Entry-Level Chrysler: 1963 Chrysler Newport

Here’s a heck of a find, it’s a 1963 Chrysler Newport two-door hardtop. This entry-level Chrysler can be found on Craigslist in beautiful Gallatin, Tennessee with an asking price of $4,000! Here’s your chance, “two-doors-too-many” folks! Hagerty lists a #4 “fair” 2-door Newport as being valued at $5,300 and a #3 “good” 2-door Newport as being worth $8,000. What is this one worth? $4,000 seems like a steal to me. Thanks to Rocco B for submitting this great Newport!

The seller has even lowered the asking price from $4,500 down to $4,000. I don’t know how this one is still available, but it is. You can see a couple of dings in the rear bumper and there’s some rust on the bottoms of the quarter panels, but overall it looks like a very nice drive-as-you-restore car to me. They list the mileage as being 62,000 miles but the odometer shows 42,032. I’m not sure why that is, but either one would be very low miles. Heck, even 162,000 would be low miles, in my world. Wait, 262,000 miles would be low miles, too!

You can see some rust here, and buying a car in the rain is always a risky proposition. Or, when the photos have been taken with the car being wet. Chrysler offered the Newport as an entry-level car beginning with the third-generation cars in 1961. It was a similar strategy to what some high-end car makers are doing today, such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, by offering folks without a bank vault full of money an opportunity to get in on their brand and/or “brand image”. The problem with that scenario is that sometimes it can cheapen the persona of the entire brand when entry-level vehicles are offered. Unfortunately, that’s what happened with the Newport and with Chrysler’s high-end luxury car image. Chrysler was hoping to keep a lot of their former recently-discontinued DeSoto vehicle owners in the family. It worked in that regard as the Newport line was the highest-selling Chrysler, but Chrysler was viewed by some as no longer being an exclusive brand.

This is the point where I throw in a few 2014 catch-phrases, such as, “Really?!” “Seriously. Seriously??!” How this car hasn’t been sold yet with this drop-dead gorgeous interior is beyond me. Have you ever seen a nicer interior in a 54-year old car? I would have to say that I have not, this is by far thee nicest and most desirable interior that I have ever seen in a $4,000 car, without question. The seats are literally like new, as is the super cool steering wheel, as is the dash, as is the headliner, and everything else. Unreal. It even has AC! There are no engine photos as is often the case with CL ads, but this one has Chrysler’s “361” (360.8) cubic-inch V8 with around 265 hp. I recently got called out for listing a ’55 Chevy engine as a “236” when I was rounding up from its actual 235.5 cubic-inch displacement. So, is this engine a 360 or a 361?

Doesn’t this car seem like a heck of a deal? Have you ever gotten a nicer 50+ year old car for $4,000?

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  1. terry

    I never thought 63 was a good year style wise for Chryslers. But this is a very nice car for the money.

  2. Jeremiah

    Watch out for unibody rust!

  3. Rock On Member

    That’s about a buck a pound!

  4. Joe. C

    Love the pushbutton transmission

  5. GOPAR

    Killer deal!! This car for this money removes any excuse for anyone who is ready to venture out into the classic car hobby. And to make things even better, it’s a Mopar!

    Like 1
  6. Levi77

    Bondo, but expected. I like it. 4000 at local Honda/car dealer. This is better. ☝👌✊✌✋👉👈

  7. Anthony Rodrigues

    I believe Chrysler sold this engine as a 361

  8. Randy Rush

    Wow! My very first car was a 63 Newport wagon, talk about a tank! Bounced it off a telephone pole didn’t even dent the bumper! If I had the room I would own this!

  9. Jason

    Wheels looks tiny and skinny for that body.

  10. Ikey Heyman

    Not a Mopar fan but always liked these – I once asked my Dad (who was a GM man) why he didn’t buy Chrysler products, and he said they were “over-engineered”! Still not sure what that means…..

  11. Bob C.

    I personally think this style is a major improvement over the plucked chicken 1962 style. Much cleaner and looking ahead to what was coming our way.

  12. mark

    Looks like great deal to me. Very surprised that it did not sell for $4500. I wonder how many “younger” folks would spent time looking for the shift lever………………….this one has the push button automatic transmission.

  13. wuzjeepnowsaab

    Square steering wheel and push button transmission? If this isn’t a scam, someone better jump all over this ’cause it’s a steal!

  14. racer99

    My parents had the 4 door version of this — could have sworn it was a 383 2bbl motor but it was 50 years ago so memory could be a little off. I do remember my mother (unintentionally) doing some pretty impressive burnouts when trying to merge into traffic from a stop. This seems to be big bang for the $$ and a fun driver level vehicle.

    • Jerry HW Brentnell

      383 was a optional engine in this and back then you could have it anyway you wanted it no stupid package crap where to get one thing you are stuck with stuff you don’t want! I saw a newport at a cruise night with a 383 4 speed stick and the owners father ordered it new to tow a travel trailer

  15. CJay

    CL ad is gone!
    I’m sort of glad it is because it was one of three I was going to try to look at over the weekend.

  16. Thomas

    The 360 and 361 were different. 360 was small block and the 361 was a big block.

  17. Fred W.

    This is very close to me, can do PPI if needed.

  18. Rock On Member

    Maybe someone from the BarnFinds family purchased it!

  19. Eddie

    It Is A True 62,000 Miles I Can Tell Great Car I Owned Three of Them, One A Wagon This Looks Like A Good Survivor, The 318 cu.A True Power House Motor ,The Interior Tells Me The 62,000 Mile Is True,Great Car The Only Drawback Is The Gas Mileage But That’s What You Give Up For Lots Of Horsepower.It’s A Great Road Car For Cross Country, This Car Will Do A 110 Mile An Hour On The Road Easy,One I Drove Phoenix To Tucson In 55 Minutes,Great Motor ,Great Car.

    • Neil

      Wow !!!!
      Don’t your fingers get fatigued hitting the caps lock every word? Run on sentences can tire one also.
      I envy your tenacity.

    • G 1

      They never put a 318 in a Chrysler until way later.

  20. The One

    361 very powerful engine they really gt up and go!. I had a 61 dodge phoenix convertible with one, 0-60 6 seconds. A REAL TIRE SMOKER.

  21. The One

    the squarish type steering wheel was used for better leg room

  22. Bryan

    Though the 63 and 64 Chrysler’s were never my favorite design, I have always admired the interior design, especially the dashboard. This is a very nice car in a very flattering color…a lot of car for the money!

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