of them appear rusty or damaged in some way. The convertible frames are gone on both cars and clearly trim and lenses are also missing.

The seller isn’t sure if the chopped car was originally a 230SL or a 250, but it does retain an engine and was originally a manual transmission car. This is really a shame, as the stick-shift cars are fairly desirable. The biggest turn-off to this pile of parts is it clearly reflects the fact that at one time these weren’t worth preserving, but the seller has realized the market is trending up.

Listen, I will go so far as to say if you’ve held onto a pile of junk long enough, you deserve to get something just for hanging in there. But sell it at no reserve, no opening bid – just let the market speak. When it comes to parts, buyers know they have options especially when it comes to rusted out hulks. I’m not sure if these former glorious grand-tourers will ever have second chances, but it doesn’t seem likely.


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  1. jdjonesdr

    Don’t everybody bid at once…….

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  2. boxdin

    The only endless here is the damage to your bank account.

  3. Hoos Member

    Ran, and in one piece, when parked.

  4. Pfk1106

    I think it’ll buff out just fine

    • boxdin


  5. Karguy James

    The hand made parts on these cars are so ridiculously expensive that these are goners. The doors have a cast aluminum shell with an aluminum skin and the hood and decklid are also aluminum and very hard to repair. You would very easily have over $50,000 in parts bills alone.

  6. Jay M

    Easy weekend project…

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  7. Ron Bunting

    Well, last year i saw a 230SL ,full of rust and in similar condition to the Ferrari above sell for $35,000 at a salvage auction. It’s not unusual for owners of these to spend upwards of $250,000 for a resto . And Restos on pagodas start with cars similar to the pictures. Everything is available new to resto one and there is a healthy market for nice running cars. These days no one cares if the car is 230,250 or 280 Sl, as long as it’s a pagoda .And i’ve just been reminded of a customers 280SL he sold last year for 120 Grand and the new owner is getting it restored …. http://www.schad-mercedes-oldtimer.de/restauration/mercedes-oldtimer-restauration-280sl-pagode/

    • Karguy James

      By your position Ron, I would have thought you were the one selling these three halves.

      Here is a solid, straight, original, 2 owner car on ebay now for a buy it now of $37k.

      • jdjonesdr

        Yep. Doesn’t make sense to me. There are usually a half a dozen or so on EBAY at any given time in the mid 30’s in very good condition.

        I’d rather start restoring one of those before I’d jump into this mess.

  8. Tim

    Wow. You all are thinking way wrong.

    Let’s add a few of parts, for prices that actually sell. Look under completed to confirm

    Engine. 1500
    Rear. 1100
    4 speed. 1200
    Exhaust manifolds and intake 800
    Used gauge’s. 1000

    Just there you have. 5600

    Not including top boot s worth 400 each
    Than 500 wheels. All the trim

    Not including value of 2 cars, people want 4000 for one rusty hunk

    You all have been owned 😋

  9. Mountainwoodie

    Beautiful cars…….once had a ’67 230sl slushbox….so elegant and with lots of low end torque even in the auto.

  10. Mark S. Member

    The uncut car looks like it had a fire in it, and it looks like the plan was to use the front half of the cut car on the back half of the uncut car. Which I suppose is still doable. It would not surprise me if the seller had all the missing parts in a shed somewhere.

  11. Dovi65

    A few months early for April Fools jokes. I’m not a M-B expert, so maybe I’m not seeing the $5700 value. Unless the seller mean $57.00

  12. rustylink

    He’d be better off parting the entire lot out vs. waiting on a number. Lots of good panels and parts and easily $5K in parts. It will take longer, but so won’t waiting for someone to buy everything. If you are restoring one – you’d need a lot of space to keep these items, plus you’d be buying items you may not have a use for.

  13. Sid Member

    These were taking off on the heels of Porsche 911 and MB 300 surge.
    When they leveled off these 230/280SLs have really cooled off.
    I had a magnificent one but it’s beautiful styling and 4 spd couldn’t make up for lack of real sports car power and feel. Perfect for an older person to drive to the country club.

    • BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

      Exactly Sid. No drama. My idea of a great everyday convertible driver.

  14. Del

    Pagoda Shimoda.

    In Canada we call this scrap metal.

    The guy who said he should part it out separately hit the nail.

    And I agree with the guy who suggested $57.00

  15. Maestro1

    Jeff, this is hopeless. The cars in this specific model are very warm in terms of market upside, and I suppose if someone had more money than brains they would do something about this mess but it isn’t worth it.

  16. William Decker

    We, SOMEBODY had the money. SOLD !!

  17. Peter

    Yes they were sold for $5,700 US ( :

  18. tommy


  19. Bryan W Cohn

    Sold for $5700. Proof once again there is an ASS for every seat. :) hahahahahah

  20. Clay Bryant

    Usually when someone was said to have piles it was a medical term for a pain in the ass…………..

  21. Peter

    These two [ 230SL red / green] were on BF 2017 and sold for about $11,000.

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