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Forest Find: Washington State Corvair Collection

We’ve all likely had a time or a place where we’ve acquired too much. Whether it’s because there’s a fear of a certain model’s parts availability drying up, or simply just loving a certain model beyond reason, it’s not hard to acquire too much once a certain make or model becomes cheap enough to buy in threes. This collection of Chevrolet Corvairs have certainly been languishing in the Washington woods for quite some time, and the owner has clearly decided there’s little point to keeping this stash of spare cars any longer. Find the Corvair collection here on Facebook Marketplace with a price tag of $200 listed, presumably per car.

Corvairs are one of the models that frequently seem to show up like this. I’m not sure if it’s because owners are crazy for these things, or if Ralph Nader’s interference had owners worried that the cars would be destroyed in one spectacular car-crushing event (hey, Cash For Clunkers was a very real thing, so it’s not impossible.) There have been entire junkyards devoted to Corvairs, and plenty of owners with more than one. This seller seems to combine both methods of Corvair collecting, but there’s not a single photo of a running, driving example, so hopefully he has one for himself that’s a runner.

Pictures like this indicate some clearing out has been done to expose the Corvairs, which would seemingly indicate they have been there for decades if not longer. Despite being covered in overgrowth, Washington State seems to be incredibly kind to vintage tin, so I wouldn’t assume that they are rust buckets underneath all that vegetation. The seller says he has titles to most vehicles, so it would seem there was some intent to make something out of these Corvairs if he held onto the records for that many years. Whether there are any desirable models in this collection is a determination we’ll leave up to our more passionate Corvair fans.

As you can see hiding in the upper left corner of this photo, the seller has more than Corvairs lurking on his property. It’s doubtful he wants to part with anything more than the Corvairs, but it can’t hurt to go there with a genuine interest in a Corvair project and possibly walk out with a different project entirely. The $200 price – if genuine – would make it seem like the seller is motivated and certainly realistic, so it’s worth a visit if you’ll be near Stanwood, Washington, any time soon. If you take a look at all the listing photos, what stands out to you as being worthy of dragged out and taken home?


  1. alphasud Member

    My Corsa hails from the wet side of Washington and like the author said Washington is kind to tin. That being said I think the lengthy stay in a wet environment to any car is bad. At least mine was squirreled away in some garage for 30 years. I think a photographer with the owners permission should take pictures of these Corvair’s and make a Corvair calendar for the enthusiast.

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  2. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    The one late model car with the trunk lid askew has a grille of sorts across the front of the car. That usually indicates the presence of a radiator behind it, matched with a liquid-cooled motor.

    Has me curious.

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    • Chris in Pineville

      that’s a 64-66 T-Bird.

    • scottymac

      Also appears to sport Corsa (top of the line) emblems, as well a covering under the back window, which supports your theory of a mid engine water pumper.

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      • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

        I missed the emblem in front of the rear wheel, good eye.
        The Corsa name normally seen under/to the rear of the fuel filler door isn’t there, and the photo isn’t close enough to show mount holes.

        Couldn’t decide if the cover was an extension of the package shelf, or indeed an engine cover. The hopeful one in me wishes for the latter!

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  3. art

    A rolling stone gathers no moss but abandoned Corvairs surely do.
    Sorry, I had to…

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    • Phlathead Phil


      Hahaha! Too phunny.

      Washington is NOT a state to claim project cars that have been exposed to the weather. Washington state and the forest will claim it phor U!

      The evidence has been presented…case CLOSED!

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  4. Ben T.Spanner

    I thought MOSS motors sold old British car parts, not Corvairs.

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  5. skibum2

    How about the ’56….

  6. hemidavey

    Looks like they are headed back to the soil from where they came, too bad as I always liked the body style.

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  7. 433jeff

    Well I Moss say that’s quite a collection!

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  8. Maestro1 Member

    This is a tough call. If you are really interested, go there and pick the best you can afford and go from there, but experience says you’ll need a deep wallet.

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  9. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    $7500 for the entire collection. The buyer of these cars must have plenty of room and towing ability. I didn’t read in the sellers ad where you could pick and choose a car for $200 but then I’m not a detailed type of person. Those type people drive me nuts. My wife is one of those and I drive her nuts. After 25 years we are both nuts, but sure has been fun.
    God bless America

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  10. Burger

    One of the primary reasons I left the wet side, …. done being rained on, having anything left out ruined, having all my favorite activities (which are all outdoor) limited to the 16 days a year that it doesn’t rain. Moss will grow on your drivers, if you don’t keep on it. No thanks. Done with that game.

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  11. Karl

    It’s NOT moss, it’s PATINA!!!

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  12. Claudio

    So, as anyone been there to have a look ?

  13. Peter

    Some appear to have developed Corhair !

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