Estate Sale Find: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

The 1972 Corvette Stingray has a strong following amongst enthusiasts as this model year marked the last where the Corvette wore chrome bumpers at either end of the car. Many say that the loss of these bumpers destroyed the purity of the car’s design, and it is hard to argue against this. With that in mind, while this 1972 Corvette will need some work, it isn’t surprising that its listing has generated its fair share of interest. Located in Galena, Ohio, the Corvette has been listed for sale here on EBTH. After opening at a mere $1, strong bidding has pushed the car along to $8,700.

The Elkhart Green Corvette has apparently been sitting idle for some time, so it is going to need some work to get it fit to return to the road. As you can see from this photo, there has been some deterioration to the Corvette’s paint, and this spot isn’t isolated. The photos don’t seem to paint the full story, and the top photo in this article is the only shot that we get of the complete car. The trim and chrome appear good, as does the glass. There is apparently some rust to be attended to in the car, but it isn’t clear just how extensive this is. Areas in the doors rate a special mention, but we get no information on the state of the frame or birdcage.

The Saddle leather interior would be considered to be serviceable for a daily driver, but it will need some work if the next owner wishes to achieve perfection. The most obvious issue is the driver’s seat, which will almost certainly require a new cover. The existing cover has a seam separation that could be repaired, but there is probably enough visible wear to justify replacement. The rest of the interior trim is generally pretty reasonable, although, for the perfectionist, the carpet is showing some wear as well. There have been no aftermarket additions made to the interior, and the Corvette features air conditioning, power windows, a tilt wheel, and an AM/FM radio.

From a pure performance perspective, this Corvette represents the bottom rung of the ladder. What you get is a 200hp, 350ci V8 engine, 3-speed Hydramatic transmission, power steering, and power brakes. This combination allowed the Corvette to achieve a 0-60 time of 7.8 seconds and a ¼ mile ET of 15.9 seconds. It isn’t clear how long the Corvette has been sitting for, but we do know that it doesn’t run. In addition, the brake calipers are said to be locked, so it might take a bit of work to get this one moving again.

There is no doubt that this 1972 Corvette Stingray was once a great looking car, and there is no reason why it couldn’t be once again. For me, the great unknowns about rust and mechanical health weigh heavily on my mind and do place a big question mark over the car. However, it is from the last year of the chrome bumpers, and those cars are continuing to grow in popularity, and in value. What do you think?


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  1. JBP

    Is that good Looking… that green, and with orginal wheels one can realy understand if there is intr. for it…
    The best Looking Corvette, IMHO…

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  2. Dave

    If the price is right then the next owner has a plethora of paths to take, everything from restoration to restomod.

  3. art

    The perfect year Corvette. Not a green car fan but this color looks pretty good on this car. Rust issues? Oofah..that could be a real problem but overall, the car looks original and not beaten up. I see no evidence from the pictures that this car was repainted, a plus.
    I do know that doing all the maintenance, brakes, tires, fluids, hoses, gaskets, belts, weatherstrips, plugs, wires, carb. rebuild, radiator clean, water pump, potential wiper-door vacuum problems, vacuum headlight mechanisms, A/C service, and of course the engine and transmission condition themselves, heaven knows what else will crop up, can make this an expensive car unless the selling price stays sane. And I think the luggage rack looks fitting on this car.

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    • Kenbo52

      I agree Art . Who knows what else you’re going to find

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  4. Ike Onick

    Lot of nice Estate Sale cars coming up here. Many Baby Boomers are good for something after all.

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    • Dave

      And time itself will tell what Gen X, Gen Y, and millenials were “good for something after all”. It always does.
      I doubt I’ll live long enough to see vintage BlackBerries and Apple products being appraised on Antiques Roadshow.

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      • triumph1954

        Dave. Snarky comments like yours about other generations is always good for the old car hobby.

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      • Dave

        I wrote it in the spirit of being Captain Obvious, not snarky! Besides, the odds are that the car’s original purchaser was a member of the Greatest Generation.

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      • James Sterrey

        Ok boomer

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  5. TimM

    Get it running a drive it!! Not worth the time in my opinion to do a total restoration on it!! To bad it’s an automatic though!!!

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    • Dave

      Ever wonder why you see so many automatic cars on here? They survived became their owners didn’t beat the crap out of them. Back then a ton of Ricky Racer wannabees loved to stoplight drag race, and the cars that didn’t get wrecked spent lots of time getting fixed. Then along came the first Arab oil embargo, and suddenly muscle cars were on the way out.

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      • triumph1954

        Dave, know all about back then do you?

  6. Comet

    Ike Onick,
    You must also be referring to the many baby boomers that fought and died in Vietnam and subsequent wars in your blanket statement. Perhaps you should reflect on your thoughts during this Veterans Day.

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    • Percy Hawkins

      Roger that, Comet.

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    • Kenbo52

      Agree Comet . I have my 214 . Paid for it dearly .

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    • Rattlehead

      you sir are correct. the vets of Vietnam suffered terribly. did you serve? if so thank you for your service. and all who fought and/or died for us thank you so much, not just on veterans day but everyday thank you for your service.

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    • triumph1954

      Well said Comet!

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  7. Kenbo52

    Like this one but only for $4 grand . That would bring the price too 10 g’s with having to replace all 4 caliber ‘s and get engine running if possible . Really not interested in engine rebuild . This would be great every day driver .

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  8. Comet

    I retired in 01 after 22 years of active duty. I was fortunate enough to serve my career without getting shot at. So many young hero’s lost their lives and limbs so we can exercise our freedom of speech. Although I don’t agree with the pervious posters opinion, I’d gladly put my life on the line for his continued ability to express it. Cars and our hobby pale in comparison to our freedoms. Thanks again to all the brave Veterans that frequent this site.

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  9. Bakyrdhero

    I’m just going to take it down a notch and say I want to call this car ugly, but I can’t. I’ve clicked on it three times now and the green has really grown on me. I think the saddle interior is what makes it. If it were a black interior or dark green it wouldn’t look as good. Last year for the chrome bumpers also. I’d make room in my garage for this one.

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  10. Richard Nicholson

    My pet hate is when people use Either when they mean Each. So this Vette has a bumper Either at the front or back?

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  11. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning Bid
    $11,250, 52 Bids

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