Estate Find: 1990 GMC Showtruck

There’s a growing market for customized vehicles that for years lay dormant. As the tuner cars of a generation begin to grow older, the truly well-done examples that exemplify the spirit of the era will certainly find favor with buyers who ogled those cars and trucks in their youth. This 1990 GMC pickup is clearly not stock, and the seller says he found it as part of an estate sale cleanout. Now, this peach-colored custom is available here on eBay with a $10,500 Buy-It-Now and the reserve unmet. 

Growing up, I attended numerous car shows put on by Good Guys, and trucks like this custom GMC were regular fixtures there. The bodywork is always a big question, as it can look phenomenal and wild from far away, but up close shows lack of adequate prep work and poor metal cuts. The suicide door on one side is an interesting look, and while I can’t discern any particular theme to the paintwork, it is certainly eye-catching.

A shaved engine bay awaits you under the hood, along with a 454 paired to an “NV 3500”  transmission and independent rear suspension. The seller claims the truck’s bodywork remains all-metal, with the exception of the hood. The custom touches are said to look like they were done yesterday, which would hopefully instill some confidence that it was done to a high standard. Like so many show vehicles, however, there are some systems left unfinished, such as lighting, as it was not used on the road.

The car show stickers shows that the GMC regularly made the trek down to the “Magic Dragon” event at the Lake of the Ozarks. To me, that’s one of the best features of a truck like this, is the access it provides. All of the sudden you’ve got an instant guest pass to car and truck shows you wouldn’t otherwise dare attend with anything that had both of its doors opening the same way. I’ll bet the original builder is still out there, and would love to see their custom creation has survived. Would you cruise in a wild custom like this GMC?

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  1. JOnathan

    I’d walk right past this on a show field.
    Definitely not my style.

  2. Will

    The Ebay link leads to the Barn finds tip page.

  3. Steve R

    It is ugly as sin, but the workmanship is good. If I were at a show, I’d probably stop and look at it for a second since it represents a specific point in time. Some people will appreciate it for that, not all, but that number will grow over time.

    Steve R

  4. RoughDiamond Member

    I remember when those light pastel colors combined with a contrasting darker color were somewhat popular on show trucks. This seems like “peach” overload to me.

  5. brian crowe

    I didn’t think it looked to bad till I saw the interior. That’s just too much to take.

  6. Max

    I just dont understand the obssesion of some to mod / hot rod cars or trucks or any vehicle ?! I am from the Keep it Original camp !

    • Hunter

      Not everyone enjoys the same things you do. You don’t have to understand it.

  7. Jeremy

    I feel its a sweet deal considering a good running 454,a 5 speed stick(awesome, manual trans!)and an I.R.S suspension are worth the asking price alone

  8. Ike Onick

    Workmanship? The doors are on backwards!!

  9. UK Paul

    Needs a respray and retrim in something more sensible for my tatstes, but very 90’s which may appeal to some.

  10. Joe Haska

    I would buy it but not to save it, I would re-do it and make it more like a current build. Tone it way down and have more of a laid back look, not in you face as it is now. I also think you might be mis-informed about its drive-ability. Having worked for Championship Auto Shows and running my own Show for over 20 years, the rules were the car had to function, be drivable and street legal ,for most classes and judging. There were exceptions , but I don’t think this truck would be one.

  11. Metoo

    Show truck? Did it win the Ugliest In Show trophy a lot?

  12. poseur Member


  13. Chris

    I feel sick.

  14. Coventrycat

    I don’t miss nineties paint trends, that’s for sure.

  15. Mike

    Spend big $$$$ to be trendy for a couple of years only to become the WTF of the car world 20+ years later. Hope it was worth it previous owner.

  16. CanuckCarGuy

    Good representation of the era, but it never really suited my taste…now I keep thinking of those old ZZ Top videos, which incidentally did suit my tastes.

  17. Bodyman 68

    Ok its got issues . Why didn’t they do the door on one side ? Not impressive . The colors are screamin 90s ,put a metallic paint job on it and fix the drivers door then it would be nice . Trucks back then werent too stylish to be cool , most lost bodylines .

  18. UK Paul

    I have been drinking too much gin this evening and my finger is hovering over the bid button …

  19. Poptheclutch

    That was once a nice truck!
    Now that is one ugly truck inside and out
    The only thing I like about it is the engine
    That’s it!

  20. PL Windish

    Peach colored truck?? Might as well have painted it Mary K pink. The color is a total turn off.

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