For Sporting Gentlmen: 1970 Mercury Cyclone GT

The Mercury Cyclone GT has been described as the car for the sporting gentleman who placed an emphasis on style and comfort. That is not to say that the car didn’t have sporting pretensions, as the car had a selection of engine options that could provide very respectable performance. This Cyclone GT is a nice looking car that you could park in your garage. You will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist. It is located in Spokane Valley, Washington, and is being offered for sale with a clean title. The owner has set the sale price at $14,900. A big thank you has to go out to Barn Finder Pat L for spotting this car for us.

The Cyclone looks to be quite a solid car. There are certainly no indications of rust issues, although there are no shots of the underside of the car. Some of the chrome trim is looking a bit dirty and oxidized, but I think that it might respond well to a good-quality polish. There is a sizeable ding on the passenger side fender, but it doesn’t look like it will be hard to fix. The car is fitted with Appliance mags, but the seller is including the original wheels with the car, which are complete with their trim rings and center caps.

The interior is complete, but some aspects of it are looking a bit tired. The dash pad has a crack in it, and there are a few aftermarket gauges that have been fitted to the car. It also has an aftermarket radio/cassette player installed. Having said that, it looks like the interior trim would respond really well to a deep clean.

A 351-4V engine and automatic transmission are fitted to the car, which also features power steering and power brakes. The Cyclone GT was fitted with the 351-2V engine as standard, and the 4V delivers a useful power increase of 45hp over the standard engine. The engine is also fitted with a freshly rebuilt Holley carburetor, and the owner says that the car runs and drives nicely.

The Mercury Cyclone GT is a bit of a “sleeper” in the used car field, and it is not a car that instantly comes to mind for many people when considering cars of its type from this era. However, they do have a dedicated following, and their values reflect this. Good, clean examples that are equipped like our feature car generally sell for around or just above $20,000, but I have seen immaculate examples pushing up to as high as $40,000. This one appears to be clean and solid and really doesn’t need a lot of work to make it stand out. That makes me think that this car at the asking price seems like a pretty good deal.


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  1. Crazyhawk

    I still can have fun in this hobby because of cars like this. It’s a cool, interesting, classic muscle car that is together and running for a price that working guys like me can afford. And I love those 351’s. Is that a side exhaust?

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    • Lynn Dockey Member

      i d say yes to the side exhaust

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  2. Rustytech Member

    I’d want to do a through inspection, but it looks like just needs a very deep detail to be local show ready. Price seems fair.

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  3. Jeff

    Very cool car with muscular lines and fascia that you don’t see very often. I still own two Mercs myself, so I’m biased (in favor), but I think the price is a bit steep. Tidy it up and straighten that obviously-struck front bumper, and maybe $12k.

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  4. Lance Nord

    It’s bewildering to me why the owner of this almost 50 year old car (in such good condition) would not spend $200 to detail and clay the car thereby getting an additional $2,000-$4,000 out of the car (or at the very least, give him leverage to hold his asking price).

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    • David Frank David Frank Member

      I wish I could get a “detail and clay” for a car like this for $200! Personally, I’d rather see the car before any lipstick is applied and have the option of putting in a little “sweat equity” myself.

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      • Lance Nord

        David Frank – I just had my 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 detailed and clayed for $180…. and that’s in SoCal.

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  5. Tom Justice

    Alan Jackson should hop on this one.

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  6. Jay

    Pristine examples of Cyclone can go as high as 65k and some higher

  7. Rock On

    Tom the song Mercury Blues came out in 1949. It was written and sung by K.C. Douglas. The Steve Miller Band did a version in 1968. David Lindley did a version in 1981. Canned Heat did a version in 1988. Meat Loaf sang it in 2003. Alan Jackson is way down the line on doing this song.

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    • glen

      I didn’t realize Canned Heat was still around in 1988.

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    • Kman

      So what? He still sang the song. Jeez some people are easily triggered. Even myself.

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  8. Dennis

    Love to see these cars around still. Tiring to see the same old same old everywhere. Chevelle’s, 67-69 Camaros’ Mustangs by the hundreds, Mopars. I think most of us know we can always be bored with the particular cars at every cruise or show. LOL When was the last time you saw one of these or maybe a Marauder 69-70? Montego GT? Etc….

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  9. dave Member

    Nice car, but what’s going on with the brake master cylinder? It looks like a mud-dauber-type wasp nest.

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  10. Troy s

    Looks a lot like the one I had in ’85, same color and style of rims. Mine had a different dash lay out and the 351 was loaded with after market parts. No title car that needed more work than I knew what to do with or could afford so I quickly sold it to a buddy from work. Paid 650, sold it for 500. In person I believe I’ve seen maybe one or two besides mine, ever. Interesting, more interesting now, and I hope someone takes good care of this Cyclone.

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  11. Slw71962

    Twin to the Ford Torino.

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  12. CCFisher

    Awesome front-end design, particularly with hidden headlights, although I prefer the clean grille of the ’70 Montego MX Brougham my neighbor had when I was a kid.

    Btw… the front bumper on this one is tweaked, and given the complexity of the design, I doubt it can be straightened.

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    • Vince H

      I think the front end is a bit odd.

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  13. JEFF S.

    I agree, but it is still not a bad as what they did to the T-Bird front end in 1970, I think they were going for a bird beak look, terrible idea. My brother in law had a 1966 Cyclone GT, 4 speed 390 in 1971, much better looking car.

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    • Lance Nord

      I had a 66 Cyclone GT, too. It came with a 390 GT and factory cut-outs. That car was fast (until I threw a rod through the block).

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  14. CanuckCarGuy

    Very nice, a gentleman’s muscle car always has a high appeal to me…I’d prefer to see the dog-dish wheels back on it, or some Magnum 500s. The chrome 5-spokes don’t work on all cars, IMO.

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    • Jasper

      Cool car but as others said, seems pricey considering the presentation.

      Keystones Classics were practically made for this car! Or maybe some Motor Wheels Spyders or Magstars. The Merc version of the dog dish/trim ring combo with black background would be wicked too.

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  15. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep…..glad it’s still around….good example that maybe could be bought for a little less…..not many nice ones around.

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  16. Jason

    I used to have those floormats in my XB Falcon back in the 90s lol
    there’s a blast from the past

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  17. AMCFAN

    The car is a time warp from the 1970’s meaning it has changed or has been updated very little. I am unsure if that’s good or bad.

    The wheels are actually Appliance. It is a steel rim with a steel center. These were unique compared to other knock offs. Direct bolt no Uni lug config. They do look right at home.

    $14,000 for a 351 car? Hmmmm

    These ran OK but by no means a performance car.Muscle car not where I am from. Even with an R in the vin too heavy.

    I could buy a used late model GT Mustang and a lot of different iron. Newer and better that stops and handles better and A/C is nice. I liked the 70’s but do not wish to go back.

    One thing I would have a hard time getting used to is the dead looking faded blue interior. Wow just too much of it. The plaid inserts on those bucket seats reminds me of a Maverick or Pinto and says cheap. I would pass

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  18. Junior

    I bought one in 1971 23,000 miles for $2,700 and they want how much. sorry my passed everything on the highway but a gas station. Got totaled in 1972 while it was parked in the front of my house. The man that hit it also hit three other cars but my was the only one totaled.

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  19. James Martin

    Nice mercury, like them better than Toronto. But it is not a torino cobra jet or a 70 mustang. So quit pricing like it is. Under 10000 more like it. And the 351 ugh more like my moms Ltd. Boring!

  20. RicK

    Been awhile since I’ve seen a set of Appliance mags (Poor Man’s Cragers) not uncommon back in the day

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