Field Find: 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III

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Personal luxury coupes were getting their fair share of the market in the late sixties, with Lincoln re-introducing their Mark series for the ’69 model year to serve as Ford’s flagship offering for that segment.  It was elegant, large, and luxurious from all angles, with that spare-tire trunk molding out back and a boisterous grille in the front.  But this 1969 Lincoln Continental Mark III here on Craigslist looks like it was put out to pasture quite some time ago, and there’s gonna be some serious work involved to return this one to its former glory.  If you’d like to try, the car is near Portland, Oregon, with your initial expenditure running $1,200, although I’m guessing the seller may listen to offers.

Thanks, Gunter Kramer, for the tip! The story of this once-beautiful Lincoln is that it sat under a tree, somewhere, since 1995, or before.  We don’t know if it belonged to the seller all that time, or if he purchased or claimed it at some point, but he dragged it out of a field and left the body crud present because it looks cool, in his opinion.  There’s rust in the doors, wheel wells, and roof, but I can agree that overall the body seems straight.  That black paint is not factory and isn’t the original color, as this one was green to start with.

Lincoln did its buyers right by including a 460 under the hood as the standard powerplant, and the seller states that his goal was to get it running again, which technically, I guess he has.  If you hotwire the coil and hook up a gas can to the carburetor, the motor will start, but the big 460 doesn’t sound like it’s running on all 8 cylinders.  The seller’s hypothesis is stuck rings, but he did rebuild the carb, added a new starter, and performed some sort of an ignition tune-up.  No word on the state of the transmission, or the 9-inch rear end.

I’m really not sure what adjective is best to describe the interior, but perhaps it sat since ’95 or before with the windows down. and it’s probably reasonable to surmise that just about everything inside there is going to need some sort of attention.  In all fairness, the seller realizes and states that the Lincoln is a total project, or maybe just a parts car at this point.  It sounds like he’s tinkered with the engine a bit and had his fun and is now ready to move on.  Do you see much hope for saving this one?

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  1. RamoneMember

    I was optimistic until the interior shots. Perfect parts car, though.

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  2. CadmanlsMember

    Yep that’s a parts car alright! Oh my, well the windows must work because they must have been down for the interior to get that bad.

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    • Frank

      That’s a shame, these were perfect highway cruisers. There was a brown one like this in town for years, it had less than 200 miles in it when the drunk salesman rolled it over several times. The dealership bought all new sheet metal but never did the work. It bounced around for years and ended up disappearing a few years back

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  3. Howie

    Was it above or below ground level?

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  4. Hal


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  5. Robert Levins

    You’re not driving to the Oscars in this thing. Ouch, that interior is long time gone and the other commenters seem right, this is a parts car. It would take too much time and money before you could get it to look the way you want it. But, as a good parts car, it’s probably worth the money. Especially the engine. Good luck.

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  6. SteveG

    Wasn’t this that time capsule car they dug up? 😬

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  7. Ted-M

    Saw a show called Dirty Cars on History Channel on Wed. Nights. It is amazing what the detail shops can do!

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  8. HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

    Apparently, some of the farm field is included with the sale,,,if any. This goes into the newly formed “you must be kidding” file, already bulging at the seams,,,

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    • Steve

      That patina is alive…ALIVE!

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  9. Big C

    The only thing that will help this thing is a mason jar full of K-1, and a wick.

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  10. Dave

    Donor car.

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  11. Rrrrandy

    With all that moisture exposure, the steel is degrading to iron oxide perfect for refining back into steel to make rebar! I’m afraid of the parts condition for any running vehicle.

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  12. OldNSlo

    This would make an awesome dirt track racecar.

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  13. GrandpaT

    First thing a thorough cleaning and gutting the interior.if it wasn’t on the other side of the country I’d be in . It has great potential

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  14. Rico

    A Mk III is my #2 favorite Lincoln with a ‘41 Continental cabriolet being #1.
    I’m saddened to see this once beautiful car in this kind of condition.
    The guy who did that to this car needs a heart.
    I just sold a 67 Chevy short bed step side pickup that I hadn’t driven since the late 90’s a couple weeks ago that was in better shape.
    I hope I don’t have a nightmare tonight because of the pictures I’ve seen here today.

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  15. Johnmloghry johnmloghry

    It’s a great parts car. The wheel covers alone are worth around $100,00 each. Engine, transmission and trunk lid and hood plus the grill. I’t a good salvage parts car.

    God Bless America

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  16. Mike

    If it moves under it’s own power, the drive line is worth that price…

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  17. Troy

    Field find is a nice way of saying that it was put out to pasture once probably at the time when scrap metal prices were so low they charged you to haul the thing off.well scrap metal is high again scrap it before the price drops

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  18. david r

    to think that car was once someone’s pride and joy.

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  19. Melton Mooney

    Swamp thing on wheels.

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  20. Scooby

    You Guys ain’t seeing it, ware is all this Rust we are told about. The interior looks like someone turned a shop vac to blow with a bag of flour inside it.
    I believe this is made to look this way so nobody will second glance it.
    I’m telling you if I had the means I’d rent a trailer and a truck and a driver and be driving this car on Monday !! Anyone loan me some change so I can get this car ?? I live in Eastern Washington.?
    Just a Thought.

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