Estate Sale Bargain Or April Fool’s Prank?

It’s April 1st, so I assume this is just a prank. If not, we had better all hook up our trailers and see who can get to Montana first! Supposedly, these four cars (’55 Chevy, ’57 Chevy, SS Nova, Impala) are part of the seller’s late Uncle’s estate. The ad states that they know that the cars have value, but they’re too far away to do anything with them. So, they have decided to offer them for $5k each. They claim to have clear titles and state that a local realtor is willing showing them. Take a look at the craigslist ad here and let us know if you think it’s legit. Just be careful sending money to anyone!

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  1. Adam T45 Staff

    That ad didn’t stay up for long! Hmmmm….wonder why?

  2. Stuckin2nd

    April fools. Already pulled from CL. Wonder why. What a tease.

  3. Woodie Man

    Montana, Nigeria

  4. Fred W.

    Not so sure this is a joke. First, has anyone ran across these photos before? They had to get them somewhere. Second, wouldn’t a joker price them less than 5K? I doubt the Impala is worth much more than that anyway.

    • Bob B

      They look to be in four different barns from looking at the floors and siding. 99% chance it was just an April Fools joke. The seller probably either has a sense of humor or was tired of the local flaggots flagging his real ads down.

    • Ross892

      Fred its a caprice, and yes it’s an old add

  5. angliagt

    Did anyone save the ad,to see if there was a phone number?

  6. Eric Z
  7. Steve

    I just flew into Kalispell yesterday! I am at Whitefish resort right now. I will have to watch to see if these pop up again.

    • Chad

      Lucky! I’m from Montana originally. Western Montana is absolutely gorgeous, especially Whitefish, Kalispell, and the Columbia Falls areas.

    • Doug Towsley

      Sorry about the Ad, the 57 Chev was in Texas and featured on BarnFinds in 2015 and the prev owner who restored it recently has been posting on that feature about the car. Irony that it was slurped for a fake ad. But ENJOY Whitefish instead! Thats a neat area to explore. I need to get up there again and spend some time there. (Hint hint, Amtrak trains used to offer a ski and get away package. ride the train to the area, and used to be a “Rent a junker” car rentals). Back in the 1990s I entered a raffle at the annual winter sports and ski show in Portland. I won some really nice skis and 3 days at a resort near Whitefish. Had a great time and the skiing was AWESOME!.
      Funny story. The resort “Big Mountain” has a long winding road up to the ski lodge and theres an incredible view down on Flathead lake (Where they race Ice catamarans). Close to the resort is a beautiful estate/mansion set on the side of the mountain overlooking the valley below. We wondered who owned that amazing property and it was well known it belonged to Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle). So I stuck a note in the mail box “Jim LOVE the place! Call me and lets work out a time share swap, You can stay on my Oregon cattle ranch and let me wrangle a week up here if you like, call me and lets work out the details.!” (I DID Have cows but hardly a cattle ranch) Strangely enough I never heard from him but thought it would have been a blast to have Gomer Pyle call me. I wonder if he sat around wondering where he knew me from?

  8. junkman Member

    Thanks Eric Z that pretty much seals the coffin on that dream.

  9. Eric Z



  10. Steven

    Anyone who does these kinds of things should be taken out behind the barn and ass kicked, none of these cars are in the same location..

  11. GB Fisher

    Right click on the image, go to “search Google for image”. We’ve been had!

  12. Barzini

    Barn Find readers are so knowledgeable and skilled at rooting out mispresentations, scams and other lies. Once again I am impressed.

  13. Chris

    Here’s a perfect example of the old saying if it seems to good to be true it usually is.

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