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Ford V8 Powered: 1957 Jaguar XK140

A Jaguar XK140 is always a great find. It is a car with a commanding presence, you know one when you see it. On the surface, this example looks pretty good though the finish is harboring some issues. This 1957 XK140 possesses a special surprise, however, so this Jag will warrant further investigation. It is located in Tolland, Connecticut, and is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $22,000. Thanks go to Barn Finds member BlondeUXB for sharing the tip!

The XK140 was produced between 1955 and 1957 and was the logical successor to its predecessor, the XK120. Offered in drophead, fixed roof, and roadster variations, the XK140 experienced just shy of 9K copies built at its Coventry, England assembly plant. Known for its performance, the XK140 featured a 3.4 liter, in-line, six-cylinder engine, developing 190 HP and capable of reaching a 120 MPH top speed. In 1956, the XK140 was fitted with an optional automatic transmission, a first for Jaguar.

As stated, the second that I spied this listing, it caught my attention for its surprise powertrain, a 5.0 liter, Ford V8 engine fitted to an automatic transmission. Thoughts of Roadkill’s “Draguar” powered through my consciousness though the Draguar is a different Jag model. The seller offers up no particulars regarding the retrofit, as in how it was accomplished or specifics relating to the Windsor V8’s attributes. There is only one included image of the engine and it is not very revealing. All he really states regarding operational capability is, “starts and stops, going to need some TLC but in running condition”. As for the automatic transmission, as in C4, C6, FMX, AOD, no details. There is also no reference to suspension modifications or the differential that is employed – a concern from a performance capability perspective. The seller does state that this Jaguar belonged to his father, so all of the mechanical nuances may not be known by him.

The exterior, as mentioned, looks pretty good, the biggest aberration being the black primered fender skirts. The finish is experiencing some fade, burn-through, and surface rust but the trim and chrome still present themselves well. There is also no evidence of corrosion, except possibly in the lower corner of the driver’s door. I would suggest a thorough, underside inspection – not only to gauge modifications made to accommodate the engine and transmission swap but from a rust perspective as well. A repaint would help, especially with the out of place primer, but the exterior is passable as is.

The interior appears as one would expect with maroon leather seats and genuine wood trim adorning the instrument panel. Appears, that is, until you take a gander at the competition shift lever – you know something’s up with that thing’s presence. The upholstery and console are worn but like the exterior, passable. There is no mention of instrument panel gauge operability.

Of note, is the area behind the seats – looks like a little at-home metal fabrication, probably performed to accommodate changes to the driveshaft, and possibly, a differential swap – it would be helpful to know more about the guts of the mechanical enhancements.

The seller suggests, “Cash only no need to waste your time with low balls I’m not interested thank you”. Considering the extent of the mechanical modifications, the lack of meaningful details, and a $22K price, I don’t see this Jag “moving” as so to speak; way too many unknowns. And it’s not as if the seller is encouraging inquiries. What do you think, worth further investigation, or take a pass?


  1. Turbo

    Seems like once you bastardize something like this with the crazy modifications you lose value and severely limit who is going to be interested in your car. Well, at least its not another small block chevy. And I just hate those damn ratchet shifters. I may be wrong, but good luck getting 22 grand.

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  2. JudoJohn

    I agree, Turbo.

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  3. DFR

    22k for a Frankenstein Jag:

    Good luck with that. Does the drivetrain have any gears left with teeth on them?

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  4. Steve Bush Member

    Looks like it could be a nice car with some work. But once again we get a dofus seller who provides little info and bad pics and wants big bucks, yet doesn’t want buyers to “low ball” him.

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  5. piston poney

    i’m a ford guy but for 22 grand i’m good.

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  6. Ben T. Spanner

    Jags with V8 conversions are known as “lumps”, and do lose a lot of value. A friend at my gym had a 3.8S which once had a Ford V8, but was converted back to Jaguar.. Interior was vinyl. It sold to a dealer in Europe.

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  7. Tom S.

    Jaguar engines appear for sale regularly on BAT.

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  8. gerardfrederick

    The attitude of the owner is one of arrogance. I for one reject arrogant people outright. Why bother with this jerk? He provides no photos of value, quasi no information, the car has obviously never been shown anyn ¨love¨, it looks like a once lovely lady who has been abused.for years. No, no, no. Bad vibes all over the place.

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  9. dogwater

    People Mod cars all the time if it was put together right it would a fun ride paint it red…

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  10. Maestro1 Member

    No at that price. But if the Seller is negotiable then there might be a minor opportunity if one doesn’t have purity as a part of his buying standard. The car is a $10,000.00 car with no questions asked, put it on your trailer and civilize it leaving the drive train in, which is sort of idiotic, or remand the car back to its origins, wherein you would have an appreciating investment.

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  11. Morley Member

    I would buy it for 10 grand and just put it in the garage and look at it.

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  12. Lee

    Then there is that confounding Lucas electrical. The asking price is absurd, given the existing condition. I don’t see any positives to owning this offering.

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  13. Don P

    Is that not a Verti gate shifter? If I am correct, then it probably has a top loader 4 speed trans.

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    • Morley Member

      Oh if it were true, a top loader 4 speeed, but alas , the shifter is one of those crapy B&M shifters for a three speed automatic Too Bad

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  14. Richard

    I disagree with converted cars losing value. I just sold a 56 XK140 coupe for $38,000. The car had a Corvette engine and was in much better condition than this one with a renewed interior and nice paint. I also sold a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow with a Chevy 350 for $28,000. There are buyers who ARE looking for nice converted cars. I’m looking for another converted Rolls Royce in case anyone knows of one. They are difficult to find because the owner does not want to let go of them!

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  15. Blackcat

    Anybody have the contact info for this seller? I don’t do face plant, er Facebook, but I did restore an XK140 from frame up and this car interests me as a project the might be worth considering.

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  16. gerardfrederick

    Gorgeous European cars such as a Jag XK140 with a Chevy V8 and an american 3-speed automatic are the only way to go. Another thing is to replace the notoriously unreliable Lucas electrics and the gauges.

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  17. chrlsful

    tempted AGAIN to tell a seller what parts to keep at sale (1. for realistic price, 2. they did a booboo). Neither will work so “pass it by” as much as I like that motor, I lub da i6 !

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