EXCLUSIVE: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible

We recently featured this beautiful 1968 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible when it was listed on eBay. The seller, Tim, is a frequent reader here on Barn Finds, so when he noticed that we featured his car and that some of the comments expressed concern about the car’s location he reached out to us to see about fixing the post and ended up deciding to convert it into a Barn Finds Exclusive! We’ve reworked the original ad with more information and photos, so be sure to give it another look! You can find it at his current home in Winter Haven, Florida, rather than Ohio.

The Camaro is wearing its original Palomino Ivory paint color and Tim believes that less than 2% of 1968 Camaros wore this color. I haven’t been able to verify this claim, but I have to admit that I haven’t seen many examples in this particular shade. He spent some time looking it over more closely and believes it may have been repainted early on in its life, but it is the correct color and he doesn’t see any signs of bodywork or panel replacement. It was optioned with the black stripe, which is verified by the Dealer Invoice that is included in the sale and is correct for 1968. If you would like a closer look at any of the documentation or a specific part of the car, feel free to message Tim via the form below and he can send you additional photos.

The paint and panels appear to be flawless, as does the original Black soft-top. As far as rust issues are concerned, there is some surface rust showing underneath but nothing serious. The usual trouble spots such as the rockers and lower quarter panels look great and are bubble-free. Tim has provided us with photos of the underside to prove that the floors and frame are in solid and unrestored condition (found in the gallery below). The car was sold new in Columbia, Illinois and spent most of its life in the original owner’s garage. Between that and having clearly been well cared for since day one, this Camaro really is in amazing condition!

If you think this Camaro’s exterior looks good, take a look at the interior! There might be a few small flaws, but it’s also 51-years-old. It looks as though the front kick panels have become discolored over the years, but honestly that looks to be about the worst of it. The dash and pad look to be spotless, while the seats and remaining upholstered surfaces look like the car has just rolled out of the Chevy showroom. Even the vinyl on the front seats has managed to escape any significant stretching, which really is something for a convertible of its age. The original owner clearly didn’t want to weigh this car down with a pile of extras, with an AM radio being the only optional item fitted to the car’s interior.

If you were holding out for  V8 when we lifted the hood, then I’m afraid that you are probably going to be slightly disappointed. What you find here is the 250ci Turbo-Thrift 6-cylinder engine, producing 155hp. Backing this is a 2-speed Powerglide automatic, meaning that this is a car that isn’t going to set any records if you point it at a drag-strip. I mean, it could be worse in that respect, because it could’ve been the 230 instead. Even so, this package is capable of producing a 0-60 time of 13.6 seconds, while the ¼ mile will be covered in a somewhat leisurely 20.1 seconds. Having said that, the presentation of the engine bay is extremely nice, while the car has been treated to a recent carburetor rebuild, a new fuel pump, and work on the brakes. Tim says that the car runs, drives, and rides extremely well. He also says that it has covered a genuine 52,800 miles. And he has lots of documentation showing the car’s history including all of its original dealer paperwork, Owner’s Manual, and the original Protect-O-Plate!

For me, this Camaro Convertible is an interesting car for one pretty significant reason. Finding a low-spec convertible like this that has remained unmolested is actually quite rare. It wasn’t too many years ago that someone would’ve snapped-up a car like this and consigned the original drive-train to the nearest scrapheap. In its place would’ve gone a V8 of some description. This car has managed to avoid such interference, which makes it even more special. Given its slightly unusual specifications, its unusual color, and its overall condition, is this a car that you would like to park in your driveway? If so, you can make Tim an offer via the form below! He feels that you really need to see it in person to fully appreciate the car’s condition and is happy to show the car to any interested parties. Of course, not everyone can go to Florida to inspect it, so if you have any specific questions for him, please contact and he will get back to you.

  • Asking Price: $32,000
  • Location: Winter Haven, Florida
  • Mileage: 52,800
  • Title Status: Clean

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    That’s a sweet Camaro. Perfect for cruising on a warm summer evening. I hope the new owner takes care of it and leaves it in its low-option form.

    If it wasn’t for that Prius cluttering the background, the first pic looks like it could have been taken in 1968.

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  2. gaspumpchas

    This ad might be in contention for the “how many times can you use the term rare in one ad/” award? No pics of the underbelly. Its in the rust belt of Ohio. Needs good inspection. That said, sure is a sweet looker!! With all of the documentation besides. Low options, as Bob in Tn said, six banger , nice cruiser that seems unmolested. Caveat Emptor. Good luck to the owner!!

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  3. Little_Cars

    Gawd, could a 1st generation Camaro get any more plebian? I mean, seriously, a column automatic, straight 6 cylinder, poverty caps cream exterior with black vinyl inside? Great museum piece. Not great if you want to go cruising season after season because the preserved survivor status will quickly fade as the miles accumulate. I think the kick panels could be brought back to life with some Colorbond black. Or, it may just be the courtesy lights making them look gray. Nice find, but….

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  4. Jim

    I’ll take this over a tarted up fake z28 or ss any day. You see those everywhere. I’d prefer to get the firebird version of the 6 cylinder as it seems those were more advanced. As far as it losing it’s survivor status if you use it? Who cares if it sells in the $20k range, it’s not like its a $200k car. Use and enjoy.

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  5. Classic Steel

    I have a sweet spot for the 67-69 Camaro.

    This one is very nice and unmolested .

    I agree its an OHIO car and check the underneath of the car.

    I remember my second HS car well being a true 69 Z28. Those good old days when low dollar cars to race and were used to have fun and not worried about value 😜
    I hope this one stays original as its a beautiful convertible.

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    • Josh Mortensen Staff

      Tim has provided us with photos of the underside to show how solid the car is. It really does look to be in great shape!

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  6. Paul

    The rear antenna is on the wrong side it’s supposed to be on passenger side…..I am not sure if it has been repainted or not the nose stripe looks different then the factory painted strip should look….however I love it, great car to drive around in,
    The Sixes in these cars ran great and had enough power to move them along, also the 6 cylinder cars where lighter in front end and that helped with a little better handling over the V8 equipped cars.
    This really looks like a great car I’m sure bidding will go up.
    I would love to own it!

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    • gbvette62

      I agree the antenna’s on the wrong side and the strip looks nothing like how the factory applied them. That stripe was the first thing I noticed when looking at the post. I suspect that the car’s been repainted, though it is possible the stripe was added later, and a repro window sticker was created to “authenticate” the stripe?

      A low option, six cylinder, automatic convertible, may be not the most desirable Camaro, but it still looks like a pretty nice little car.

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    • ChasH

      Stripe looks good to me-it’s center on the engine size script.

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      • Paul

        A original nose stripe would of curved around the bottom of headlight a bit more following the couture of the fender and ended a bit different.

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  7. Moparman Member

    The moment I laid eyes upon this car, I thought “its got to be a six cylinder”! And equipped as this one is, it’s definitely what you DON’T see at
    Cars & Chrome! :-)

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  8. jerry z

    My first car was a ’68 Camaro conv’t back in 1981. It was a stripper, 6 cyl, 3 spd man, the only option was power top and full wheel covers. The car had a special paint which was Corvette Bronze and a pollution pump. Also had the bumble bee stripe but didn’t have any emblems on the fenderx. Being from NJ sadly it rusted in pieces.

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  9. Camaro Joe

    That town is in Ohio, but very southern Ohio. It’s across the river from Huntington West Virginia. I spent time with a cousin in that area, it’s worlds different from the Cleveland/Buffalo snow belt where I am. If it has low miles, was garage kept, and not driven very much in the few snow storms they get, there’s a good chance the bottom side isn’t too bad.

    That being said, as Classic Steel pointed out . . . It’s still Ohio. Don’t spend good money without looking at the floorboards, sub-frame, rear frame rails, trunk and the bottoms of the fenders and quarters. All it take is a few months
    outside with a hole in the top and there will be rust in the floor and trunk.

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    • Tim

      The car is in Winter Haven Florida. Never was in Ohio. eBay listed address wrong. It stayed in Illinois its entire life. You keep a car in garage, and not drive it in salt, keep it clean, they will last anywhere. I own the car.

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      • Tom Member

        Your comment is mostly correct…..I will add….as long as you don’t park daily drivers, that are full of salt and moisture, next to it. Your classis WILL absorb the salt from the “saturated” daily driver as it is “ripe”. If you HAVE to put them in the same garage, park the classic on 1/2 or 3/4 plywood as the plywood WILL absorb the moisture.

        Heated garages make this even WORSE as they “melt down” your daily driver where in sub 32 degree temps it would have stayed “frozen”.

        I live in Illinois born and raised 53 years. Restoring cars for years. My family started Ziebart here in Illinois in 1964. I still provide rust protection today and I have MANY customers who are shocked that their classic has become “rusty” mostly on the undercarriage when they don’t drive it in the salt BUT they park the daily driver next to it.

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    • Tim

      Never was in Ohio. I moved from Proctorville before owning car. eBay listed town wrong. No rust car, but I pulled ad because of arm chair ignorance

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  10. ChasH

    One might not be King of the Highway driving this beauty, but for sure would be Prince of the Boulevard.

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  11. grant

    This is a very nice, restored Camaro. Depending on the reserve, it might be a fair deal for a nice cruiser. I have a feeling the bidding is subdued because buyers don’t like being fed unmitigated horse manure. As someone else pointed out, antenna on the wrong side, stripe not quite right, and it looks like there’s overspray on the plug wires of all places.

  12. Tim Boone

    This is my car. I never listed it as a barn find. I don’t appreciate you writing this article not knowing me or the car. I advise you to retract your comments about the doubt. The car isn’t in Proctorville, Ohio. It is in Winter Haven Florida. I listed it on eBay, and have been totally truthful with everyone. eBay listed the address wrong. The car is a clean original car.

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  13. That AMC Guy

    Funny how things hit you – until I noticed the Prius in the background my immediate impression was that the top photo was a scene from “Bewitched”. (Darrin usually had a late-model Chevy parked in the driveway.)

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  14. Tim

    The ad was pulled because of ignorant comments like these. Everyone judges the cars by photos, not by looking in person. It was never in Ohio, eBay listed wrong address. It was never a barn find. If you are going to judge people’s car. Look at them in person and talk to them face to face. Know what you are talking about.

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  15. Tim

    And all the paperwork is original. Not reproduction. I’ve lost all respect for barn find and the people that comment with having a clue about the cars they are commenting on. You best see the cars in person before being an “expert”. Most here are clueless

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    • Mountainwoodie

      Well first off…it appears to be a very nice car. What I would have called a “stripper” when I was young. I’d love to own it though I am not much of a slushbox fan.

      That said, you shouldn’t get too upset with folks on BF commenting on your car. Yes , comments many times are supposition based on pictures on a screen, And yes, folks often misinterpret what they see. But there is no ill intent here. Merely a community of like minded car folks with diverse experiences and often times an amazing amount of hands on experience. And yes some folks say things based on what they think is correct and they can be wrong. On the other hand, it is likely a “car” guy or gal would be your likely buyer. There are plenty of them here. Even at the bid reached when you pulled the ad, its beyond the means of not only many of us but younger folks who would be happier if theie iphones had wheels and seats.

      So good luck with your sale .

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  16. Kniedo

    Tim , you need thicker skin , why would you care what people say when you own the car , I believe a personal inspection is needed on any car purchase . If you have people talking whether negative or positive it gets the word out and you might find the right buyer . I was watching this car very closely and am disappointed not to see the outcome

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  17. Paul

    Tim don’t be discouraged this is a great car….you are obviously getting some exposure having it listed….as I said I would love to own it.

    Lots of cars that have been shown on barn finds have sold from exposure….I know I had personally found three cars on this sight that really interested me…..one of them being yours!

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  18. JOHN Member

    I had a friend that had a 68 Camaro convert, white, black top, 6 cylinder, auto, console with the factory 8 track player mounted on the glove box door, with padding on the top for use as an armrest. the “front” of the player faced the dash. Pretty bizarre… my 69 Firebird convert with console had the 8 track mounted forward on the console. The Camaro unit had 4 control knobs, the Firebird only had two. I hope this survives as a 6 cylinder car with the next owner.

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  19. Camaro Joe

    Tim, sorry you took offense to my comment about the car’s location. Somebody said something about Ohio, and I had to point out the the location listed on eBay is WAY south of the rust belt. Even if it was there, there should be a decent chance that it’s a good car. I restored a low mile 63 Impala convertible that sat in a VA field for 15 years, I know what happens to an outside car.

    Please tell us where the car really came from. The Proctorville OH location would not be bad, but the car does look good in the pictures and we’d like to know where it came from and if there’s a story behind it. No offense meant.

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    • Tim Boone

      The car spent its entire life in Columbia, Illinois. It was garage kept. Very low ownership. I bought it and shipped it to my home in Winter Haven, Florida. I use to live in Proctorville, Oh before moving to Winter Haven. For some reason, EBay used my old address

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  20. DAVID6

    great car

  21. Tim Boone

    Thank you

    • Paul

      Tim Is the car still for sale?

  22. Dex

    I find it interesting that the owner, Tim, has taken offense to comments about his car rather than taking the time explaining things better. Would probably make more sense to provide information and facts about it’s originality than pull the ad and complain about the Barn Finds comments questioning a few things regarding the car.

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  23. Mike

    Might be an Ok car just to drive around in… but the six cylinder engine kills the value… as well as the automatic on the column… honestly.. at 14K… to me thats all its worth.. if it was a v-8…and automatic on the floor .. it should go into the low 20’s…

  24. Terry J

    I’ve had 2 early Camaro rag tops. The first one was a disappointing 6 banger/ auto which though a very common set up in Mustangs I think is rare in Camaros. Imaging my joy to check out the numbers and discover it was a V8 car originally. That 250 was out the first weekend. :-) Terry J

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  25. Del

    Nice car.

    Engine holding it back

  26. Paul

    Engine is a pulse for me these Chevy 6’s are very durable easy to maintain and are fine for cruising around with the top down!

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  27. Comet

    A beautiful piece of history. I hope the next lucky owner keeps it this nice, drives and enjoys it as is. They’re only original once.

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  28. George Mattar

    Beautiful. Would rather have this than some fake Z or SS that some teen aged beat the crap out of in the mid 70s. With a six cylinder, it was probably never beat on and from owning three old Chevys with a Powerglide, I can say they are far more reliable than most automatics built back then. Yeah, only two speed, but I put more than 200,000 miles on several. The POS 283s they were connected to had severe internal wear, but not the trans. Love this car and not $59,000 for a fake Z.

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  29. RTS

    Nice looking car. Haven’t personally inspected the car, but in my opinion, only looking at the photos, it looks restored and not all original. I obviously wouldn’t be interested in buying a car from an owner that clearly expects only positive, complementing comments about his car. He should learn that people are entitled to have their own opinion about things regardless of what he wants.

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    • Rosco

      I agree that it’s nice, but repaint = not original.

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  30. Steven Ramos

    Seen the car up close and even had a good conversation with the current owner..I used to own a 1974 LeMans that was featured on Barn Finds that also came with the 6 boy do I miss that car but was sold to a new owner and he said that he was keeping it that way..This is one sweet Camaro..

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  31. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Nice car and lots of collectible cars find new buyers at car shows or any of the big auctions where they bring top dollar usually.

  32. TimM

    The car seem in really good shape and well cared for!! The interior looks flawless!! It’s also impressive to me that it still has its 6 cylinder and hasn’t been changed out for a V-8!! I bet it goes really well and get good fuel economy if you keep your foot out of it!!!

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  33. Moodster

    Too bad I’m in California. I would love to own this car but shipping cost would prohibit a purchase.

    • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

      Moodster, sometimes shipping costs aren’t that bad. Especially if it is for “the” car you want.

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  34. Stevieg

    Paul, I hope you are able to buy the car. Just going by your comments, you are the guy that should have it.
    Nice car. I would love to have it, except for the black vinyl interior in a convertible. I learned about leg burn years ago lol.
    I wish the seller & buyer well, and that they are both content with whatever deal they work out.

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  35. bikefixr

    I’d love to have a 6-banger. Different. Cool. But some shop will it and next year it will be a numbers-matching SS396 just alike all the other 6’s.

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  36. Paul

    Fortunately you can’t make it a numbers matching V8 car, because it will have a 6 cylinder vin….but I get your point I would hate to see turned into a “clone or tribute car”!

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  37. Easy Money

    I love this car!! Beautiful and economic enough to be driven and enjoyed with todays gas prices. If I hadn’t just bought this house it would be in my driveway in a second!!

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  38. Camaro Joe


    Thanks for the story. Columbia IL isn’t exactly the deep south, so this was obviously somebody’s baby from day one. As you said, it only came out of the garage in good weather.

    I have a 62 Impala that has survived in Northwestern PA since new. But it was never driven in winter and I’ve had it since 1972. It’s a 327/Powerglide and I threatened to get rid of the Powerglide in the 1970’s. 47 years later I get tired of rowing the 4 speeds in my other cars and I’m glad I kept the Powerglide.

    As for as the six cylinder, you can make that car a 375 HP/396 clone and you’re still going to lose to the 700 HP Hellcat/Camaro SS/Shelby GT crowd, so you might as well get good gas mileage and just outclass them. If you’re driving it 5 miles to a show, they might get there a minute and a half faster. So?

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  39. Bing

    Great little car. this one sits at 32K, ready to show or drive AND it is a convertible. The other 68 in this same issue sits at 10K, the body is full of dents, motor is in the car but apart… So, buy the other one, and twenty grand later, you would not be close to done. This is the crazy part of restoring cars. If you are going to sink restoration dollars in a car, make it a Z28 or at least a SS with a 4 speed. Long ago I made a resolution to find the best car at a competitive price and spend my $ wisely from there. Today I’d buy this car in a minute vs the other 68 for 10K. Just my thoughts.

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  40. Gaspumpchas

    Yea Bing great commentary. There is much wisdom in finding something that’s done or close to it. My problem is I have never had a large chunk of dough available to do this so I’ve had to do it the hard way. In the end I probably spent as much, but coming up with a big nut has always been out of my reach. I’m not complaining!! Good luck to the new owner. Turn key and drive.

  41. Mike

    I just watched a very nice 1967 Red Camaro RS/SS Convertible.. 4 SPEED.. V-8 327 matching numbers.. PS..PB…Guage Package.. Red Interior with White Convertible top.. a very.. very nice looking camaro… sell at the Kansas City Mecum Sale… for 38,000… alll you have to do.. is drive it… There is no way… this six cylinder.. in this color… with automatic .. is worth that kind of money… by the way.. the one at Mecum..also had air conditioning…

  42. Paul

    I would think that the $38,000 (add another $1000 or $2000 for Mecum buyer fees so more like $39,000 or $40,000) for the red car that was restored…actually makes the asking price for this car at $32,000 seem fair…this car has clearly not been on a rotisserie and bottom looks very solid so you know what you are buying.

    These 6 cylinder 250 Chevrolet engines are more reliable then most people realize. Checker motor company put those 6 cylinder chevrolet engines in there taxis and they ran forever with minimum maintenance. The early Camaro’s handled better with the 6 under the hood (Mustangs did as well with there six) due to the weight over front tires.
    Now when you drop the top on this car you even get a better weight balance….Most people that put down the 6 cylinder motors in these cars haven’t driven a convertible version of one with the six.

    • Bud

      WELL…your thinking is wrong…people that pay that kind of money for a car.. want the type of camaro that I was referring to… That Car..at a Mecum sale.. would not bring over the mid teens at the most.. due to the 6 cylinder engine…that most camaro buyers do not want.. the color is wrong.. the transmission is wrong.. and the automatic on the column..is certainly wrong… forget the little bit of handling characteristics…its minimal at best.. and you arent buying a taxi cab here… I would certainly put this car on a lift.. because camaros underneath…are noted for corrosion..especially where this car has lived.. this car with its color.. engine and transmission.. isnt worth a dime over 20 grand… its way… way overpriced..something maybe an old farmer would buy.. but a collector wouldnt even bid 20… I guarantee it

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      • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

        Hmmm, let’s see…. I like convertibles. I like yellow. I’m fine with a column shifted automatic. I’m happy with a six cylinder. This is a very nice car. If I was in the market I’d gladly pay more than $20K for a car like this that I would enjoy. And I’m not an old farmer, but I have friends who are old farmers, and they are great people.

      • Paul

        Since I am a first generation Camaro and Mustang collector…..I respectfully disagree….the 6 cylinder cars are really gaining traction especially in the Camaro Convertible’s because of the rarity and drivability ….not so much in the Mustangs because the horse power was so low in the 6 banger Mustangs and they made a lot of 6 cylinder Mustangs.

        I do agree completely with the column shift powerglide that is a definite downer and will keep values lower.

    • bud


      Heres a V8… with 38,000 miles..and a good color…. and very nice paint…. and floor shift….

      • Paul

        Bud, the 38,000 car Is nice….but it’s not a convertible!!
        “Top goes down price goes up”

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      • PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

        This coupe sold for $27,500.
        I think that the ask on this convertible tracks well compared to that price, 6 cylinder, column shift and all.

  43. Stevieg

    Paul, I really like this car, besides the black interior, too. I don’t have the money for it, but you expressed interest earlier in this thread. I think you really need to buy it. I hope you do, and I hope you enjoy it. I know I would…after I change the interior color.

  44. Stevieg

    I’m not an old farmer, but I would buy it. Not sure why people are being so hyper-critical here of other people’s thought processes. Different people have different priorities.
    I saw that resale red Camaro on tv. I am far more impressed with this one here than the one on tv, although the one on tv was a very nice car.
    But telling people that their thinking is wrong because they have different priorities than you have is rather rude. Maybe it is time that I give up my membership & step away from this website. I come here for enjoyment, and I don’t enjoy the way some people treat others here.

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  45. Bing

    Ditto Stevieg, opinions are ok to share, but the criticism of others points or likes is off putting.

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  46. Litte_Cars

    @Tom. Never heard the trick of placing plywood under a car to absorb moisture, but it makes sense. I’ve been doing it with my survivor MG just to have a level, dry surface to work on. The car was relegated to a dirt floor barn for its first year in my possession. I put a plastic vapor barrier down first, then laid the thick plywood over that.

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