Forgotten Project: 1965 Ford Mustang

This 1965 Ford Mustang is an interesting project, seemingly almost completed by the seller before stalling in 2011. It has a ton of upgrades and clearly a lot of money spent under the hood and throughout the chassis, but it still needs finishing before it’s tearing up your local road course. Barn Finds readers Russ D. and Ikey H. both flagged this forgotten muscle car, which has been listed here on eBay. Suffice to say, the K-Code coupe has been significantly upgraded and it seems like the bodywork is in very respectable shape. There’s one bid to $45,000 and no reserve.

The seller claims he needs to sell the Mustang to “continue his retirement”. Regardless of the cause, it’s a shame considering how much attention has already been lavished on this project just for it to get sold when there’s seemingly a short list of to-do’s left to address. Reading the description is a laundry list of OEM Ford and Shelby performance parts, along with some household names from the aftermarket world. The seller notes that the Mustang had its K-Code engine rebuilt by Ed Hale and the compression has been reduced for street use. Even the bodywork has been modified for racing, with the listing highlighting a fiberglass front apron and lightweight hood.

The interior is all business as well, with a solitary racing bucket seat and upgraded OEM-style steering wheel. Additional gauges, toggle switches, delete plates, deleted side windows, a Shelby roll bar – the list of upgrades and deletions in the interest of weight-savings is mind-boggling. I’m honestly not sure how the seller remembered all of these details. What’s harder to determine is whether the Mustang was built for track days and later de-tuned for street use, or if the seller bought it as a track rat and then tried to improve on it so that it could live somewhere between vintage racer and being friendly enough for street use. While deleting the side windows isn’t practical for daily driving, it does speak to someone having every intention of spending their weekends at the track.

The engine bay looks quite clean, and the seller notes it was painted black before the enhanced drivetrain was dropped in. The engine compartment actually looks better than the as-found pictures of the outside would indicate, and the seller has included a video link in the listing so you can hear the Mustang running. Some bodywork has been addressed through the years as well, including a new core support, repaired torque boxes, replacement front floor panels, and a small patch near the transmission tunnel are just a few of the cosmetic fixes addressed in the past by the seller. Overall, this looks like a project well worth the time to bring back to road-going use, as I doubt you could re-create what the seller has invested for the current bid amount.


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  1. DayDreamBeliever Member

    My eyes began to ache, had to quit reading.

    If anyone else managed to read the whole description, I salute you!

    I literally could Not do it!

    (Cool car, but the seller needs to reformat the description!)

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    • Al_Bundy Member

      I was about to assume you were exaggerating… Then I saw the all CAPS disjointed description and decided to take your word for it ! The car looks good. Maybe pay someone a few $ to help rewrite the description as to fund that retirement long term? zoiks…

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      • Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

        It’s sad that a poorly written ad actually becomes a real deterrent to someone even considering a vehicle. It amazes me that people don’t understand that a good description and lots of good pics makes all the difference.

        Give the high schooler across the street twenty bucks and ask him or her to utilize their writing class skills; would be money well spent.

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    • grant

      I couldn’t read it either. With that said, this forum isn’t known for the literary skills of it’s readership so I doubt it will bother anyone much.

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      • ken tilly UK Member

        Well, it would appear that it IS bothering some of us much, judging by the comments above.

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  2. Steve Douglas Member

    “For sale – Nice car.”

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  3. JoeNYWF64

    Without a fan shroud, i would keep an eye on the temp gage at slow speeds & idling!
    Kewl mirrors & dash.

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  4. ken tilly UK Member

    Having read the E Bay sellers description of the car I have to say that although the article is all in caps, which makes for difficult reading, at least you can’t complain that he hasn’t given enough of a description as to what has been done to this car so far.

  5. Troy s

    From the description I take it as a race car pure and simple. Lots of effort has been made to keep it track oriented, no sound deadening, delete plates, lightweight doors and hood, relocated battery, racing fuel cell, modded K code 289, cooling ducts for the brakes, one and only one seat……it goes on and on. Looks cool with the side windows covered in aluminum, 8 InchTorque thrust d wheels always look sharp on these older cars.
    Yes, the ad will wear on your eyes a bit but quite interesting as well.

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  6. TimM

    It is a nice car needs to be finished! I’m not going to get into anyone’s writing skills because enough was already said but I think the seller is trying to recoup all the money and time he put into the car!!! At the end of the day most people would want it as a driver and not a track car!!

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  7. FastEddie/OldEddie: pick one

    Serious racers, looking for continuous improvements, keep detailed notes of any and all changes, hence the CAPS. Perhaps the seller is like me, where cataracts prevent easy reading in lowercase. This is quite a car. maybe the critics could ease up on sellers a bit: I’m a serious car guy with serious cash problems, but if things were to improve in that department, I’d be clicking the bid link a bit. I had no problems reading the advert, because I was really interested in what he had for sale.

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  8. Jon

    Pretty Nice… But seems slightly pricey, i think….

  9. FastEddie/OldEddie: pick one

    My apologies to all: “hence the CAPS” was meant to follow “reading in lowercase”. And I don’t think anyone need worry about overheating at slow speeds, or idling. At least not if I owned it.

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