Finest on the Road: 1982 Chrysler LeBaron

Jeff LaveryBy Jeff Lavery

The seller has some high praise for this 1982 Chrysler LeBaron wagon, which does appear quite nice with incredibly low mileage of just 20,500. The asking price of $7K seems fair for a survivor wagon like this one, but that’s definitely top of the market pricing – so don’t expect to net a huge return if you sell it next year. Find it here on eBay with the option to submit a best offer.

“Finest on the road” is how the seller describes this Town & Country edition of the LeBaron. It’s not hard to see why: the woodgrain paneling is in nice shape; it retains all of its original wire wheel hubcaps; there’s plenty of OEM accessories still attached, from the mudflaps to the roofrack; and the seller says it was dealer maintained since Day 1. These LeBarons shared the K-Car platform and were part of the wave that made front-wheel drive mainstream.

Inside, the red velvet remains in excellent condition. The seller opines that this color and fabric was first offered on 1982 model year vehicles, and that the interior still smells new in this example. The car has won multiple trophies at various Mopar shows, for whatever that tidbit is worth. Despite its domestic chops, this LeBaron is powered by an optional Mitsubishi-sourced 2.6L four-cylinder rated t 92 b.h.p.

The seller provides minimal photos, including a number of collages to show off various details. I’ve never seen a LeBaron sporting a grill badge showing a foreign crest, so perhaps the original owner was a visiting dignitary of sorts. Overall, these wagon variants are seen far less frequently than the drop-top models, and this nearly-new LeBaron offers some level of usefulness in addition to modest collectability.

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  1. Jeffro

    Might be the “Finest one on the road” cause it’s the last one on the road. Rust had a hunger for K cars.

  2. AF

    Does the grill badge indicate Jon Voight ownership?

  3. dirtyharry

    Things it won’t do: (1) Be hard to find in a parking lot; (2) get termites; (3) fool anyone into thinking you are rich; (4) be a great present for your daughter. I think it a great find, but have no idea why or what to do with it.

  4. John D.

    =) Stick a Conquest TSi engine in it.

  5. Rustytech

    Give it a good home. It would get lots of attention even at the kids soccer game among all the look alike cross over SUV’s.

  6. Dan

    Yeah, I would drive this. I think it is cool.

  7. Ex Benzo Tech.

    These were pretty good cars with the Mitsu engine.
    But $7g is crazy.
    Parts might be hard to find.
    Back in the day these were just basic transport and I don’t think much has changed.
    Would I drive one? Sure , if I got it for less than $3g
    Also back then Mitsu parts cost more than Benzo parts, I dont know if it is still the case.

  8. Leon

    Like it. But not crazy about the red interior.

  9. Sam Sharp

    I’d put a SBC in it. Maybe Leno would do it.

  10. ulm210

    When I was a teenager my good friend’s Mom had one of these and it was our primary mode of transportation. OMG did we abuse that thing…

  11. Davey

    These Mitsubishi engines were notorious for head gasket issues and crank problems. The 2.5 Mopar engine was a much better engine. I had several k cars over the years with the 2.5. Excellent runners and go for high miles.

  12. Edward

    A plastic tape “Woodie” we called them.

  13. W9BAG

    I would speculate that this also may have the digital instrumentation, and “voice command” option. Beautiful wagon. They were also available with an Infinity sound system.

  14. Joe

    When I lived on LI I use to have my Mercedes serviced by a guy named Peter. Peter was a odd sort of fellow who kept very strange hours. Peter use to drive a white one of these in clapped out condition which he would offer to you when having your car serviced. Needless to say I’d always decline his offer.

  15. Dan

    You needed to keep a tube of superglue in the glove compartment. My Mom had a 1985 Reliant K wagon. You release the parking and the gauges on the dash fall out. Open the good the moulding around the handle fell off. You would have to release the parking brake 5 times to get the light to go off. It didn’t get eaten alive from rust being a California car. That and her AMC Hornet Sport about, make her Camry look like a Bentley. The Camry outlived both cars in years of service. Fit finish and quality better than any American crap we owned.

  16. BMW4RunninTundra Member

    I must admit, this has to be the nicest Chrysler POS K car I have seen!!! It is different. It is immaculate. It appears extremely well maintained. Of many of its potential “pitfalls”, that Mitsubishi engine is in the top two!! (rust being the other) If they were not busy popping headgaskets, or producing lower end “noises”, they most assuredly were “smokers”!!!!!!!!! Probably a two pack, I mean qt, a day habit!!!!! Plus the price, even for a fine looking POS, is beyond optimistic!!!! He’d be better off trying to give it away. Still, amazing for a vehicle that came out of the gate with so many strikes against it!!!


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