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Fast Pony Survivor: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1


Wearing a lovely coat of Candy Apple Red, and in very original condition, this M-code 351 automatic Mach 1 is a numbers matching survivor.  Having spent a great deal of time in storage, this Mach 1 is very straight with very little rust. Currently bid up to $10,000 with the reserve unmet, there is also an available buy it now option for $12,000. Considering the originality, and condition, we think whoever gets this is going to be lucky Mach 1 owner. Find it here on ebay out of Jonesboro, Louisiana.


Currently residing under the hood is an era correct 351, but it is not the correct numbers matching block. The original engine is available with the car, but is in questionable condition as to whether or not it could be rebuilt. The current engine is described as partially “hooked up” to where it will run. We are unsure of what a partially “hooked up” engine means, but if it runs, then that’s what we want to know. Described as a good runner, the engine could stand some paint, and the engine bay itself could stand a good cleaning as well. Overall the engine bay doesn’t look to bad, but there are some rust bubbles developing on the passenger side shock tower down low, and the underside of the hood is unusually rusty. Also this is a factory air conditioned car, but all of the engine bay components are missing.


Taking a quick glance inside of this Mach 1 reveals a very reasonable, and original interior. The dash looks to be very nice, as do the seats and the door panels.


Looking a little deeper into this Mach 1 reveals that the seller did a last second, very quick, wipe down of the interior. If you look around the window crank on the door panel, and look at the wood portion of the door panel with the glaring over spray, it is making us wonder if these panels have some issues, or if the seller was trying to show how well the interior can clean up in this Mach 1? Not to nitpick, but you always have to be on your toes when looking at cars for sale online. The seats look very reasonable only suffering a little looseness from time and the foam breaking down. Overall the interior is very complete, and likely will clean up beautifully for someone who may want to enjoy this Mustang in its current condition.


There is nothing like a red Mach 1. The paint has held on well to the test of time only having some minor exterior chipping, and the paint looks to have oxidized slightly. Remarkably straight down the passenger side, the driver side does have a few dents that should be mentioned. In the lower portion of the rear quarter, behind the wheel, is a not so obvious dent. There is also another dent in the same quarter ahead of the front wheel. The driver door is a little beat up with some minor surface rust, and some more serious denting as well. None of the dents appear to have creases, so they aren’t terribly bad. The seller is also including a spare driver door, though it is not color matching. Examining the passenger side closer, there is a very faint dent in the passenger door that to many, may go unnoticed. Mach 1’s are always desirable and cool, but how many do you see that have survived? What would you do with this Pony?


  1. roselandpete

    The 69 Sportsroof style is my favorite of all the Mustangs.

    • wuzjeepnowsaab

      I still think the tailights for 1969 were the absolute best of all the Pony lights

      It’s the little things…

  2. Coventrycat

    More hood pins!! Arrgghh!!

    • DrinkinGasoline

      Ever had a 60’s or early 70’s vehicle’s hood let go at 70 mph due to a faulty OEM hood lock failure ? I have. Imagine having a hood in your face as it wraps itself into and up over the windshield. We used to chain the hoods down from underneath to the lower radiator support.

      • Pfk1106

        I test drove a ’72 Mgb back in ’75. As I shifted to 3rd pulling away from the lot, the bonnet did just that….talk about a fright. The look on the salesman’s face when I pulled back on the lot was pretty scary too.

  3. lincolnscott

    Not a bad price at all and having the original engine is best as this is what would sell the car as numbers matching. Sold two for my Brother in law last year. The 351 went for 30K and the cobra jet 40 K . Of course these were nut and bolt restorations. This one looks like a potential profit 15K after repairs.

  4. JW

    I bought a numbers matching 70 Mach1 in 2005 for $14,500 that I drove home from Colorado Springs to Kansas City. It was a good 20 footer but later had to put $15K in bodywork and paint because Mustangs hide rust really well that pictures don’t reveal. Mine also was a 351C / FMX 3.00:1 rearend. The two things that bothers me on this one is the chrome shifter handle is all rust and the missing Mach1 stripe across the back end of the trunk lid so if it’s original paint where is the stripe. If it is just a few dents and no serious rust at $12K it seems a decent deal but I would want a personal inspection before laying out the cash. We wanted a 69 but the ones we found were in much worse shape than this one for about the same price.

  5. Rustytech Member

    My question is, why does the Ford 351 here have a GM HEI ignition system on it? Shock tower rust was a common problem on these, and so was floor and frame rail rust. Check it closely before plopping down any cash.

  6. JW

    Could be a aftermarket dizzy, the DUI and MSD dizzy’s look like the GM HEI.

  7. Moparmann Member

    Rust on the shifter handle and turn signal stalk indicate excessive moisture invasion, makes me leery. And that’s just what I can see, no telling what’s hidden. Wonder if it smells moldy inside? Still one of my favorite cars and I’m a Mopar guy!! :-)

    • Jack

      @Moparmann I noticed all that rust too, there is also rust on the brake pedal arm. I wonder how much more rust is hiding inside the car…

  8. Jim Clark

    That looks alot like daylight through the drivers side floorboard. Not irreparable but more work for certain. Plus interior chrome needs some serious love. It sucks because you get drawn in by the looks from 20′ away and don’t see the rest until it’s home;-)

  9. Jack

    The mud on the tires indicates it was stored outdoors for a long time.
    Not in the garage pictured.

  10. Rustytech Member

    Jim you are dead on. That’s why I never buy any car from photos. My nephew was interested in buying one of these a couple years ago. I went to inspect it for him. It looked perfect from 20ft. But closer inspection revealed rot in floor, frame rails, shock towers, trunk. I swear if you tried to lift it on a tow truck it would have broken in half. ALWAYS INSPECT CLOSELY!

  11. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Did they paint fender screws at the factory ?

    • JW

      No, good eye !!!

  12. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    I’ve never much cared for Mustangs, but that first pic angle is very enticing. Looks tough, too bad for all the rust and such.

  13. rich voss

    With the rust areas already mentioned, PLUS the back bumper, didn’t any of you guys think HURRICANE flooded car that was dragged out and dried out ? I sure did. It’s a Louisiana car. One of my favorite years/body styles…but NO to the automatic, thanks. Also, the ad does mention that the ignition has been replaced with that item. He keeps saying “numbers matching”…and finally says he’ll give you the actual “blown-up” original short block engine if you want it (for free). Anyway, it sold for 12K. Good luck to the buyer !

    • Jack

      What about the back bumper are you seeing?

      • rich voss

        Jack – maybe it’s the lighting, my eyesight, or it was once painted over…but it looks completely oxidized to me. Salt water will certainly wreck chrome plating. Up North here, the road salt in the Winter will pit it quick enough if not kept clean, but that back bumper on the Mach 1 looks uniformly rusty. Have never seen that before….

  14. S. Brodie

    The ’69 Mustangs came with two choices in the 351, either the 290HP 351 W or the 351 2barrel also a windsor. This looks to me like a 351 Cleveland which wasn’t available in Canada until 1970. I had a 351W 290HP with a 4.30 – 1 rear end which I gave to my eldest son who still has it and that probably explains why it is only partially “hooked up”. The 351C is a much larger engine in size and would require specific mounting assemblies for PS, and AC. These parts might be hard to come by and since 351C’s came in a variety of configurations many designed only for trucks like the M series if I were to buy this I would ensure that the other available engine also had the accessory setups, and probably count on having it rebuilt if it were a Windsor engine.

    • rich voss

      S. Brodie – are you talking about Canada only 351’s ? My ’71 Boss 351, was, to my understanding, the exact same external dimensions as all the Windsor 351’s and had the same mounting points too. The Clevelands, of which my Boss was a special variant, were stronger blocks, had better oiling and internals, had much better heads/flow/valves etc….but were still the same size externally. Now Ford Racing will sell you a number of 427s based on the special Cleveland block. So, like a bigger (internal) Boss 351. Cross-bolted mains and all. THAT would make for one special Mustang !

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