Finish Your Way! 1968 Dodge Charger

Just as poppies sprung forth from the bombed-out soil of post-WWI France, second-generation Chargers pop onto the Internet with remarkable regularity, many with PTSD from their own war stories and prompting questions about tales left untold. This 1968 Dodge Charger in Atascosa, Texas, long ago passed over and parted out, could go a number of different ways after today. While the original 383 cid (6.3L) four-barrel V8 is gone, it comes with a date-correct 440 (7.2L). It was no special model but came equipped with air conditioning, tinted glass, bucket seats, and hood-mounted turn signals. The listing here on eBay has attracted at least five bidders and set the market value of this Charger above $10,000. Impatient shoppers can click Buy It Now for $15,000. That number will not shock anyone who has witnessed the power of Mopar Madness.

The green paint, green vinyl top, and green interior may be original, but that hue is not known for attracting the kind of green that most sellers appreciate, cash. The ’68-only circular tail lights distinguish this first-year gen-2 from its ’69 and ’70 siblings. The racing-inspired fuel filler adds some bling to the rear quarter. Compliment the seller for pressure-washing or otherwise cleaning up the exterior so potential buyers can see more of their possible investment.

The interior did not benefit from the clean-up applied to the outside, but at least most of what we see here seems to relate to the car itself. The white bucket seat differs from the C6F green interior noted on the fender tag. Thanks to for some details. The seller includes “tons” of parts with the car, though buyers may wish to confirm that their weight exceeds 4000 lb.

Presumably, the 1968 440 is offered with the car. No word on whether its internal components operate independently or are fused together for eternity. It’s relatively academic, though, as engine choice can go in any direction once the original block is gone. I could see this one with a 2006 or later 5.7 Hemi with some bolt-ons and air conditioning, of course, spinning a six-speed manual. Keep the green paint but deck it out with a white interior and white vinyl top. Anything that doesn’t remind folks of a movie or TV car is fine by me. How would you finish this Texas-sized project?

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  1. Dusty Stalz

    I had to read that first sentence a few times to make sure I was reading it right. Cars don’t get PTSD. Lest We Forget.

  2. dave

    Ok, so let me see here, and I’m a former ’68 R/T owner: It needs a full, I said full, restoration. Quarters are shot, and probably the rockers to boot. Let’s not miss the rotten sail panels too. Original engine may or not be a boat anchor. Hmm.

    • Angrymike

      I agree, but it’s a 60’s Mopar……..

  3. TimM

    Start with media blasting and if there’s anything left start ordering body panels!! When you get that done fit the body together to blow it apart again after everything fits then prime and paint!! Motor rebuild transmission rebuilt!! Then call painless and get a new wire harness!! Then maybe you can turn the key and it will start!! About $60,000 later after tons of other miscellaneous parts!! I think I’ll wait for a better example!!!

  4. CCFisher

    Any time I see a seller with two of something, I wonder what’s wrong with the one he’s selling.

    The seller’s username is “barnfinder_427” and he seems to have an interesting assortment of cars. This one appears to be the only one for sale at the moment.

    • Terry

      yeah, me too I always notice another car of same make/model. And think ah-oh this one gotta be bad. But on my other hand 15k

  5. Maestro1 Member

    This is absurd and I didn’t even read the whole post. Apologies. $15,000.00
    for this is pure nonsense, and it’s one of my favorite Dodge products.

    • Terry King

      Sounds like you run across em all the time. Send one of them “fair priced” ’68s my way.

  6. Bmac777 Member

    It’s still baffling to see what some of these wrecks are being sold for.
    You could get into a running one , still needing work for 25 -35k, even if they’re filled with bondo and have problems, they are still complete and run.
    Do you think you could put 15k into this after buying it for 15k and be any where near even moving it in your drive way?
    Even if you had 80k put aside for a car/project , would you think of buying this for 15k? No F**^%# Way

    • Terry

      Of course, What wa I thinh=king Really.Thanks for setting me straight.:)

  7. George Mattar

    10 years ago, this heap of crap would have been crushed. A fool and his money. Best looking muscle car, but the reality is kids got their hands on these in the early 70s and destroyed them. Sad

  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Actually looked like the one I bought loooong ago. The lady that had it did the best to keep the rain out of the broken back window. Sold it to one of my Charger fanatic friends way back in the 80’s after I got her to finally decide to sell it. Think there was a picture of the green thing at my mom’s place.

  9. YooperMike

    This is the kind of stuff you buy and stick in that barn you have behind the house. Will them to your grand children. At 15K in 2020 dollars how much will they be worth in 10 years ?

  10. Arthell64 Member

    It seems to be a great time to cash out of 2nd gen needs everything project chargers and low mileage GN buicks.

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