Field Find: 1962 Ford Falcon Futura

There were a bunch of compact Falcons built in 1962 – 396,129 of them to be precise —  but the sporty Futura 2-door sedan accounted for just 4% or 17,011 units. This one has been parked for 20 years and we’re guessing most of that time was outdoors from the photos provided. It has the cool bucket seats with console, but the car overall is going to need a restoration. Located in Medford, Oregon, the seller has listed the car here on craigslist for $2,200. Thanks to Barn Finder Boot for another great discovery!

Ford entered the compact car market in 1960 and the Falcon would eventually share its bones with  other successful cars, including the Mustang and Maverick. It turned out to be a wise decision as – by 1962 – the Falcon represented one out of every four automobiles the company was building. Looking to draw in buyers who wanted more of a sporty presentation, Ford introduced the Falcon Futura in ’62 with its bucket seats, upgraded interior, factory-installed safety belts, different side trim (spears), and different emblems. But it was strictly a 2-door sedan as the hardtop version of the car wouldn’t materials until 1963.

No mention is made if the car runs, but since it’s been idle for two decades, we’re guessing not. The VIN indicates it has the 170 cubic inch I-6 engine that put out 105 hp compared to the basic 144 with 90 horses. This car has a 3-speed manual, but we can’t tell if it’s column or console shifted. The seller pulled it out of the field it’s been in (along with another Falcon) and had it towed to a shop where four new tires were installed. The trunk lock is broken, but the seller scored another one on eBay along with five “hub caps” which look like the desirable wire wheel covers.

The weather-worn paint looks to be dark blue flanked by a red interior. The seller says the prior owner had the seats redone, but we don’t know how long ago that was, and the interior may not be complete as at least one door panel doesn’t seem to be present. The headliner at a minimum will need replacing as it’s got a bad case of the droops.

Mileage for the Futura is stated to be 134,000, so given its down time, age and amount of use, a complete mechanical refresh is likely going to be needed. This car originated from Ford’s assembly plant in San Jose, California and if in Concours condition, could fetch upwards of $20,000. Given the seller’s asking price, that would leave maybe $18,000 to get the job done. If there is no corrosion to have to contend with, this might be a good starter car for someone who’s been priced out of the Mustang or Camaro marketplace.


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  1. David

    What a great project. The car has a lot going for it. Especially resale potential when finished. Wring every bit of horsepower out of that 170!

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  2. Ray


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    • Rick

      I owned a ’63 Falcon Squire woody and I noticed the grille on this ah, well, ’62 first thing.

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  3. djjerme

    “and if in Concours condition, could fetch upwards of $20,000.”

    Who cares. Stop treating cars like stocks/investment. Sucking the fun out of this hobby like that other site that’s turned in to a glorified showroom..

    Get this because it’ll make a great project base and you enjoy working/restoring/fixing up cars. I’m tired of people always asking “what’s it worth?”

    Better ask “what have you done to it.”

    Internet. Ruining hobbies since 1999.

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    • MrBZ

      …and yet, here you are.

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  4. Little_Cars Little_Cars Member

    Wow, the writer of the Craigslist add never learned the power of punctuation, or the use of a comma or period every once in a while. Doesn’t even have a period at the end of his run-on sentence! I’m not quite sure how one punches a hole in the trunk to bypass the lock and not damage the body. And it looks like the seller paid a locksmith to do just that. But not unlock the trunk! Which, evidently, has a valuable bicycle tire living inside! Speaking of tires, why not take a current shot of the car with it’s new rubber instead of a dark photo of it sitting next to a stack of ’em.

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    • DON

      I always wondered about that. Has no one figured out you can remove the back seat and unbolt the truck latch ?

  5. Steve Clinton

    Truly, this Falcon is outstanding in its field.

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  6. Rick

    The more I look at this car and compare it to photos of other first generation Falcons the more I believe the car is a ’62 with a ’63 grille swapped in. The fender side ornamentation and the clear parking/signal lenses seem to say the car is a ’62. A ’63 would have amber lenses and the fenders would have a more flat spear type ornament.

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  7. bill da

    His craigslist ad gets award for longest sentence ever.

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  8. bone

    With the red interior, I would say the car was painted black , not blue

  9. Mike

    Detective Mike says it was at least covered due to the spaced apart pavers on the ground to hold down a tarp. The green tarp fragments means it’s been sitting there long enough to screw up the paint before disintegrating.

    The run-on sentence with no capitalized words and zero punctuation means that it was all typed on a smart phone. To show just how stupid ads with run-on sentences are, just speak out loud the description without stopping.

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  10. Bob

    I had one bought it new these were actually 62 &1/2 year models. Mine came with a 4 speed
    , console, and the big 170 CID motor in 63 they became the sprint

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