EXCLUSIVE: 1967 Plymouth GTX Hemi 4-Speed!

Talk about an incredible find! The seller of this 1967 Plymouth GTX bought it after being parked in the previous owner’s garage for the past 25-years and it is currently showing just 24k miles. Under the hood is one of the most coveted Mopar engines ever built, the 426 Hemi! Just 703 GTX Hardtops were offered with the 425 horsepower Hemi. If you’d love to own this rare Mopar you can find it here in Litchfield, CT with an $80,000 asking price. You can contact the seller via their Barn Finds Classified!

Here’s the glorious dual-quad equipped 426 Hemi! Talk about a sight to behold. The seller states that it’s two years newer than the car, but the previous owner told them that it was a warranty replacement. That wouldn’t be surprising or uncommon with these. What’s important is that this is a genuine Hemi car. The carburetors were recently given a full rebuild with ethanol compatible seals, so that you can actually enjoy this muscle car.

The interior is looking dusty and there’s a split seam in the driver’s seat. Other than that, it looks to be in good shape. After a good detailing, this will be a great place to spend some time! I for one would love to row through the gears in this beast.

This Mopar really does look to be in great shape. Even if it just had a 440 V8 in it, it would be a desirable find. Add in the Hemi and you have a classic that’s truly worth holding onto. The respray and replacement block might hurt the value for the highest-end collectors, but this is one you could actually drive without fear of the value going down. And for most of us, that’s the kind of find you want! So, will you be making this seller an offer?


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  1. dave Member


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    • jerry hw brentnell

      first thing you do is find a scrap bin and throw that useless inland gear shifter in it and replace it with a hurst shifter inlands were junk and still are!

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      • Carl

        Jerry, you would change your mind in heart beat when you find what an inland shifter is going for. They are high dollar pieces for those that are doing a “correct” res-to.

        Just in case you buy the car and want to throw that shifter away, throw it my way.

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      • Carl

        Jerry…throw it my way!

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  2. Ken Jennings

    I always like this design, but that color just doesn’t do it for me. Maybe on a Lotus 7, but this, black or blue. I would prefer a nice small block for handling and reliability. The hemi was purely a race engine. Those 24K miles were mostly 1/4 at a time. BTW Moparman, find those Mirada pictures yet?

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    • C

      You would have to put your own small block in, standard engine was a 440.

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    • Moparman Member

      No, still looking; the ones I found aren’t the blue one! Besides that, I don’t think we can upload pictures here @ Barn Finds! (Can we?) :-)

      • stillrunners Stillrunners Member

        Yes you can – if your signed into your account.

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  3. Mark Heavey

    Crazy price.

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  4. R Star

    Mark H your 100% RIGHT! Non-matching motor n a repaint! What are they smoking in CT? Plus seat is ripping. B.J. really ruined it for “the average guy” that wants his “high school ” car back in their middle age! Good luck! $80k..LOL! But I’m willing to try what the seller is smoking!😵

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  5. Steve S

    No the replacement block shouldn’t hurt the value if it is a dealer replacement block. Which is the correct way to get a replacement block back then.

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  6. Robert White

    Smitten again.

    Kind of dirty & dusty though.


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  7. Shaun Dymond

    I think I’ve just fallen in love. Fabulous GTX.

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  8. Mitchell Member

    My inner Joe Dirt has been unleashed: “This thing’s got a Hemi!”

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  9. Howard A Member

    Nice! While the color may turn some off, green was a very popular color. Not “loud” greens, like this, but a few. I get a lot of flak about my views on prices, and it usually derails the post, and I apologize for that, so I’ll try to stick to the cars themselves.
    In the “pre-RoadRunner” days, the GTX was the top of the heap. This was probably the most sought after car for performance. Fact is, with the ban on hemis for stock car racing, you probably had a hotter stick than the race cars. This motor was grossly under rated, with 425 being the limit, for some reason, these EASILY pushed over 500hp. Incredible find here.

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  10. James

    Terrible shade of green, the factory color was much better, I had a 66 dodge in the factory green, sweet. The Hemi was a bad engine for everyday driving, to fussy, most of my friends got rid of the Hemi and went to a 383 or 440.

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  11. mainlymuscle

    The Hemi market is not what it was,this car would not be worth $80 k even if it was numbers matching.My 66 Chargers were nicer ,and numbers matching ; got 50 for the automatic,and 65 for the spectacular red on white ,one owner prior to me,4 speed car.

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  12. James Rogers

    If I had 80k sitting around I would by in a heartbeat that car will sell for asking price,just have to wait for the right buyer to come a long.

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    • MoparJoe

      Will not sell for near asking price!….Bad aftermarket color, not fully restored, not original engine….50-60 at best.

  13. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Curios about the warranty replacement mill at the two year mark? I thought the warrenty back then was 12 months, 12K miles?

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    • Ken Jennings

      I thought hemis were only 90 days, and only if you swore they were not raced. (ah, yeah)

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  14. Red of the North

    Not an 80k car… a beauty for sure, I even like the color but for my $80,000 I would expect something nicer. All original and mint maybe one could hit 80k but not this one, not today.

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  15. Keith

    Yes the warranty was only a year on the Hemi.So that story is false. This car will never bring 80K

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  16. 379Pilot

    Origin add says motor was replaced at two months…not two years.

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  17. Burger

    The color ? I remember this color on 68 Cameros, but not much else, of anything. Was this an available color on a 67 Plymouth ?

    Personally, I like most period-specific colors, as the lend to the period feel of the car and period represented. By contrast, a white, red, or black car could be bought new in 1910, 1940, or 1980, whereas a Plum Crazy or green (like this car) is quite period specific, and IMO, enhances the presentation. Just don’t remember EVER seeing a Plymouth in this color, … and I was IN to them when they were new.

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    • Robert Kopczynski

      The color looks like’68 Camaro, Rallye Green.

  18. Troy s

    Hot Wheels green, four speed, and the 426 Hemi that nobody really dare buy. A guy was a one percenter of the car world if he owned a hemi and drove it daily. Waste of good parts sitting in traffic, humm-dinging along at thirty five or so.
    I like the GTX and don’t really understand the low sales considering the 440 was an animal, way less than twenty thousand total compared to an onslaught of GTO’s and SS396 Chevelles.
    I believe 425 horsepower was some made up number that all the manufacturers used in such hairy rides as the Hemi, R code 427 Ford, L-72 427 Chevy,, in passengers cars to keep the feds happy. At least until the LS 6 Chevelle boasted 450 for one model year. It’s too much if a coincidence.

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  19. Al

    I could have bought my cuz’s ’67 GTX w/ a 440 & auto on the column. . It was a dark green, not this green, with flat black stripes on the hood scoops. Interior seats were two tone green & ivory, like perforated. Recall he sent me to get some spark plugs for my ‘1st’ car, a ’74 Monte. On way back on US1, a ’70-’71 Z28 pulled next to me at a light. One of my all time favs. Light turned green, both took off. The GTX smoked him to the next light. Totally impressed me! He was selling to me for $800 but I passed as it still looked like a granny car to me back in ’77. That’s when Trans-Am’s of course started appealing & I ended up with a ’75 T/A instead 6+ mos later.

  20. Burger

    My best friend at the time, lived a block up from us. Across the street lived a family with 10 girls. The youngest were my age. The oldest werehigh school age, and perhaps beyond. I loved hanging around their place because of all the great music they played, and of course, the girls. One elder sister had a boyfriend named Dan. One day Dan showed up in a new 67 GTX convertible, complete with Hemi and 4-speed. It was light blue with a black top and interior. Dam let my friend and I sit in it and pretend we were driving it. I remember lots of hot cars coming by, the drivers asking Dan if he’d like to race. It was all so exciting. Dan did a lot of polishing and waxing on that car. Wonder what ever became of it ?

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    • Carl

      The only 67′ GTX light blue 4 speed HEMI convert that I know of ended up in Edmonton Canada. It’s still there as far as I know.

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  21. TimM

    You can’t do much better than this I just wish cars like this were still affordable for the average guy!! It’s so incredible hard to dump 80K on a toy in this day and age!!

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  22. Marie

    I used to own a 1967 426 Hemi it was yellow and a convertible automatic.
    Had many races down the streets when we didn’t get caught.
    I love that car. But decided to sell it due to my children started to argue about it and who would get it after I passed away.
    Well I had the last word
    I was the second owner of this vehicle
    Got a very nice price for it. Way over 80,000

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  23. Gerald Ramey Jr

    I know this is the wrong year and model, but I need help with something and I hope someone out there can help me with this.
    I am currently building a model kit of a 1970 Plymouth Road Runner. But, I am trying to build it like the car that Gary Lockwood drove in the movie, “Bad Georgia Road.” I have a model kit of that year. Where I need help with, is some of the details. During one scene, where moonshine is being loaded into the trunk and Leroy Hastings, Gary’s character, is getting ready to leave.
    Leroy open the driver’s side door to get in, 8 racing decals can be seen on the upper part of the inside door panel. I know what 6 of them are and I need help identifying the other 2 decals. They are as follows:
    Eelco Accessories, Division 2 Buster’s Rebels ( I think- it shows 2 Confederate flags and some lettering), Fram, McLeod, don’t know/can’t make it out, B&M, Mallory, and finally Hooker Headers. It’s the 2nd and 5th decals that I can’t make out. It’s just before Carol Lynley’s character gets in the car to accompany Leroy to Atlanta.
    The movie is available on DVD and it is also on YouTube. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  24. Connecticut Mark

    Watching Jay Leno he stated the hemi only had a 90 day warranty not sure if that’s true or not but he was driving one and said Dodge only give a 90 day warranty

    • Jennifer Ruquist

      The ad is in correct, the engine was replaced 2 months not 2 years.

  25. Carl

    I bought my 1967 Plymouth GTX HEMI car new in 1966 and at the time of the purchase the warranty was 12 months, or 12 thousand miles, which ever came first, bumper to bumper “excluding rubber or wear parts”.

    The standard warranty for the rest of the Chrysler line was 5 years or 50,000 miles, which ever came first. The warranty on HEMI motors may have changed in later years, but not to my memory.

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    • Jennifer

      Ad is incorrect, engine was changed 2 months not 2 years

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