FJ40 Survivor: 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser

This 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser is described as being an incredible survivor, with loads of original details and equipment you don’t find on a vehicle this old. The seller lists how the FJ40 still had the original tires mounted when he found it, and that it was loaded up since new with all sorts of cool, in-period trail riding equipment. Not many Land Cruisers of this vintage still have their original window sticker and sales receipt, but this one does. The seller purchased it from the original owner, who purchased the truck new from Richard Toyota in Olyphant, PA. Find the Toyota here on eBay where bidding has reached $23,000 with no reserve.

The FJ40 looks incredibly solid from every angle, which is mildly shocking considering it has resided in the northeast most of its life. That’s simply not easy to do – keeping a truck like this rust-free – as the sheetmetal was vulnerable even when it was practically new. Plus, you throw in the manner in which these trucks were used – from rock hopping to snow plowing – so it’s of little surprise that so few are left in this sort of condition. The seller reports he has the original rolling stock with factory steel wheels and hubcaps, but he opted for newer rubber with more modern wheels; I would absolutely run the original wheels on an FJ40 in this sort of condition.

The interior looks fairly tidy, with a sharp black vinyl bench and no obvious damage to the dash or floors. The FJ40’s are simple affairs inside, so it’s not as if there’s a lot to worry about in terms of power features failing. Of course, it’s a manual, and from the driver’s seat you have a variety of controls on the outside of the truck to help with off-road excursions. There are two winch remotes for the Hickey Sidewinder winch, and you’ve also got a set of Warn lock-out hubs to help when the going gets tough. Other bits and baubles that come with the truck include the original dealer-supplied grease gun, owner’s manual, extra OEM keys, and more.

The odometer reads just under 47,000 miles, and while the seller doesn’t go so far as to verify that, it does seem likely given the condition on display here. In particular, the engine bay is very clean, and the valve cover looks practically new. These aren’t often modified too heavily under the hood, but it’s clear this FJ40 remains bone stock. The seller reports no mechanical issues or leaks, and it seems like this Toyota led a charmed life in terms of residing in the care of a longtime original owner who made sure it wasn’t left outside or otherwise driven in conditions causing it to succumb to rust. Survivor-grade FJ40s are always in demand, so this one will likely pull a strong final number.


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  1. 8banger 8banger Member

    I would definitely go after the rear body corners with a magnacard and see it it slides or even falls off. I have never seen one of these without that area compromised…

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  2. ace10

    Obligatory mention that the headlight bezel is upside down.

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    • Terrry

      No, it’s 360 degrees off.

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  3. BlondeUXB Member

    1974 was the first year for floor mounted shifter four speed from the factory for the US market.

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    • Aja

      I had a ‘71 it was 3 on the tree.

  4. Wayne

    BlondeUXB , you are correct. As an owner of a 1971 FJ40 and a past Toyota parts manager (And I still have the parts Micro-fische cards and reader!) This cruiser is nice but also 8banger is 100% correct. You would have to know these when you bought one new and be anal with the hose to flush out dirt and salt from between the lower back 1/4 panels and the reinforcing brace after every drive to have then not rust! Interesting pick of options/equipment on this one. No reason to install Warn lock-outs unless the original Toyota ones failed, OR this unit did not come with factory lock-outs. (this would be VERY unusual) The kit to change over to floor shift is a normal modification and Downey sold more of these kits than FJ40s had been imported by the factory. (many were imported by the owners) This has the rear heater option which is not rare, but not that common either. This also still has the “vacuum” shifted transfer case which fails from age at about year 4. It also has a factory radio antenna. Cool unit, but I would be running the magnet all over the back corners before spending this kind of money. These things are bullet proof. One day at our dealership, everyone stropped what they were doing and stared in disbelief. A tow tow truck pulled in with an FJ40 loaded up. None of us had ever seen one towed in. It just did not happen! Come to find out the driver was just transporting it and stopped in to pick up some other Toyota parts while passing by.
    A friend of mine who regularly ran the Rubicon told me that his Jeep club will require several modifications to CJs and Cherokees in order to make run without breaking and holding up the rest of the participants. With FJ40s, stock was just fine!

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  5. Piros1

    Wayne not to contradict but my brother in-law back in 1972 had a factory stock 1971 Toyota FJ40 with a 3 speed floor shift that he added a Warn overdrive unit to. I bought a new 1974 FJ40 in January of 1975 and both the 72 and my 74 came with Warn hubs. Just an FYI.

    My experience with these is they are horrible rust buckets after about 5-8 years in the Midwest and I’m sure PA sees as much snow and salt as we do or maybe more and just as humid. The frames are also notorious about rusting out, they tend to have traps in the reverse channel double frame that holds, dirt, salt, and whatever gets thrown at it. I use to flush mine out and keep the underside as clean as the top side and by the late 70’s is past saving in my opinion unless you put a new tub and frame, to me it was more than I could afford at the time with a wife a two kids and a moderate income at best. I will say it was a better driver as for handling than any Jeep I’ve drove. We enjoyed it very much and hated to sell it but it wasn’t anything I felt good about putting my wife and kids in. They were pretty rugged built and as capable as any other stock vehicle of that type and built better and stronger than the Land Rovers everyone raved about. We have had two of them as well.

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  6. John L.

    I would be curious to see what was under the aluminum diamond plate in the rear.

  7. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Ended:Sep 30, 2021 , 11:29AM
    Winning bid:
    US $24,000.00
    [ 70 bids ]

  8. Piros1

    I know it is sold so it is a moot point but the dash and rear doors as well as the floor pans have all been repainted, looks to have been done with a brush or roller. I would bet that under the diamond plate there is hidden rust issues. I think person pulled this rig in and did a thorough inspection it isn’t as clean as described. But evidently someone either didn’t care or missed it.

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