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Fix or Junk? 1966 Ford F100 Truck

The Ford F-series of pick-up trucks have been hugely successful over the years, including the smallest version, the F-100, which was built between 1948-83. They were great workhorses that attract collector attention today. This 1966 F-100 has had more than its share of hard knocks over the years and the question becomes is there enough left here to work with. It’s offered in Boutte, Louisiana and available here on eBay for a flat $1,000.

Ford’s F-100 was in production for 35 years and saw quite a few changes over seven generations of trucks. In 1961, they began using unibody construction on these transports which proved to be unsuccessful. Because of the need for pick-up trucks to flex due to carrying varying load weights, this was a less reliable alternative. I’ve read stories where the doors on those trucks would sometimes pop open at will and then wouldn’t close. For 1965, Ford regrouped and introduced an all-new frame, one that employed Twin-I-Beam suspension which involved replacing the traditional straight-axle in the front. Besides being more stable, it provided for a more comfortable ride for passengers.

While this 1966 truck likely served its previous owners admirably over time, it looks to have passed the point of no return, at least to me. The seller indicates that he will not sell parts off the truck, which suggests an admission that this truck might serve at best as a donor. But little on the body is problem-free as there is rust almost everywhere and some of the sheet metal is dented. There are photos of the undercarriage provided when the truck is lifted off the ground with a forklift. See-through holes are common all over. However, on the plus side, the glass and front bumper still look good.

There is virtually no interior left besides the dash and steering wheel. At some point, the truck looks to have been white in color, but was changed to black. Under the hood is a mostly complete 352 cubic inch V-8 which should have been good for 208 hp, not the 172 the seller indicates. The seller says the truck has an automatic transmission, but it has a floor shifter that would suggest a manual. If it were an automatic, wouldn’t it be column-shifted?

Besides being in generally worn out condition, the problem gets worse because the seller can offer only a bill of sale as he does not have the title. While that can be overcome, is this truck worth the trouble? While pick-ups like this can bring big bucks in restored condition, sometimes things can be too far gone to be saved. This looks like ones of those times to me.


  1. Howard A Member

    I bet the front cab mounts are shot. Bad spot for these. Big job, but can be done. IDK, with all the 5 figure vehicles that come through, do people even dink with this stuff anymore?

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  2. bone

    Funny , the place selling its a junkyard , but they wont sell parts off of it ?

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  3. Bill D

    One of the interior shots, I can see what looks like the corner of a clutch pedal, but in one of the under-car shots, I can also see what looks like automatic transmission cooler lines. Maybe it had a transmission swap at some point in its life, and it was just easier to make it a floor-shift automatic rather than trying to convert it from a floor-shift manual to a column-shift automatic?

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  4. angryjonny

    Fire it up, new tires, clear coat, drive it as is.

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  5. Bunky

    As a retired wrecking yard owner I can clarify that the reason the seller won’t sell individual parts is that the seller sees it as a fixer/ not because he thinks it’s only good for parts, as the author states. You don’t want to sell pieces for a few dollars that cause the vehicle to then be undesirable as a project. As far as “only having a bill of sale”, that should not be a problem because a licensed wrecking yard will be required to supply legally acceptable paperwork. Big block/short box/Custom Cab? Definitely a keeper!

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  6. Bob Mck

    It sure is a project. Would be really nice done. Personally, I think the price is too high. But a junk yard owns it and they might be hard to work with.

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  7. ROARRR Member

    (A) It’s a truck–NOT a Lambo or Jaguar, NOT LOOKING CLOSELY, i DON’T SEE ANY THROUGH RUST, every part for these is inexpensively available at the wreckers or Ford P/u clubs, Almost anyone will be able to work on it, it’s a project for now that we’re not as rich as we were but STILL like to play with cars and trucks, sandpaper is cheap at the dollar store, lots of that and a case of beer would make a BIG improvement!–and maybe contribute to muscle tonus for some couch potatoes!

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  8. PJ

    This same model was my very first truck.
    Bought it off an older gentleman friend of mine around 1977.
    Was manual on the floor.
    Think was the same motor.
    Originally was white with red trim.
    Before I graduated in 79 I had it all repainted in black. Just like this one.
    Had new mag wheels installed. Tires were 60’s on the front, 50’s on the rear
    Was pretty cool pulling up to school in it every morning. Everyone liked it.
    Myself and a friend of mine were known as “the truck guys”.
    Graduated and went into the Marines in Aug of 79.
    When I got situated at my duty station a year or so later I came home on leave and drove it back to NC.
    Ended up selling it (on time, or couple hundred dollars a month) to a “so called” fellow Marine friend that was in the same unit as I.
    Few months later I got shipped out on a Med cruise for 6 months. The guy only made about 2 payments to me before I left. After a few more months went by I heard from our shop in NC (our home base / duty station) that “the guy” got in trouble out in town one night and ended up getting kicked out of the Marine Corps!
    So, after my cruise got back 6 months later the guy was nowhere to be found.
    He got a nice lil truck, with fairly fresh paint on it, new wheels and even new emblems that I replaced on it after I had the paint done.
    I only got those 2 payments out of him. About $400. !
    Thanks a lot friend / fellow Marine!
    He was from Fitchburg, Massachusetts.

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  9. Arthur

    If the cab and front end can be repaired, this truck could probably serve at the basis for a custom project by a professional hot rod shop, especially with the products offered by LMC Truck.

    The only way to be absolutely sure of this vehicle’s condition, however, would be media blasting.

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  10. Gray Wolf

    Anybody think this truck has been submerged??? Looks that way!!

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