First Gen Survivor: 1967 Dodge Charger

Dodge Chargers are popular muscle cars, but often the 68 and newer cars come to mind when discussing the Charger. This earlier ’67 model is a sweet find due to being in original condition, and packing a 383 4 speed drive-train. With great looks and a spacious interior, this is a muscle classic that can be fun, and haul the family too! This 50,000 mile surviving example can be yours for $26,000. Take a look at it here on craigslist out of Eastern Connecticut. Thanks to reader Michael for this slick muscle survivor!

With some patina to be found this engine bay isn’t too shabby. The factory 383 V8 and 4 speed combo is a sweet package for this Charger and surly makes for a fun driver. Also this Charger features power brakes and power steering making it a little easier to drive.

Can you believe how clean and plush the interior is on this 67? I was surprised to see the overall cleanliness, and overall spaciousness of the interior. The seller mentions that the center console is removed due to the replacement of a shift boot but otherwise this interior is great.

Even the back seats appear to be comfortable and stylish with its individual seats and a center console. Talk about lap of luxury, there is enough room to fit your family or friends comfortably, and there is style and performance to round out this great classic muscle package.The only draw back to the interior is the slightly faded carpet in the rear cargo area. Give it a dye job, and enjoy this great beauty as is.

The exterior is nice, but there are a few blemishes to point out. The driver side fender has a few dings, and there is paint issue on the passenger side door. It is unclear if the door has been struck, or if the paint failed in some strange fashion. Beyond these few issues, this Charger has a grand appearance, and looks like the 50,000 mile survivor that it is. A bit of a sleeper compared to the “popular” muscle cars, this Charger offers so many great features, in performance, comfort, and style. No matter what you opted to do with this classic, it would be sure to put a smile on your face. Are you a fan of these first generation Dodge Chargers?


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  1. flmikey

    With prices for Chargers going through the roof…I label this one a bargain…

    • Miguel

      The Charger that are going through the roof are the 1968 – 1970 not this model.

      • Steve R


        A quick look at the 66-67 Chargers which have sold recently on eBay puts decent big block cars in the mid-teens. There are two 383 4spd cars, that appear much nicer than this that have sold for under $20,000, one was significantly less than that. This is a cool car, but seems to be overpriced by comparison.

        Steve R

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      • Bill

        Your exactly right pal only with hemi. These cars are just butt ugly

  2. DRV

    I have enjoyed these for years, especially in pale yellow over black. There are a lot of design elements combined into one that work very well.

  3. Bob c.

    I agree with Flmikey, definitely a bargain. Never really gave this first year much thought, but this one is pretty nice.

  4. TCOPPS Copps Member

    I absolutely love mine! Damn reliable too, wouldn’t trade it for anything. 383-Auto

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  5. Rube Goldberg Member

    What a sharp looking car. Too bad the buyers didn’t think so. It was a flop, or there would be more around today. I read, like the Marlin, if it only had a hatchback. Certainly had everything else. I think the 4 speed is pretty rare. They were going after the Thunderbird, G/P market, and most were automatics.

  6. jim

    That really seems like a lot of money for a car in this condition. I do like originality, though. I’m curious about the “long term storage” as the interior looks kind of rough, especially the dash/radio pic. Was the long term storage out in a field?

    • Metoo

      I would really like to hear the back story about that passenger side door rust damage. How in the heck did the rest of the body escape that?

      • 86 Vette Convertible

        And the dents on the drivers side front fender.

    • Lawyer George

      Jim. Me too. I bought a 66 w/383 and 4 speed new for $2800–$1000 back of maroni sticker drove it for 7 years at which point I bought a 74. Mine was no rust, in perfect condition and I planned to keep it. Problem was I left it at my Dad’s and one day he just up and sold it fr $500.00. I was super ticked. Mine had the center console so the ugly boot was not visible. Why the owner doesn’t put his back in the car is wonderment. I do not recall the truck like throw in shifting. Mine shifted fast like a dream. Since it had a 2.90 rear end gears it would quickly fall behind off the line but by the end of the 1/4 it had caught its opponent and was still going. With that ratio it was hellaciously fast. I got clocked at 144, but I got away. That was in the days when there were virtually no cars on the hiway. It was a great, maintenance free for the 138K miles I had it except for a water pump and a clutch. I think the c r offered here is more like $8000 range.

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  7. Whippeteer

    “surly makes for a fun driver” If it’s a fun driver, what’s there to be bad tempered about?

  8. johnfromct

    I’m surprised no one else has voiced a concern over the front of the engine. Looks to me like long term leak, or worse, could have a serious overheating issue, in which case I’d want to really examine it for signs if warped heads or worse. Do coolant and oil checks for cross contamination. Other than that, cool car.

  9. Metoo

    Neat lines. Kind of a proto-Marlin in looks.

  10. 86 Vette Convertible

    I’d love to have a garage big enough to add that one to. I don’t so I won’t.

  11. Suttree

    Cars with four bucket seats have always been a winner.

  12. Madmatt

    My dad had a 66 black/red Charger-383 hi performance-auto,back in 1979,
    it Was the fastest car i’ve ever rode in possibly?
    The 4speeds were/are fairly rare.These early
    Chargers have never commanded much of the demand/prices
    that the later ones do…,until now–I guess?! nice,but about 10g
    over what I would want it for in its current shape.Last I looked,
    there were some better deals on these,but maybe they are all gone?
    this is a sweet ride,just needs some good luv..!!

    • Madmatt

      Here is a pic,He paid $300 for it,did minor work to it,
      had it less than a year,then sold it, was his ritual,
      probably sold it way too cheap..Lol.

      • flmikey

        Look at that paint…it’s a mile deep…what a find, Madmatt….

  13. Mountainewoodie

    I really like the ’67… even though its almost a luxo-barge. I’m not a big fan of white interiors though. But that 4 speed……..mmmmm.

    Like to find one in the yellow over black referred to above. Also that color I assume is factory but it looks funny..probably the light in the pix.

  14. Mike Ferrino

    I think it would be a Fun Daily Driver the way it is. Price is cheap enough considering the mention above. I also noticed dents in front left fender maybe lighting? Probably can have it taking care of for about 6K. If mechanically good I think it’s a good deal.

  15. BRENT

    In the Summer of 67, when I was 16, our family ran a service station. My Dad pulled a silver 67 Charger on the rack for an oil change. I opened the hood and there was a MONSTER of a engine with plug wires running into the valve covers and 2 big ole 4 bbl carbs! Blue insides with a 4 speed, hide away headlights, fastback, full length taillights—– AND BACK SEATS THAT FOLDED DOWN. ( Hey I was 16 ) I was in love. Yes, a MOPAR fan for life! The owner was a 20 something yr old LADY school teacher who was in our small town for a job interview. How fast does it go, I ask? Want to see, She replied. She take me for a RIDE!!!! When she was slowing down and my eyes refocused the speedo was still in triple digits! Often wondered if she taught drivers ed. She didn’t take the teaching job– ever saw her again. I’ve had 5 66-7 Chargers since. One was 440. 4 speed I put a 6 pack setup on. Get on it and it would go sideways in third gear. What a ride. Had many a MOPAR in my life but those 66-7’s were near and dear. Can’t remember what she looked like but I can see that silver Hemi Charger plain as day.

  16. adonis jones

    I had one a 1966 red with a auto,383 2 barrel.very strong an fast.only problem was the dash lights friend and I rewired it.couldn’t keep a good front end on her though.removed engine an put it in a 1966 sport fury,wow what a car.this was right out of high school back in 1975-77.

  17. Beatnik Bedouin

    Here’s some Dodge Charger history for your reading pleasure:

  18. Charles G. Van De Sampel

    Had two of these. Back in 78, fellow worker in the shop offered me the one he had before taking it to the boneyard. $35 dollars and an hour down and back to Muscatine, Iowa, I had my first 67. Engine and trans were both shot, so I swapped in the drivetrain from a retired IL State Police squad car. Sold it to a guy in Clinton, IA for $400. 1980, found another for $150. Interior was crap, and rear end was junk, so a trip to a buddies junkyard and $60 later, I had a different rear in it, cleaned the interior best I could and let it go for $650. The gentleman that owns it now totally restored it. Looks good in and out. Drives it once in a while.

  19. Bill Owens BillO Staff

    I’ve always liked the 66-67 over the 69-70. My son thinks the other way.

  20. CanuckCarGuy

    Growing up (70’s) one of our neighbours owned one from new, they were a typical family (mom, dad, 2 kids) and this was their only vehicle so it was even winter driven. The father worked nearby and walked to work, so it didn’t see much daily use – they sold it in the mid 80’s and bought a new car… something in plain vanilla as I recall. To this day I can’t comprehend that decision.

  21. stillrunners LAWRENCE Member

    Yes…automatic’s were standard….4 speed’s were the option….a 66/67 is on my long list….a 67 over a 66 as it had a few things over the 66….mainly a break in the console !

    • Brent

      Lawrence, 67’s also had the blinky lites up on the front fenders that the 6’s didn’t. Which improved overall appearance in my opinion.

  22. W9BAG

    The strange rust pattern on the passenger side door are known as gunshots.

  23. Steve Park

    Nice looking car, not sure about the price. A good friend of mine’s mother bought one new when we were in high school. He and a very attractive young woman enjoyed the folding back seat feature.

  24. EHide Behind

    The chargers value is still determined by the HEMI and 440 big block.
    The 383 with its new heads in 4 bel configuration was nice but run of mill as these fitted as this one were fairly heavy.

    Fastest MOPARS in 1/4 were autos, that 4 so shifter acted like a truck 4 spd, long throws

  25. Tyler

    Glad to read that I’m not the only one that likes these better than the 68 & later versions. To me, the fastback is just a better looking car. I’m not sure why these never got the love they deserved.

  26. wuzjeepnowsaab

    I’d have this over a 68+ any day. Great looking car and VERY reasonable price

  27. James

    This one has bumperettes which I haven’t seen on another, was that an option?

    Also, when I was in high school, a guy had a ’66 with a HEMI. It also had 2 batteries under the hood. Was this an option, or did someone add a second one to help all that iron turn over?

  28. EHide Behind

    First Hem I had high compression vicious am and advanced timing, as did stage w maxi wedge, you can overload a starter 1w to w4 or 6 to 12 for short durations to spin engine over fSter, as any pause whirr clunk could break earl starters housing.
    Although I never did, one can disconnect an alternator to gain. Up at drags and hope battery continued to hold enough crAnking amps after multiple runs and

    start ups and tune ups (changes) between runs.
    I just carried extra batteries and a starter.
    CHRYSLER Motors built extra heavy duty “Maxi starters fist but later labeled Hem I Starters over led powerfull motors meeds. Big Block 440 high performance 6 Pack also same staters.

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