EXCLUSIVE: 1992 GMC Safari Van Touring Edition

What Makes It Special? I purchased this Safari when my 2nd daughter was born. I still have my 1985 GMC S-15 Jimmy (which is also perfect and has not been driven in over 20 years) that I purchased when my 1st daughter was born. It was too small to hold all of the stuff that came with young children, car seats, clothes, diapers, etc. Having a 3rd-row seat and space for 8 passengers meant that wasn’t an issue with this one. The only thing that I have done to my Safari other than normal maintenance is I have replaced the tires probably 15 years ago. No paint or bodywork has ever been done to it and it’s accident-free! I recently had it completely detailed inside and out. The exterior has been clay-barred and is near perfect.  I also have the original brochure and build sheet print out. I paid $26,000 for this in 1992.

Body Condition: This vehicle has never been driven in the winter so there is no rust anywhere. There’s no body damage and the interior is near perfect! I ordered this vehicle with ALL available options. It has been stored inside for over 15 years.

Mechanical Condition: The 4.3 liter V6 runs and drives perfectly. The all-wheel drive works perfectly. There’s no oil leaks or seepage on the drivetrain. It’s also equipped with the rear heat & AC system.

I have fond memories of cruising around in one of these GMC Safaris as a kid, but I haven’t seen one this nice in a very long time. Clearly, Gary and his family took really good care of this one. The inside is surprisingly clean and is a real time machine. If you’d love to give this amazing Van, take a closer look at the photos below and be sure to message Gary via the form below!

  • Asking Price: $12,500
  • Location: Clarkston, Mi 48346
  • Mileage: 60,500
  • Title Status: Clean
  • VIN: 1GKEL19W5NB539451

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  1. CanuckCarGuy

    From what I understand that barn-door configuration on the rear doors is a very desirable option on these vans, and not commonly seen. GLWTS.

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    • Ralph

      Its not that un-common, I sold them, most of the nicer passenger models had the “dutch door”(not a barn door) option.

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        Yep. “Dutch Doors” is correct. Nice that GM set up the interior bits so that when the top door locking mechanism failed (broken plastic piece) it was still possible to get to the problem and fix it without resorting to a crowbar (or just leaving the doors shut forevermore)

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    • Mattman

      Nice van, but not that kinda money nice. Also, couldn’t spring for a brand name battery?

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  2. Rx7turboII

    Very nice van and very hard to find in this condition but the selling price is so not going to ever be achieved it’s not even funny. This is maybe a $5,000 van on a good day even in this condition, sorry to say it…..

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    • Dave

      Like you said, tough to spend that kind of dough on a 27 year old daily driver. But if you gotta have it…

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    • Ralph

      I love it and I think that I would have a hard time spending $5000 on it.

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      • CapNemo

        Yes, that price is just not realistic.

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  3. JerryDeeWrench

    It does not have barn doors. They are 2 doors that open fully top to bottom. Great van they were bullet proof.

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    • grant

      “… 2 doors that open fully top to bottom”

      Those are “barn doors”

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    • CapNemo

      The only way these doors could be more Barn Like, is if they were made out of red stained wood with flecks of cow poop on them.

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  4. Ralph

    “I still have my 1985 GMC S-15 Jimmy (which is also perfect and has not been driven in over 20 years) ”

    Thats cool and all but…..

    Its one or the other, and if it hasn’t been driven in 20 years……its probably not perfect.

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  5. Bob B

    Nice, hopefully they’ll get their asking price or close to it so it will go to a good home and be more than likely lightly used. At $5k as people suggest that’s a sure thing it gets to used up quick and ends up in the junk yard in a matter of yrs.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Bob B, I’d appreciate your definition of “a good home”, please.

      By that comment, it appears as though you advocate someone buying this and then not driving it. Is that what you mean?

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  6. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Reality Bites.

    This is a VERY Nice van. A bit of a time-warp, considering the condition of it. One of my friends had the GMC ’92, and I had the Chevy Astro ’93.

    But @JerryDeeWrench, these were only “bullet proof” if you didn’t drive them!

    I have commented here before about the problems which mine had. Electrical, mechanical, fuel system (mine hated ANY alcohol in the fuel. Try and find pure gasoline nearby now), broken torsion bars, and then ultimately a failed reverse gear in the trans. When another one came along a short while ago, someone else added that the then-current safety ratings for this M-Body GM van were abysmal.

    I’d actually (with a bit of experienced concerns) take this on for my oldest, who is about to take a job in a location where the AWD would help. But my offer would embarrass me, and probably irritate the seller.

    Oh yea, and… This is pretty close to me, being in Rochester Hills. Clarkston is a hop-skip-jump up the road.

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  7. AndyinMA

    26 grand was pretty big money in 1992. I bought an 85 s15 new, not a bad trucklet but that 2.8 had its share of behavior issues.

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  8. irocrobb

    1992 does seem like a long time ago. There wasnt really any internet so to speak. And most families were buying great vehicles like this as apposed to all the silly SUVs and pick up trucks out there now. Wish I could go back in time.
    And I do like this one but too much money to ever consider…..

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  9. Little_Cars

    I had a 91 Safari van loaded but with the true barn doors. I wanted to swap them out with something like on this Barn Find. When I started researching how to go about doing it, I realized if I was lucky enough to source everything at the Pull-A-Part I would have the carve out the roof section too as it has two bulges molded into it to accommodate the upper hinges. Mine was a gorgeous deep maroon with alternate silver band below. Unfortunately it had a deep red velour interior that did not fare well after a decade in the sun. Liked the styling. Very practical with moveable seating.

  10. JP

    Nice van! My friends wife had one & it gave them great service!

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  11. CapNemo

    Here in Texas, if you see one on the road, you can bet your rear-end it’s full of mexicans.

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  12. RG in PDX

    These Safaris/Astros were really big in Japan about 10 years ago… maybe it will go there. They love the boxy shape. Can’t imagine the shipping costs, but, hey….

  13. Jesse

    These are a great rig but unfortunately they are not collectible so the price is easily twice too much.
    My friends parents had an identical one growing up. We took it skiing in the winter and towed a boat in the summer. Hauled butt when unloaded too, I’ve definitely looked into buying one but almost all are trashed. This may be the nicest one left!

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